Parish Council

I wish to thank the following for their willingness to serve on the Good Shepherd Catholic Parish Council. I appreciate their generous gift of time and talent in serving in this very important role of support and discernment for Good Shepherd Catholic Parish, involving the previous merger of Good Shepherd and St. Theresa Parishes in Evansville.

The following parishioners have agreed to serve as follows:

(3 year term - July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2019) Chad Schnarr
(3 year term - July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2019) Shari Hirsch
(3 year term - July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2019) Brad Will

(3 year term - July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2020) Jessica Fehrenbacher
(3 year term - July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2020) Chad Groves
(3 year term - July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2020) Chris Maynard

(3 year term - July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2021) Rita DeWeese
(3 year term - July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2021) Donald E Patton (2nd 3 year term)
(3 year term - July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2021) Maren Smith

(Non-Voting Members)
Sue Ballard, Secretary
Sarah Gahagen, Business Manager

Parish Council Minutes - April 24, 2018 

The regular meeting of the Good Shepherd Parish Council was held on Tuesday, April 24th at 6:00 p.m.
The meeting was opened with a prayer.


                                                              2018                              2019                                 2020

Father Zach Etienne                     Dana Blanke                 Shari Hirsch                  Jessica Fehrenbacher

Deacon Dan DeCastra                  Mary Beth Davis          Chad Schnarr                Chad Groves

Sarah Gahagen                               Don Patton                   Brad Will                        Chris Maynard                                            l

Sue Ballard

ABSENT: Deacon Dan, Chad Groves and Don Patton

Chad Schnarr motioned to approve the minutes for Feb. 27, 2018. Chris Maynard stated a second; the
minutes were approved with one correction.


FINANCE--report from Sarah Gahagen:
 Sarah distributed a financial statement.
 Bids have been requested for obtaining key fobs for the doors. Three bids will be submitted. A
member stated this should be put into place. Homeland Security is offering a rebate to cover
some of the costs.

SCHOOL COUNCIL--emailed report from Kristen Girten.
 There has been changes in teaching positions:
o Several teachers are retiring: Lynn Scheessle-- Kindergarten; Patti Woolen—3 rd grade, Anna
Ubelhor—pre-school; Karen Henderson—teacher’s aid and Sherri Byer—teacher’s aid.
o Amy Hart will change from teaching 4 th grade to teaching Kindergarten. Marie Watson will
change from teaching middle school Language Arts to teaching 3 rd grade.
o Ryan Nowak is a new hire to teach 4 th grade.
o The positions for teaching middle school Language Arts, a pre-school teacher and 2
teachers’ aids still need to be filled

 Jessica Fehrenbacher is on the Youth Ministry commission. She will prepare and send a report.
Jessica asked about parameters for the commission and if there are any specific items to be
covered. The commission will meet to brainstorm and plan. They would like to develop some
mission trips.
 Fr. Zach would like some of the old events started again. He would also like for someone to
assist with the “One Bread, One Cup” event. At least one student is interested in attending this
 Jessica feels having the students performing a service will get them more engaged.
 The K of C is helping with the Moms’ kickball tourney.


 Fr. Zach advised there have been some comments about discontinuing the tailgate cook-outs at
Memorial games. The members think the cook-outs should continue.
 Fr. Zach asked if the Youth group will be going to Holiday World this year.
 Fr. Zach suggested trying to get more volunteers to help—possibly some young adults. He does
not foresee GS hiring a Youth Director at this time. Several Parishes may decide to hire a
Director to oversee the Youth Ministry for those Parishes, but this is not definite. Possibly an
adult would agree to be a leader for a small stipend.
 Shari stated GS received a grant from the Koch Foundation—there will be a meeting in May to
discuss leadership qualities to teach youth to set goals, leadership skills, etc. Chad said other
schools are utilizing this program. It is adaptable to a Catholic School.
 Fr. Zach stated it is difficult to get participation for a Youth Group at high school level. A
member said there needs to be a starting point to get youth involved. He suggested talking with
students’ families about getting their children involved with youth activities. A member stated it
is a concern that high school students are not involved. If the involvement is started in the
lower grades, students are more likely to stay involved. Jessica suggested hosting some events
to get feedback from students and families.
 The commission met and is obtaining a list of al fundraising events being held at GS. The
commission is trying to determine purposes, the need to consolidate and other issues involved.
 Their plan is to meet with people involved with the various fundraising events after the Social to
start getting a plan in place. They want to clarify fundraising purposes. Sarah gave the
committee a list of all fundraisers at the Church level.
 The Marketing Commission is a separate group. This commission is providing yard signs for
enrolled kindergarten students. A large picture/poster is being put into place to be used as a
background for groups and students taking pictures. There will be banners for the parking lot
 Chris stated GS should publicize the recipients of the Lilly Scholarships. The recipients should be
recognized for receiving this prestigious honor. Among the recent recipients announced in
December are Alena Coleman and Maria Sermersheim. Both Alena and Maria are very active in
the GS Youth Ministry. Past recipients from GS were Andrew Lasher and Ellie Schnautz. Andrew
and Ellie continued their education at Notre Dame.

 Mary Beth needs someone to help with some technical issues with her communications with the
Fr. Frontzdy at the Haiti Parish. Mark may be able to assist.
 Fr. Zach will add pictures of the Haiti Church and schools to the slide show in the Narthex.

 Fr. Zach gave an update on the Relegation of St. Theresa Church to Profane but not Sordid use.
He has met with Tim McGuire and Mary Gen Blittschau at the Diocese. They reviewed the
Parish Council and Finance Council meeting notes. A letter seeking Relegation has been
completed and delivered to Bishop Siegel. The Bishop Council and Counsultors will met in May
to discuss. The information will have to be published. If approved, a letter will be sent to
Bishop Siegel seeking Alienation of Church Property. . The Bishop Council and Consultors will
meet in Aug. /Sept. to discuss. Catholic Charities is prepared to move forward with their plans
when approval is complete.
 The St. Theresa Stations of the Cross are being removed from the Activity Center. Three
Stations have been knocked down and broken. John Greenwell was able to repair them. They
are being packed away in storage until a better, safer location is determined.
 A Thank You card is being sent to Maria Watson and the Runyons for their service project. They
mulched the Prayer Garden and other locations on the Parish grounds.


 Nick Hermann has been approved by the GS School Board to complete his Eagle Scout project of
preparing garden boxes and art easels to benefit the pre-school playground.
 Fr. Zach reported 11 families have recently joined GS. He sent emails to 5 families asking for
pictures to be put in the slide show in the Narthex. Some did not provide a phone number or
email address. Sarah suggested giving a pictorial directory to each new family. Fr. Zach may be
able to host dinners for the new families at the Rectory. One member said it would be good to
have the dinners at the Rectory for continuity.
 Fr. Zach received the Memorial assessment for students from GS families. It needs to be
reviewed to decide if everyone on the list is a member of GS. Five families were deleted last
year, and a few more were recently deleted.
 Fr. Zach reported the Boy Scouts are making changes to their program and are going to allow
girls to join the troops. Fr. Zach will need to decide if GS will allow girls in the Boy Scout troop.
A member stated the groups should be separate. The issue was discussed; the members of the
PC agreed the groups should remain separate.
 Randy Neisen wants to be an ambassador for GS for Relevant Radio. Fr. Zach approved.
 Strategic planning for the school and building:
o Fr. Zach discussed the possibility of expanding the school in the future and if there
should be additional space added to the school with future fundraising campaigns. Does
GS need to invest in the school building, or is there too much of a decline in Catholic
school enrollment to justify an expansion?
o Fr. Zach suggested adding locker rooms and showers.
o Shari said two more classrooms were needed when the last addition was done.
Currently there is no room for additional classes. Pre-school is at capacity, and there is a
waiting list for pre-school openings. Fr. Zach questioned if additional pre-school space
will be needed in the future.
o Fr. Zach is concerned about adding more space when many of the students’ families are
not attending Church.
o A member noted parents of some GS students do not volunteer at GS or Memorial.
o A member asked if there is a Building and Grounds committee to review this issue. One
member suggested asking Parishioners their opinions. Another suggested reviewing the
“wants verses needs” issues.
o A member suggested determining the “break even” point of enrollment. This can vary
due to the number of students in a family. It was stated the school doesn’t bring money
to the campus, and the Church subsidizes the shortage.
o It was suggested to have a feasibility study done on the issue to determine how to

 A member suggested some names for possible candidates for members of the 2018 - 2019
Parish Council starting in July. Fr. Zach will review.
 Fr. Zach said Summer Social chairpersons are still needed. He would like this to be on a 3-year
rotation basis.

 A member suggested a meeting leader/chairperson should be appointed so ease some of the
work for Fr. Zach so he won’t need to spend so much time doing meeting preparation. Some
names were suggested. The leader/chairperson will have to attend the Diocesan meetings. Fr.
Zach will review.



 Discussion of possible new Parish Council members and further discussion of the names
submitted during the May PC meeting.
 Additional discussion of Summer Social chairpersons.

ADJOURNMENT – Meeting adjourned at 7:40 p.m.

NEXT MEETING –May 22, 2018. There will be no meeting in June.

Respectfully submitted, Sue Ballard

Principal Report - April 04, 2018

ISTEP Part 2:  Students in grades 3-8 are taking Part 2 of the ISTEP test beginning April 17 and ending April 30.  Students in grades 3-5 will be taking the test in paper/ pencil format while students in grades 6-8 will be testing online.  

Staffing:  Mrs. Amy Hart will be moving from 4th Grade to Kindergarten for the 2018-2019 school year.  Mrs. Maria Watson will be moving from Middle School Language Arts to 3rd Grade for the 2018-2019 school year.  Mr. Ryan Nowak has accepted the 4th Grade position for the 2018-2019 school year.  Mr. Nowak student taught with Mr. Mayer and Mrs. Sammet and has been teaching at St. Wendel the past six years.  The Middle School Language Arts position is currently posted.

Mackenzie Stolz, our Spanish teacher had her baby on March 22.  Mom and baby are doing well. Her substitute teacher, Mrs. Glary Hernandez began on March 23.

Choice Scholarships:  The second payment for Choice Scholarships has been received.  GSCS has been approved as a Choice school for the 2018-2019 school year.  I am currently meeting with families to complete student applications for the 2018-2019 school year.

READ 3:  All third grade students completed the IREAD assessment on March 13-14.  Results should be available April 9.

Mary F. Thomas Scholarships:  The high school letters and applications have been sent to the Memorial seniors who graduated from Good Shepherd Catholic School.  Applications are to be returned by April 12. The Achievement Award will be presented at the MHS Awards Night in May.

The junior high teachers will be rating each 8th grade student for the Humanitarian Award.  This award will be presented at graduation. The student with the highest GPA will be presented the Scholastic Award at graduation.  

Special Events:

  • Teacher Appreciation Week-  May 7-11
  • Grade 8 Trip to St. Louis- May 4
  • Candle Mass- May 16
  • Little Rams Celebration of Success- May 17
  • Field Day for K-8- May 18
  • Last Day of School- May 23
  • Graduation Mass- May 24


Respectfully submitted by:  Kristen Girten, Principal


Call to Order


School Council:  Father Zach, Principal Kristen Girten, Dan Deeg, Mark Davis, Brandee Schnarr, Sara Rogier, Michael Schaefer, and Joanie Pohl.  Sue Kroupa, Jen Blackburn, Sara Brown, Brian Kessler, Mark Schuler, Father Jerry, and Greg Rawski were absent.

Prayer:  Father Zach opened the meeting with a prayer.

Mission Statement:  Our Mission Statement was read aloud by all.

Approval of Minutes:  The minutes from the last meeting on November 30, 2017, were approved as written.


President’s Report:  No report.

Pastor’s Report:  Father Zach:  The new school semester just started; Lent is coming up soon; he will be leaving for a vacation in three weeks.  He feels he is spending more time than anticipated at MHS and hopes the teachers/staff/students at Good Shepherd aren’t feeling “neglected” when he is not here.

 Principal’s Report:  Kristen reported:  The Diocesan “Come and See” Open House for prospective families will on Feb. 1 from 5-7 pm at all Diocesan schools.  The Catholic Schools Office has given each school a goal:  ours is to host 15 families.  

GSCS will be hosting an AdvancED Internal Review on Tuesday Jan 16.  Diocesan administrators will be spending the day with us, including visiting every classroom, auditing of our School Choice voucher files, student interviews, School Council interviews on the evening of 1/15, among other things.  (NOTE:  In a subsequent email on 1/14, Kristen reported that due to the inclement weather, she and Sally Sternberg, Associate Supertintendent, have decided to reschedule our review for a later date, possibly Feb. 19-20).

The Koch Foundation announced that GSCS is one of the recipients of the Culture of Excellence Grant.  The grants are to provide an opportunity for parish schools to permanently raise the levels of excellence in the spiritual, academic, social and physical education of their students to prepare them to assume leadership roles in their chosen fields based on Catholic values.  GSCS’s grant will be for $45,000 total to be paid over a 3-year period beginning July 2018.  

Catholic Schools Weeks will be celebrated Jan 28 thru Feb 3.   Activities will include:  Our 8th graders will attend Mass at St. Benedict Cathedral on Jan 30, the oldest grade from each diocesan school will be in attendance; students will be participating in a service project for local charities as part of the event; there will be a Family Skate Night on Sunday Jan 28 from 5-7 pm.  

The Kindergarten Orientation for the 2018-2019 school year will be Feb 22 at 6pm.   All faculty and staff were given a letter of intent on Jan 5, to be returned by Jan 26.  Mrs. Maria Watson has been doing a monthly service opportunity for our middle school students.  These projects are held outside the school day and have included things like volunteering at a 5K run, serving at River Pointe Health, and helping at the Tri-State Food Bank.  We are very proud of these service projects and Mrs. Girten plans to inform The Message.

More information can be found in Kristen’s complete written principal’s report on file with these minutes.

Preschool Report:  Brandee reported:  Preview Night was Jan 10.  We had 18 families in attendance, which is a small increase from last year.   In addition, we have received 4 new applications from parishioners wanting a Pre-K spot and 1 non-parishioner application.  She will be following up with all the families who attended with a handwritten note of appreciation.  Families are asked to return their application and registration form by the end of the month.  They will be taking a field trip to CMOE on Friday Jan 19.  Mrs. Girten, Mrs. Elpers, Ms. Anna and Brandee continue to work on AdvancEd pieces for their review on Feb 23.  

Former Good Shepherd student Matt Hermann is proposing to do his Eagle Scout project to help the preschool and Pre-K.  Ideas include a “place to dig” (possibly a sandbox or something similar) or maybe a place to plant things.  Discussion included where we would want to put the project.  Matt will need to go before the Parish Council and present his idea with the “blessing” that the School Council is in favor of it.  Brandee will contact Matt and determine when he might be ready to present to the Parish Council.  

Legislative Liaison:  Brandee reported:  The Council for Private Education (CAPE) recently sent out an alert regarding Title II-A funding.  Congress is currently considering whether to fund or eliminate Title II-A of the Elementary and Secondary Act (ESSA), which deals with the professional development of teachers.  Currently we receive $40,000/year (out of $2 billion total for the state).  The Senate Appropriations Committee has approved $2 billion in funding for Title II-A, but the spending bill passed by the House provides no funding whatsoever for the program.  CAPE supports the $2 billion funding level.  

Educators in non-public schools have greatly benefited from Title II-A throughout the program’s long history.  During the most recent re-authorization, the non-public school community worked very hard to ensure that equitable services for educators in non-public schools would be calculated based on a school district’s total allocation of funds under Title II-A.  With the provision now in place, it is even more important to our community that adequate levels of funding for the program be maintained.  

Brandee will look into whether there is some sort of “click to support” website or app that the general public can use to show support for this funding.

Athletic Committee Report:  From the report provided by Mark Schuler:  Income is $16,900+ and expenses are $11,400+; our Boys 7th & 8th grade varsity basketball team won the St. Bens Holiday Classic; Mike Freeman along with three GS parents will serve as coaches for the GSCS wrestling team.  Current roster is 21.  Mark is currently working on preparing the 3rd and 4th grade tournament brackets and sending out that information.  There is an Assembly scheduled for January 26th at 1:50 in the gym.  

Tech Team Report:  $44,000 has been spent this school year and there is $5,500 left in the budget.  It is anticipated that we will receive approximately $60.00 per device for our students’ used iPads.  

PTO Report:  There will NOT be a PTO meeting next week as originally scheduled; they are working on a newsletter to send out instead.   PTO recently purchased the following items:  ink, pillows for the library per Lucy Ashley’s request; science enhancement program per Mrs. Hart’s request; Mrs. VanHoosier’s tribute plaque for landscaping; muffins for the Muffins with Mom event; bus transportation for field trips.  Income:  $117.68 from the Panera give back; $550.30 from Box Tops.  

Marketing Report:  They had a meeting yesterday.  We are delivering “Come and See” flyers to 8 preschools.  They have 2 flyers:  one that includes all diocese schools, and one that is just ours, for the upcoming Open House on 2/1.  Other ideas being discussed include:

  1. Looking into doing yard signs that say something like “Proud home of a Good Shepherd Ram.”
  2. Mrs. Girten is working on another stand-up banner.
  3. A re-push of the GS car stickers.
  4. Possibly having a second Open House during the school day (like a Lunch & Learn).

Finance Committee:  Sara Rogier reported:  There was no December meeting.  She reviewed the November 2017 YTD results and most budget variances between budget vs. actual appear to be timing related.   Tuition will be discussed later in this meeting.



8 a)  AdvancED Internal Review Update.  This was discussed earlier in this meeting.  See notes under Principal’s Report.

8 b)  Proposed Calendar for 2018-2019.  Mrs. Girten briefly went over the proposed calendar.  The calendar follows all of the east feeder schools.  For the most part, it follows Memorial too.  We usually have 90 days in each semester.  This calendar has 89 days in first semester and 91 days in second semester.  Good Friday is scheduled to be in session.  We are thinking about trying to keep a somber tone for that day and have “silence” from 12-3 on Good Friday.  Kristen will email the calendar out to School Council members and solicit input/approval, since not enough voting members are present at this meeting to approve it.  

8 c)  Enrollment 2018-2019.  Kristen reported that an early projected enrollment number for next school year is 330.  We currently have 320 students in K thru 8.  She is excited that we are getting lots of inquiry calls and requests for tours, etc. so the 330 projected enrollment number is conservative at this point.

8 d)  Tuition 2018-2019.  Sara Rogier distributed preliminary tuition increase scenarios, as well as income/expense reports from prior school years.  She noted that currently the parish kicks in $700,000 (roughly 1/3) toward the school costs.  A question was asked as to whether the Diocese recommends a “certain percentage” that a parish should kick in towards its school.  Kristen will discuss this with either Daryl Hagan or Tim McQuire of the diocese office and report back to the Council.  Good Shepherd is near the top as far as tuition costs, but we are definitely near the tuitions of St. Johns Newburgh, Holy Rosary and St. Bens, but we need to keep in mind that some schools tuition may be lower, but their fees may be higher, so we need to make sure we are comparing apples to apples.  Currently, none of our classes are at capacity; 4th grade is close to capacity.  She discussed estimated school budget increases with the School Council and solicited feedback on tuition recommendations for the next school year.  Recommendations will be taken to the Finance Commission on 1/17/18.  Final approval for the tuition will come back to School Council at the 2/8/18 meeting for final approval.  This will allow tuition to be shared at the Kindergarten event on 2/22/18.  

The Come Holy Spirit prayer was prayed at the end of the meeting, which adjourned at approximately 7:20 PM.  The next meeting will be February 8, 2018, at 6PM.  

Respectfully submitted by Joanie Pohl, Secretary

Requested Information for Parish Council from School Council - January 4, 2018

1.  What is strategic plan to improve enrollment?
 We have a marketing sub-committee of the School Council
 We are heavily promoting the Diocesan Open House on Feb. 1
 We are planning to host a second event in the spring that would take place
during the school day. For example- a “Lunch and Learn”
 We are looking into purchasing yard signs- “Home of a Proud Ram”
 We are planning to have a banner made that can be used at Church events
 We are planning to do another push of the car decals

2.  What is plan to increase STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and
Mathematics) in the schools to compete with public schools?
 We currently offer the following STEM programs: Lego/ Robotics Club, 1:1 iPads
in 5-8, Computer Application Class in 6 th Grade, Problem Solving Class in 7 & 8 th
Grades, MATH Bowl Competition.
 With the recent Culture of Excellence Grant from the Koch Foundation, more
STEM programs could be included in that grant- If you have ideas of possible
programs and opportunities for our students, please let Mrs. Girten know.
 We also have teacher interest in starting up some more academic teams. We
currently participate in the Spell Bowl and Math Bowl competitions.

3.  What are 5 year goals for school?
 Attached are our current school improvement plan goals.
 Every Diocesan school will be submitting a strategic plan in December 2018.
Once our AdvancED review is completed in February, the School Council will
begin work on this plan. Included in this plan will be 3-5 year goals for our school
that will include: Catholic Identity, Enrollment Management, Marketing, Facilities,
Finance and Academics. The AdvancED review in February will offer ideas
where we can improve in many of these areas. That will help us set goals for
each section.


Indiana School Improvement Plan 2017-2018
Good Shepherd Catholic School

Goals Summary:
1. All students will demonstrate appropriate individual growth in reading.
2. All students will demonstrate appropriate individual growth in math.
3. All students and staff will aspire to uphold the mission of Good Shepherd Catholic School.
4. Good Shepherd Catholic School will demonstrate and increase in enrollment.

Goal 1: All students will demonstrate appropriate individual growth in reading.
Measurable Objective: 100% of preschool through eighth grade students will demonstrate appropriate
individual growth in reading by May 24, 2018 as measured by formative assessments.
Strategy 1:
Reading Comprehension Skills- A curriculum map will be developed to outline the specific reading
comprehension skills and strategies to be taught throughout the year. Professional development will be
provided to all teachers to assist them in incorporating the skills and strategies into all content areas.
Strategy 2:
Data Review- Teachers will administer formative assessments at least three times during the school
year. Teachers will meet collaboratively to review the data.

Goal 2: All students will demonstrate appropriate individual growth in math.
Measurable Objective: 100% of preschool through eighth grade students will demonstrate appropriate
individual growth in math by May 24, 2018 as measured by formative assessments.
Strategy 1:
Problem Solving- All math teachers will model and teach story problems emphasizing multiple-step
problems. Students will be required to show step-by- step procedures in solving math problems using a
variety of strategies, such as, Problem of the Day/Week, modeling, spiral reviews.
Strategy 2:
Data Review- Teachers will administer formative assessments at least three times during the school
year. Teachers will meet collaboratively to review the data.

Goal 3: All students and staff will aspire to uphold the mission of Good Shepherd Catholic School.
Measurable Objective: Collaborate to promote a positive spiritual atmosphere in which students grow
in faith and service by May 24, 2018 as measured by surveys administered to all stakeholders.
Strategy 1:
Service Projects- Students and staff will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of service
learning opportunities throughout the school year.
Retreats and Spiritual Experiences- Teachers and staff will explore resources to assist in planning
retreats for all students and staff.

Goal 4: Good Shepherd Catholic School will demonstrate an increase in enrollment.
Measurable Objective: Demonstrate an increase in enrollment by May 2019 as measured by registered
Strategy 1:
Marketing Committee- A marketing committee will be established and set three goals for the current
school year.
Strategy 2:
School Council- The marketing committee will report to the School Council and request assistance/
guidance as needed.

Respectfully submitted by:  Kristen Girten, Principal

Youth Ministry - February 27, 2018

A Family Skating Party was held at Skateworld on Sunday, January 28 from 5-7pm.  It was quite the success from all reports.  While there was no way to accurately get an attendance figure, the staff at the rink said that there was no doubt we had over 200 people there that night.  No broken bones were reported and I saw a lot of smiles and laughter.

We’ve not met with the Teen Power kids for a bit now.  Snow days, my retreat, and other scheduling flukes have kept us from setting up and keeping a meeting date.  We will remedy that soon.

I have scheduled another Family Night event.  We are having a private function at Sky Zone on April 8 from 5-7 pm.  We will not be charging any admission—the cost of the facility will come from the youth budget.  Families will be encouraged to bring whatever $ they may need to purchase snacks and the like.  There is a firm limit of 400 people that can attend that night.  Registration forms will go to the school kids next week.

After the success of last fall’s Dad’s Kickball Tournament, we absolutely want to have a mom’s night.  So, Friday, May 11 is the night of the Mom’s Kickball Tournament.  We will have the next night, Saturday, as the rainout date.

The Youth Ministry Master Plan Committee is set.  The members are Ruth Becker, Jon Buck, Jessica Fehrenbacher, Stephanie Hansen, Jason Smith and Julie Woebkenberg.  Our intention is to have a recommendation to present to Finance and Parish Councils in April or May.

Respectfully submitted by:  Father Jerry Pratt

Fellowship Ministry - February 8, 2018

Pie Contest and Soup Potluck (01/27/18 after the 4:30pm mass)

  • We had about 25 people attend the rescheduled event.  We had a great variety of soups and pies.
  • The winner of the pie contest was Mark Schmitz with a French Silk pie.  Coming in second was Elizabeth Naas with an apple pie and third place was won by Emry, Whitney and Abram Smith for their blueberry pie.
  • Those attending had a great time and enjoyed wonderful soups and really tasty pies.

Marriage Celebration (02/10/18 after the 4:30pm mass)

  • Do to the lack of interest in this event, it was canceled
  • We discussed ways to increase interest in this event and will work to make changes for next year.

Soup and Movie Nights (Fridays after the Stations of the Cross)

  • Fellowship will line up people to bring in soup to serve at our Dinner and Movie nights during Lent.
  • Rita will contact those who expressed interest last year as well as those who brought soup to our potluck in January.  We plan to have three different soups each evening.
  • Currently, all spots are filled with the exception of March 16th.

Seder Celebration (03/25/18 at 1:00pm)

  • Bill Noll has requested the help of the Fellowship team to host the Seder this year.  He will be attending the meeting in March to finalize the details.

Other Discussion

  • Other items discussed were things we could do that would get more participation.
  • As we look at other parishes (or go out of town), what can we learn from places where activities are well attended?  How do they get the word out?  What type of events are needed?  

Future Events:

  • April (04/21/18) – Family Game Night
  • July (07/01/18) – Parish Picnic
  • September (09/08/18) – Parish Trivia Night

Anyone interested in helping with one of these activities, please let me know.

  • The next meeting will be March 8, 2018 at 6:30pm in the Good Shepherd Choir Practice Room.

Respectfully submitted by:  Mary Payne, Commission Chair

Haiti Commission - February, 2018

Members present:   Bill Noll, Luan Greubel,Sharon Sutton, Marcia Minton and Robynn Working

I. Prayer

II. Old Business

A. Fall Festival- Bill
Over 11,000 profit was made from the Fall festival booth. 100% going to Haiti.

Booth rental has been paid for next year.

Bill will stay in charge.

Proposals for Fall Festival include:

  1. Keep everything the same.
  2. Make minimum quantities
  3. Only sale tenderloins & corn dogs
  4. Discontinue the booth.

III.  New Business

A. Haiti Account Balance- $11,296.22 , over $22,000 total

B. School Lunch Program- Discussed Food for the Poor, Hands Helping Haiti

C. Beans & Rice Dinner- February 24, 2018 after the 4:30 mass (Cancelled - See Below)

D. Rummage Sale- Potential date April 7, 2018 . March 24 & 31 drop off.

Haiti Report

Meeting with Westside Parishes involved with Parish Twinning Program February 01, 2018 – lunch at Smitty’s

Attending:  Luan Greubel and Mary Beth Davis (Good Shepherd Parish), Greg Head (St. Joe Co), Joe Wildeman and Suzann Dodd (St. Francis Xavier Poseyville – Hands Together for Haiti, George and Diane Moll (Corpus Christi Parish)


Fr. Raynold –Pastor Plan du Nord – visit to Indiana for medical evaluation and treatment

Our Annual Rice and Bean Dinner is being evaluated and  we are exploring other options for PR/Marketing and public education for our projects in Haiti.  We are looking at presenting/sharing at each other’s parishes.  Will also contact the Message about articles every couple of months highlighting our diocesan work in Haiti and other mission fields.  Fr. Jerry Pratt and Mark Schmitz have voiced interest in assisting in the use of social media and sharing of information for our Good Shepherd family.

Our group is still evaluating the best source for rice and beans for school lunches.  Some rice is being received from Food for the Poor by St. Albert’s, St. Rose of Lima and St. Jacque’s.  The pastors of all three parishes agree that the product received from Food for the Poor is of very poor quality.

Our Good Shepherd group must explore the possibility of funding the school budget and the school lunch program for St. Rose of Lima.  The cost of the school lunch program is about $50,000 per year.

We have received a budget from Fr. Frantzdy which Ken Schenk is evaluating.  We also need to evaluate the present microfinancing program at our parish.

Our Rummage Sale to benefit St. Rose of Lima is scheduled for April 7, 2018 on the St. Therese Parish Campus.  Luan and Mary Beth are soliciting items for sale and help to staff scheduled drop off of donations.  The week before we will need help daily for organizing, pricing and set up.  We are again asking help from our 7th and 8th grade classes at Good Shepherd.  They were an immense help setting up for our 2017 sale. Much help is needed for the day of the sale.

Feel free to contact me at any time with questions regarding our Haiti Project.

Respectfully submitted by Mary Beth Davis

Worship Commission (Formerly Art & Environment) - Saturday, February 3, 2018

Members present: Ken Balczo, Joann Hussmann, Judy Miller, Ken and Beth Schenk, Mark and Michelle Schmitz

Members absent: Jim and Sue Edwards, Mel Vinson, Mary Ann Wehmer

• New Members – We welcomed two new members, Ken Balczo and Joann Hussmann to the
Worship Commission.
• Ash Wednesday Decorations – We will set up the cross display at the Baptismal font like last
year, complete with ashes, crown of thorns, hammer and nails. All of the live plants will be
removed from the altar platform and the banners will be changed from green to purple. We will
set up for Ash Wednesday on Tuesday, February 13 at 6:00 PM at the conclusion of mass.
• Lent and Palm Sunday Decorations – On the fifth Sunday of Lent, all statues, icons and
crucifixes must be covered and remain covered until Holy Saturday Vigil Mass. The Worship
Commission will need to do this on Saturday, March 17 at 9:00 AM. For Palm Sunday, March
25, the purple banners will be changed out to red and the palm arrangements will need to be set
up. Members of the commission will need to come on Saturday, March 24 at 9:00 AM.
• Holy Week Decorations – On Holy Thursday, the banners will need to be changed from red to
white, which can be done by Mark, Ken and Beth Schenk on Wednesday, March 28 before or
after choir practice. After the Holy Thursday service on Thursday, March 29, members of the
Worship Commission will need to stay and set up for Good Friday. The banners will need to be
changed back to red.
• Easter Decorations – The Easter decorations will be similar to last year. The “Risen Jesus”
banner will go above the Baptismal font. Red and yellow flowers as well as ferns will be used
on the font to coordinate with the colors in the banner. Michelle has had several conversations
with Ken from Zeidler Floral to obtain recommendations for flowers. She even toured the
Zeidler warehouse to see what types of flowers are available. We agreed that we would not
order as many flowers as last year and try again to get two separate shipments of flowers to
refresh any wilted blooms. Beth and Judy will meet with Ken at Zeidler’s and show him the
large round tubs that would hold several pots of flowers. Ideally we would like to have him visit
Good Shepherd to offer additional suggestions. All help is needed on Saturday, March 31 at
9:00 AM to set up for Easter.

• Ordinary Time Wall Hangings – Ken Schenk and Mark Schmitz went to Menard’s to check out
some wood paneling for the wall hangings for the Narthex. They decided to construct four
panels using the paneling. Mark would need to experiment with staining and stenciling the
panels before greenery/flowers are added.
• Clean Up Storage Areas – The upper storage room needs to be organized so that obsolete
items can be donated to the rummage sale.
• Easter Swags – It was suggested that the Easter swags be refurbished with new flowers. Judy
will check with a local craft store to see what it would cost.
• New Fabric - Judy will shop for new fabric to be used to drape around the floral arrangements.
She will also purchase moss to place over the potted flowers.

Respectfully submitted by:  Beth Schenk

Campus Fundraising Commission - Being Formed

Respectfully submitted by: ______________

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