Parish Council

New Good Shepherd Catholic Parish Council members: I wish to thank the following for their willingness to serve on the New Good Shepherd Catholic Parish Council. I appreciate their generous gift of time and talent in serving in this very important role of support and discernment for Good Shepherd Catholic Parish, involving the previous merger of Good Shepherd and St. Theresa Parishes in Evansville.

The following parishioners have agreed to serve as follows:

(2 year term - July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2018) Dana Blanke
(2 year term - July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2018) Donald E Patton
(2 year term - July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2018) Mary Beth Davis

(3 year term - July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2019) Chad Schnarr
(3 year term - July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2019) Shari Hirsch
(3 year term - July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2019) Brad Will

(3 year term - July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2020) Jessica Fehrenbacher
(3 year term - July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2020) Chad Groves
(3 year term - July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2020) Chris Maynard

(Non-Voting Members)
Sue Ballard, Secretary
Sarah Gahagen, Business Manager

Parish Council Minutes - November 28, 2017 

The regular meeting of the Good Shepherd Parish Council was held on Tuesday, November 28th
at 6:00 p.m. The meeting was opened with a prayer.


                                                              2018                              2019                                 2020

Father Zach Etienne                      Dana Blanke                 Shari Hirsch               Jessica Fehrenbacher

Father Jerry Pratt                           Mary Beth Davis         Chad Schnarr             Chad Groves

Deacon Dan DeCastra                   Don Patton                   Brad Will                    Chris Maynard

Sarah Gahagen                                                l                    

Sue Ballard                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


ABSENT: Mary Beth Davis, Jessica Fehrenbacher and Brad Will.
Bill Noll was also present.

The minutes for Oct. 24, 2017 were approved with needed additions.
FINANCE-- report from Sarah Gahagen:
 Sarah distributed financial statements. The budget is approximately $7,000 favorable,
not including the parking lot expenses. The budget will be reviewed in Jan.
 The School Board had not met on the date of the Parish Council meeting. A report will
be sent to Fr. Zach after their meeting.
HOSPITALITY/FELLOWSHIP—emailed report from Mary Payne.
YOUTH MINISTRY—report from Fr. Jerry Pratt:
 Fr. Jerry talked to Fr. Chris at St. John Daylight regarding the Youth Ministry program.
 Fr. Jerry stated there are not many activities for youth who are not attending GS. The
gym is usually not available due to basketball games.
 No decision has been made regarding how to proceed with expanding the Youth
Ministry in the future. There was a discussion of combining with St. John’s Daylight and
possibly other Parishes to divide expenses. Currently students are asked to pay some
fees for Youth Group activities. Fr. Jerry thinks there should be weekly events with no
charge to Youth Group members.
 Fr. Zach suggested a review of the Youth Group program.

 Deacon Dan stated there should be activities for the Youth Group scheduled on a
regular basis. A member stated a Youth Ministry needed. High schools don’t have
events on Sundays but middle schools do, so scheduling is an issue.
 Other Pastors have said their Parishes are struggling with their Youth Groups. Fr. Jerry
stated the goals need to be defined. If several Parishes combined their Youth Groups,
the financial aspect would be decreased for each Parish. Parishes in the South Deanery
could combine to form a Youth Ministry.
 A member suggested having a teen Mass on Sunday evenings with a function
 Fr. Jerry would like to have a program established during the next year. Deacon Dan
suggested contacting the Diocese Youth Director. Fr. Jerry will contact other Parishes
for ideas.
 Members of the Parish Council feel the Youth Ministry should be a strong, robust group
with activities scheduled weekly.
 The profit from the Fall Festival booth is over $11,000—the highest amount ever earned
by this function.
 There were more volunteers this year to help with the work at the booth.
 The future of the booth will be discussed at their next meeting. A decision about
continuing to have the booth will be decided at that time.
 Mary Beth is continuing efforts on the Hands Together lunch program for the school in
Haiti. She will be receiving a report from the other Parishes.
 The account for Haiti has over $11,000, not including the Fall Festival booth profits.
 Money will be sent to the Haiti Parish in the near future.
 The annual Beans and Rice dinner will be 2/24.
 Bill advised the Haiti group is not interested in having a monthly breakfast project.
 The Boy Scouts would like to start their monthly breakfast again. Fr. Zach agreed to the
Boy Scouts holding this monthly event.
 The annual rummage sale will be discussed at the next meeting. The location of the sale
needs to be determined.
WORSHIP COMMINSSION –did not meet this month
 Don stated he and his wife are willing to host dinners for new Parishioners. He has
obtained a list of approximately 55 new Parishioners.

 Eric Girten is Coordinator of Family and Life programs for the Diocese. Any one
interested in being included in the emails or needing additional information should
contact Eric at
 The Parish program for mentoring engaged couples needs more married couples to
serve as mentors. Deacon Dan stated being a mentor couple strengthened his marriage.
The mentoring couple tries to present real life scenarios to the engaged couples. They
must have 4 to 6 meetings with the engaged couple and cover specific topics.

 Catholic Charities has a mentoring program to assist people learn good work habits and
help with work related issues.
 Capital Campaign—some of the pledges are past due. There may be unforeseen
circumstances why some one can’t meet their pledged amount.
 Active members vs. registered members—Fr. Zach will talk with parents of 8 th graders to
encourage the family to attend Church.
 Advent—reconciliation will be Sun., 12/3 at Holy Redeemer and Sun., 12/17 at GS.
 A member suggested having a prayer event for parents and students at GS during
 Utilities—George has asked Fr. Zach about changing lights in the gym to LED lighting to
reduce expense. All lights in the gym will be changed. A study is being done to
determine the about of energy saved by changing to LED.
 There was a discussion pertaining to sending a letter to school families regarding
working the Bingo:
o Sarah explained the need for more Bingo workers has become critical. At least
30 people are needed to run a Bingo shift smoothly. More school families are
needed to work.
o Sending a letter to GS school families is being considered. It will be sent to all
school families. Currently most Bingo workers don’t have children in school.
o The school staff will help track and record responses.
o A member noted Bingo doesn’t just support the school, it supports the entire
o The Parish Council agreed to have a letter to school families.

 Additional discussion regarding encouraging all registered members of the Parish to
become active in Parish activities.
 Additional discussion regarding determining how to proceed with the Youth Ministry.
 Additional discussion of a fundraising commission and marketing activities. The Parish
Council members were asked to provide suggestions of names for people to serve on
the commission.

ADJOURNMENT – Meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.
NEXT MEETING –Jan. 23, 2018

Respectfully submitted, Sue Ballard

Finance Report - November 15, 2017

Members present: Sarah Gahagen, Ben Joergens, Russell Gertisen, Ron Pohl, Fr. Zach Etienne, Steve Piper, Fr. Jerry Pratt, Ken Schenk, Sara Rogier, Brian Lankford

Members Absent:  Brandon Ladley, Jay Hargis

Changes to previous minutes concert names:  Ken Canedo, and Jesse Mannabusen.  Minutes approved with changes from Oct 2017.

Meeting began with prayer.   Discussion of October financial statements:  Loan at diocese is not reflected on income statement, but on balance sheet.  Russell asked about large $60,000 donation mentioned in last month’s minutes.  FA CTS program is allowing us to collect more tuition.  This program is an excellent way to get people signed up for electronic payment.  FACTS handle all transactions including delinquent accounts.  Parents pay the $45.00 fee, Good Shepherd does not pay a fee.

Bank fees are high, this is due to the We Share program which is our electronic withdraw service for Sunday Collection and Special collection with a link on our website.  There are fees associated with the transactions and are different based on dollar amount and if it a credit card transaction.  We do not charge the parishioner the fee, we absorb the fees associated with these transactions, this is causing our bank fees to be high.

Negative in the restricted account carried for PTO -$200.00 in 20733, this needs to be cleared out.  Also, there is a balance in the scrip income account , we did receive a $7000.00 check from the scrip account that is split between scrip income and book fees deferral of credit.   There is a balance in scrip inventory that is from when Good Shepherd purchased the scrip inventory from St. Theresa.   We need to get the

Scrip program on our books and accounted for. This is a large task due to the fact that we purchase gift cards at a discounted rate and we sell them for the face value, but the profit is tracked and split between parish and parishioner.  We will need help with a retail tracking.

Preschool tuition:  after school care for preschool is a different rate than that of the school kids Kindergarten and older.  We would like to adjust this rate from $7 to $8 for it to be the same.  Sarah proposed that the rate for preschool  all day would increase by $10 from $380 to $390 and half day from $190 to $195.  Also, preschool  would increase from $260 to $270 for all day, three days a week and all day, five days a week would increase from $380 to $390 and five day a week half day would increase from $190 to $195. We need to be sure our income is cover costs of payroll.  Revenue has decreased due to the increase number of three day a week students compared to last year when we had more five day a week students.  Should five day a week get priority with all things the same.  Expenses need to be better managed and possibly keep a goal of profit margin of $20,000.

Bingo:  Sarah has developed a letter that she would like to go to all school families.  Members read the letter and gave feedback.   Sarah has spent many of her nights working and filling in for members who can no longer volunteer.   We are at a critical level in need for volunteers, it is important that school families get involved and continue this fundraiser.   St. John Newburgh has a policy to only subsidize their school 43 %.  The school needs to come up with the rest of the funds on their own with their own fundraisers.   We subsidize 35%, two thirds percent or higher of bingo workers do not have kids in school or high school.   The letter will go home in school folders and possibly in bulletin.  The return of the bottom portion needs to be tracked by the school secretary.

We have 68% of the dollar amount of our CPC goal.  We budgeted a $90,000 shortfall and we will be under that.  The CPC pledges turned out better than expected.  Is there a need for a second mailing or email.  Fr. Zach , Sarah and Ruth will handle CPC follow up.

Amazon book sale:  this idea, although excellent, is a large endeavor, and too much for Sarah and Ruth to handle.  Amazon requires you to set up a website and many other requirements. This would be a huge project for not only a team of people but a Good Shepherd as a whole.  

Toys for Tots:  The Giving Tree project has changed,  since Catholic Charities no longer assists families as they have in the past, we will be coordinating this with Toys for Tots.  This charity collects toys for children 6 months up to 16 years old.  Any monetary donations, checks need to be made to Toys for Tots.

Dressing  Sale is this Sat., Nov. 18 from 7:30-9:00 AM.  

Brian Lankford discussed rectory repairs.   He also discussed the possibility of expanding the garage by 800 square feet.  Also discussed the possibility of getting bids on expanding garage.  

Finance Committee will not meet in December.  We will meet again on Jan. 17, 2018 @ 6:00 PM.

Meeting dismissed at 7:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Ruth Becker

Principal Report - January 4, 2018

Come and See Open House: There will be a Diocesan Open House held on Thursday, February
1 from 5-7 pm at all Diocesan schools for prospective families. Please help spread the word of
the wonderful things happening at GSCS!

AdvancED Internal Review: GSCS will be hosting an AdvancED Internal Review on Tuesday,
January 16. Diocesan administrators will be spending the days with us to

Catholic Schools Week: CSW will be celebrated January 28- February 3. The 8 th grade will
attend Mass at St. Benedict Cathedral on Tuesday, January 30. The oldest grade from each
diocesan school will be in attendance. Students will also be participating in a service project for
local charities as part of the event.

Kindergarten Orientation: Letters will be sent to Good Shepherd parishioners who have children
age appropriate for kindergarten in 2017-2018. The Kindergarten Orientation meeting will be
held on Thursday, February 16.

Letters of Intent: All faculty and staff were given a letter of intent on January 5. The forms are
requested to be returned by January 26.

Service Projects: Mrs. Maria Watson has been doing a monthly service opportunity for our
middle school students. These projects are held outside the school day and have included things
like volunteering at a 5K run, serving at River Pointe Health, and helping at the Tri-State Food

Student Achievements:

 The Spelling Bee was held on November 29. The winner was Carlie Deeg.
 The Geography Bee was held on December 6. The winner was Emily Rexing.

Student Teacher: Ashlynn Spahn from the University of Southern Indiana will be a student
teacher in Mrs. Gries’s classroom during the second semester.

Outstanding Eduators: Congratulations to Mrs. Achilles, Mrs. Buttrum and Mrs. Galbraith for
being nominated for the Outstanding Educator of the Year Award sponsored by The Evansville
Courier and Press and U of E.

Respectfully submitted by:  Kristen Girten, Principal


Call to Order
School Council: Father Zach, Principal Kristen Girten, Sue Kroupa, Brandee Schnarr, Sara Rogier,
Mark Schuler, Michael Schaefer, Sara Brown, Brian Kessler, Father Jerry, Greg Rawski, and Joanie
Pohl. Jen Blackburn, Dan Deeg, and Mark Davis were absent. Sarah Gahagen was also in
Prayer: Father Zach opened the meeting with a prayer.
Mission Statement: Our Mission Statement was read aloud by all.
Approval of Minutes: The minutes from the last meeting on October 12, 2017, were approved.
NOTE: Before the usual reports began, Sarah Gahagen reported regarding “Item For Decision” 7a)
on the agenda, School Family BINGO Letter:
It has become critical to find more workers for our Bingo, our largest fundraiser. In the past, members
of school families have been strongly encouraged to work a bingo crew, but no actual requirement has
been enforced. Sarah presented a proposed letter to be distributed to school families via the Thursday
folder. The letter has already been presented to and approved by the Parish Council and Finance
Council. We have 9 crews (4 on Tuesdays and 5 on Sundays). After much discussion regarding the
content of the letter, changes were suggested and Sarah will make the revisions, and Mrs. Girten will
email School Council members the revised letter and ask for approval via email. It is hoped that the
letter can go out by Xmas break. (The revised letter was emailed by Mrs. Girten to Council members
on 12/3/17, and it was approved).
President’s Report: No report.
Pastor’s Report: Father Zach is focusing on the school and parish-wide reconciliation services and
other Advent activities.

Principal’s Report: Kristen reported: Sophia Kleiman’s and Annie Tenbarge’s vocation projects
were chosen to represent GSCS at the annual Serra Club banquet on 11/6. Parent Teacher
Conferences were well attended, and the Veterans Day mass/reception on 11/8 was also well attended.
The speech team had a wonderful season and placed 3 rd in their division in the Diocesan tournament on
11/14. We collaborated with the Evansville Red Cross in collecting gloves for their Totes of Hope
project for homeless veterans. Our goal was 375 pairs of gloves; our final count for adult gloves was
392. Winter uniform begins on 12/1. On 11/15, we had a special dedication and blessing of the new
garden at the front of school around the flagpole. This garden is dedicated to Mrs. Van Hoosier for
her years of service at GSCS. She was able to join the school for Mass that morning and the
dedication. The Christmas program will be 12/13 in the Parish Hall, with performances at 1pm and
6:30pm. The program will include students in preschool through Grade 5, and the Junior High band
will also perform at the evening show. A variety show / talent show is currently being planned for the
middle school students in the spring.

More information can be found in Kristen’s complete written principal’s report on file with these
Preschool Report: Brandee reported: They took a field trip to Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve
on 11/17. They celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday at school with a special meal/snack. They are
working hard to prepare for their part in the upcoming Christmas program. Our teachers are gathering
data, notes, and assessment information to prepare 2 nd quarter progress reports that will be sent home
to parents at the end of the grading period. Brandon Runyon from Swat Pest will be coming to our
classrooms next Friday for a presentation on bugs and spiders. Invitations for our Little Rams Preview
Night (January 10 th at 6pm) along with applications for the 2018-2019 school year will be mailed to
prospective families in early December. A notice has also been placed in the Ram Gram and will be
placed in the parish bulletin by early January and on the school website.
Legislative Liaison: Brandee reported: Good Shepherd hosted a visit with State Representative Holli
Sullivan on 10/31. During that visit, Dr. Hagen, Mrs. Girten, Father Zach, a couple of GS School
Council Members, and 3 parents who participate in the School Choice program were able to meet with
Representative Sullivan for an informal question and answer session. The visit included a tour and
classroom visits.
The INPEA published an update regarding March payments for Choice Scholarships. “The public
school enrollment exceeded the state funding cap for tuition support, thus requiring a proportionate
reduction in school funding (including traditional public schools, charter, and Choice schools). Data is
still being collected by the Indiana Department of Education. The preliminary estimates from the
legislative services agency shows that it might be about $5.58 per voucher. The General Assembly
could choose to restore funding in the upcoming session, despite the fact that it is not a budget year,
though we may not know specifics until January.” INPEA will keep us posted. GSCS currently has
89 school choice students.
Athletic Committee Report: Mark Schuler reported: We are currently in the middle of basketball
season. Our income for 3 rd & 4 th grade boys and girls basketball currently is $16,248.20 and our
expenses are $5,242.18. Boys 5 th and 6 th will participate in the St. John’s SAMSTRONG tournament
again this year. It begins next week; 2 games are guaranteed plus a championship game. Make-up
games (7) from November 18 th will be played on 12/15 at GS and at St. John’s on 1/4 and 1/6.
Wrestling sign up forms will go out on 12/7. The Diocese is offering free passes for teachers to attend
school sporting events.
Tech Team Report: Mark Schuler reported: As of 11/30/17, we have $9,800 remaining in the
technology budget. We have moved forward with WOW as our new IP provider effective January 1.
The upgrade includes a Fiber 50MB dedicated line, phone and cable provider, savings $200+ per
month. Cable converter boxes will be replaced in classrooms for speed and consistency. A company
called “Asset Refresh” was recommended by our Apple Sales team regarding the students’ iPads. The
current estimate on our iPad mini Gen. 1 is $50-$70 per device. This will input about $2000 into the
technology fund. Mark prefers for the devices to be out of our ownership. ISTEP state infrastructure
trial was completed November 3 rd ; ISTEP online waiver was submitted on November 3 rd ; notice for
paper pencil / online testing mode will be given in January.
PTO Report: In Jen Blackburn’s absence, Sara Brown reported: The tribute to Mrs. Van Hoosier has
been completed and dedicated; Paragon fundraiser is completed, which raised roughly $6,000; Muffins
with Mom on 11/28 was a success; Ornament making was 11/29; the Panera Giveback was well-
attended; we are awaiting totals.
Upcoming events include the Christmas Program Prime Parking Spot and 4 front row seats raffle; the
next PTO meeting is 1/18/18. The next Giveback will be in January at Schlotzsky’s. The PTO bingo

will be January 30 th and they need volunteers.
Marketing Report: Greg reported: Their first meeting was a month ago and it was very energetic.
Ideas include continue giving out more GS car stickers, possibly passing them out after Mass. They
plan to work on social media structuring and referral programs, possibly with realtors. There are 4-5
committee members currently but they are looking to add more members.
Finance Committee: Sara Rogier reported: Per her discussions with Sarah Gahagen, most budget
variances between budget vs. actual appear to be timing related. Overall, school expenses are lower
YTD than projected and income is slightly higher. The cafeteria is operating at a slight net income.
Even with the increase to $8/day, GAP is operating slightly negative to budget. Summer camp is
currently operating at a net negative due to timing of expenses from previous summer camp versus
income. Preschool has a slightly lower income than projected YTD. At our last finance meeting,
preschool/Pre-K tuition was discussed. Both the 3-day and 5-day per week will see a small increase in
the 2018-2019 school year. We like to maintain a $10,000 buffer with income vs. expenses, but we
are not there yet. As a side note, Father Zach noted that a check was received that might be able to be
used for the Pre-K playground.
7b) December Gathering. Our Christmas gathering will be December 7 th in the Parish Hall following
the 5:30 Vigil Mass for the Immaculate Conception. Father Jerry will be creating / providing dinner
and dessert, and council members are asked to bring a beverage and/or appetizer to share with the
group. Also, if desired, bring a $10 “rob your neighbor” gift to exchange.
8 a) Little Rams Tuition Structure for 2018-2019. Brandee distributed copies of the Little Ram
Tuition Analysis for review. A $10 increase for All Day-5 and a $5 increase for 1/2 Day-5 is being
proposed for Pre-K, as well as a $10 increase for Preschool All Day-3 and Preschool All Day-5, and a
$5 increase for 1/2 Day-5. We would like to keep the rate the same for Preschool 1/2 Day-3 because
ours is higher than other east side preschools. This will be the first increase since the beginning, other
than last year’s “ala carte” change. This proposal was approved by the Finance Committee on
11/15/17. After discussion, the proposal was approved by the School Council as well.
8 b) Diocesan School Council Workshop Summary Reports. Several School Council members
attended this Workshop on 9/19 from 6:30 – 8:00 pm at the Catholic Center. Greg attended the
Strategic Planning session and he said what he learned was rather surprising: Every school must have
a 3-yr, 4-yr and 5-yr strategic plan. The plans are due by next Christmas, which means that the plans
must be signed off by Father Zach and implementation started. This will require lots of legwork and it
will be a fairly extensive process. The hope is that we can “pool” the work that we have already
compiled and completed that we did for the AdvancEd certification procedure.
Brian Kessler attended the Catholic Educator Award session. He will compile and type up a synopsis
of what he learned and send it to Mrs. Girten.
The Come Holy Spirit prayer was prayed at the end of the meeting, which adjourned at
approximately 7:25 PM. Our Christmas Gathering will be 12/7 at 6PM. The next official meeting
date will be January 11, 2018, at 6PM.

Respectfully submitted by Joanie Pohl, Secretary

Requested Information for Parish Council from School Council - January 4, 2018

1.  What is strategic plan to improve enrollment?
 We have a marketing sub-committee of the School Council
 We are heavily promoting the Diocesan Open House on Feb. 1
 We are planning to host a second event in the spring that would take place
during the school day. For example- a “Lunch and Learn”
 We are looking into purchasing yard signs- “Home of a Proud Ram”
 We are planning to have a banner made that can be used at Church events
 We are planning to do another push of the car decals

2.  What is plan to increase STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and
Mathematics) in the schools to compete with public schools?
 We currently offer the following STEM programs: Lego/ Robotics Club, 1:1 iPads
in 5-8, Computer Application Class in 6 th Grade, Problem Solving Class in 7 & 8 th
Grades, MATH Bowl Competition.
 With the recent Culture of Excellence Grant from the Koch Foundation, more
STEM programs could be included in that grant- If you have ideas of possible
programs and opportunities for our students, please let Mrs. Girten know.
 We also have teacher interest in starting up some more academic teams. We
currently participate in the Spell Bowl and Math Bowl competitions.

3.  What are 5 year goals for school?
 Attached are our current school improvement plan goals.
 Every Diocesan school will be submitting a strategic plan in December 2018.
Once our AdvancED review is completed in February, the School Council will
begin work on this plan. Included in this plan will be 3-5 year goals for our school
that will include: Catholic Identity, Enrollment Management, Marketing, Facilities,
Finance and Academics. The AdvancED review in February will offer ideas
where we can improve in many of these areas. That will help us set goals for
each section.


Indiana School Improvement Plan 2017-2018
Good Shepherd Catholic School

Goals Summary:
1. All students will demonstrate appropriate individual growth in reading.
2. All students will demonstrate appropriate individual growth in math.
3. All students and staff will aspire to uphold the mission of Good Shepherd Catholic School.
4. Good Shepherd Catholic School will demonstrate and increase in enrollment.

Goal 1: All students will demonstrate appropriate individual growth in reading.
Measurable Objective: 100% of preschool through eighth grade students will demonstrate appropriate
individual growth in reading by May 24, 2018 as measured by formative assessments.
Strategy 1:
Reading Comprehension Skills- A curriculum map will be developed to outline the specific reading
comprehension skills and strategies to be taught throughout the year. Professional development will be
provided to all teachers to assist them in incorporating the skills and strategies into all content areas.
Strategy 2:
Data Review- Teachers will administer formative assessments at least three times during the school
year. Teachers will meet collaboratively to review the data.

Goal 2: All students will demonstrate appropriate individual growth in math.
Measurable Objective: 100% of preschool through eighth grade students will demonstrate appropriate
individual growth in math by May 24, 2018 as measured by formative assessments.
Strategy 1:
Problem Solving- All math teachers will model and teach story problems emphasizing multiple-step
problems. Students will be required to show step-by- step procedures in solving math problems using a
variety of strategies, such as, Problem of the Day/Week, modeling, spiral reviews.
Strategy 2:
Data Review- Teachers will administer formative assessments at least three times during the school
year. Teachers will meet collaboratively to review the data.

Goal 3: All students and staff will aspire to uphold the mission of Good Shepherd Catholic School.
Measurable Objective: Collaborate to promote a positive spiritual atmosphere in which students grow
in faith and service by May 24, 2018 as measured by surveys administered to all stakeholders.
Strategy 1:
Service Projects- Students and staff will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of service
learning opportunities throughout the school year.
Retreats and Spiritual Experiences- Teachers and staff will explore resources to assist in planning
retreats for all students and staff.

Goal 4: Good Shepherd Catholic School will demonstrate an increase in enrollment.
Measurable Objective: Demonstrate an increase in enrollment by May 2019 as measured by registered
Strategy 1:
Marketing Committee- A marketing committee will be established and set three goals for the current
school year.
Strategy 2:
School Council- The marketing committee will report to the School Council and request assistance/
guidance as needed.

Respectfully submitted by:  Kristen Girten, Principal

Youth Ministry - January 22, 2018

A Family Skating Party will be held at Skateworld on Sunday, January 28 from 5-7pm.  It is a private party and we have advertised it through the school Thursday folder and in the bulletin.  Based on the early reservations I’ve received I anticipate somewhere between 150-200 to attend.

We’ve met with the Teen Power students at the school a couple of times.  They would like to try and build some interconnectedness within the school by reestablishing “Family Groups.”  Families would be comprised of the following combined grade levels:  (K, 5, 8); (2, 4, 7); and (1, 3, 6).  Each combined grade level group would be further divided into smaller groups—enough so that each homeroom teacher had one for which they are responsible.  We last met on the afternoon of January 11 with the intention of meeting again on Wednesday the 24th.  The students didn’t return to school until today, Monday the 22nd, so our Wednesday meeting may need to be pushed back a bit.

Two months ago, we discussed the merits of having a youth director here at Good Shepherd.  I did not speak with individual pastors in our deanery as was suggested at our last meeting.  I felt that doing so was too close to working on an actual plan before we had explored other possibilities.

Because a Good Shepherd youth group should be as unique as the parish it comes from, I suggest that we put together a committee whose job it is to work quickly to determine the kind of youth ministry we want at Good Shepherd and to recommend to the Parish Council the personnel and means necessary to do it.

Respectfully submitted by:  Father Jerry Pratt

Fellowship Ministry - January 11, 2018

    • Pie Contest and Soup Potluck (01/13/18 after the 4:30pm mass)
    • We have had about 10 people signup to attend.  Weather permitting, we will have the event.
  • We will be setting up on Saturday (01/13/18) at 3:00pm in the Parish Hall
  • Due to the weather conditions, it was decided to postpone the event.
  • Marriage Celebration (02/10/18 after the 4:30pm mass)
  • Rita will work on getting the food and bartender lined up
  • Mike and Maryann will work on a flyer and advertisements.  Signage will go up at the last weekend of January.
  • We will be setting up on Saturday (02/10/18)
  • Future Events:
  • March (03/25/18) – Seder Celebration
  • April (04/21/18) – Family Game Night
  • July (07/01/18) – Parish Picnic

Anyone interested in helping with one of these activities, please let me know.

  • The next meeting will be February 8, 2018 at 6:30pm in the Good Shepherd Choir Practice Room.

Thanks Everyone!!

 Respectfully submitted by:  Mary Payne, Commission Chair

Haiti Commission - November 29, 2017

Members present:   Bill Noll, Luan Greubel,Sharon Sutton, Marcia Minton and Robynn Working

I. Prayer

II. Old Business

   A. Fall Festival- Bill
Over 11,000 profit was made from the Fall festival booth. 100% going to Haiti.

Booth rental has been paid for next year.

Bill will stay in charge.

Proposals for Fall Festival include:

  1. Keep everything the same.
  2. Make minimum quantities
  3. Only sale tenderloins & corn dogs
  4. Discontinue the booth.

III.  New Business

A. Haiti Account Balance- $11,296.22 , over $22,000 total

B. School Lunch Program- Discussed Food for the Poor, Hands Helping Haiti

C. Beans & Rice Dinner- February 24, 2018 after the 4:30 mass (Cancelled - See Below)

D. Rummage Sale- Potential date April 7, 2018 . March 24 & 31 drop off.

Respectfully submitted by Robynn Working

Next meeting will be July 27, 2016


Update on 01/23/2018

Another update to Haiti report.  St. Joe's Haitian priest has had health issues and they are bringing him to the states for evaluation and treatment in February.  They are unable to commit to the Rice and Beans Dinner and so we have cancelled that event since St. Joe, Poseyville parishes and Good Shepherd are the main planners and participants and organizers.  We are meeting for lunch Thursday February 01, 2018 for lunch at Smitty's on Franklin St. to consider our next moves for supplying our school lunch programs.  If any of you would like to join us please let me know.  I have also requested a budget for providing the lunch program using locally available foodsl  Fr. Frantzdy has promised this will be sent in next few days.  Ken Schenk has agreed to review the budget when wit is received.  Fr. also sent some pictures from St. Rose of Lima that I have also forwarded to Mark Schmitz.  We want to share them with our Good Shepherd Family.

Respectfully submitted by Mary Beth Davis

Worship Commission (Formerly Art & Environment) - Saturday, February 3, 2018


Members present: Ken Balczo, Joann Hussmann, Judy Miller, Ken and Beth Schenk, Mark and Michelle Schmitz

Members absent: Jim and Sue Edwards, Mel Vinson, Mary Ann Wehmer

• New Members – We welcomed two new members, Ken Balczo and Joann Hussmann to the
Worship Commission.
• Ash Wednesday Decorations – We will set up the cross display at the Baptismal font like last
year, complete with ashes, crown of thorns, hammer and nails. All of the live plants will be
removed from the altar platform and the banners will be changed from green to purple. We will
set up for Ash Wednesday on Tuesday, February 13 at 6:00 PM at the conclusion of mass.
• Lent and Palm Sunday Decorations – On the fifth Sunday of Lent, all statues, icons and
crucifixes must be covered and remain covered until Holy Saturday Vigil Mass. The Worship
Commission will need to do this on Saturday, March 17 at 9:00 AM. For Palm Sunday, March
25, the purple banners will be changed out to red and the palm arrangements will need to be set
up. Members of the commission will need to come on Saturday, March 24 at 9:00 AM.
• Holy Week Decorations – On Holy Thursday, the banners will need to be changed from red to
white, which can be done by Mark, Ken and Beth Schenk on Wednesday, March 28 before or
after choir practice. After the Holy Thursday service on Thursday, March 29, members of the
Worship Commission will need to stay and set up for Good Friday. The banners will need to be
changed back to red.
• Easter Decorations – The Easter decorations will be similar to last year. The “Risen Jesus”
banner will go above the Baptismal font. Red and yellow flowers as well as ferns will be used
on the font to coordinate with the colors in the banner. Michelle has had several conversations
with Ken from Zeidler Floral to obtain recommendations for flowers. She even toured the
Zeidler warehouse to see what types of flowers are available. We agreed that we would not
order as many flowers as last year and try again to get two separate shipments of flowers to
refresh any wilted blooms. Beth and Judy will meet with Ken at Zeidler’s and show him the
large round tubs that would hold several pots of flowers. Ideally we would like to have him visit
Good Shepherd to offer additional suggestions. All help is needed on Saturday, March 31 at
9:00 AM to set up for Easter.

• Ordinary Time Wall Hangings – Ken Schenk and Mark Schmitz went to Menard’s to check out
some wood paneling for the wall hangings for the Narthex. They decided to construct four
panels using the paneling. Mark would need to experiment with staining and stenciling the
panels before greenery/flowers are added.
• Clean Up Storage Areas – The upper storage room needs to be organized so that obsolete
items can be donated to the rummage sale.
• Easter Swags – It was suggested that the Easter swags be refurbished with new flowers. Judy
will check with a local craft store to see what it would cost.
• New Fabric - Judy will shop for new fabric to be used to drape around the floral arrangements.
She will also purchase moss to place over the potted flowers.

Respectfully submitted by:  Beth Schenk

Campus Fundraising Commission - Being Formed

Respectfully submitted by: ______________

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