Parish Council

I wish to thank the following for their willingness to serve on the Good Shepherd Catholic Parish Council. I appreciate their generous gift of time and talent in serving in this very important role of support and discernment for Good Shepherd Catholic Parish, involving the previous merger of Good Shepherd and St. Theresa Parishes in Evansville.

The following parishioners have agreed to serve as follows:

(3 year term - July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2019) Chad Schnarr
(3 year term - July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2019) Shari Hirsch
(3 year term - July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2019) Brad Will

(3 year term - July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2020) Jessica Fehrenbacher
(3 year term - July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2020) Chad Groves
(3 year term - July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2020) Chris Maynard

(3 year term - July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2021) Rita DeWeese
(3 year term - July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2021) Donald E Patton (2nd 3 year term)
(3 year term - July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2021) Maren Smith

(Non-Voting Members)
Sue Ballard, Secretary
Sarah Gahagen, Business Manager

Parish Council Minutes - May 22, 2018 

The regular meeting of the Good Shepherd Parish Council was held on Tuesday, May 22 nd at 6:05 p.m.
The meeting was opened with a prayer.


                                                              2018                              2019                                 2020

Father Zach Etienne                     Dana Blanke                 Shari Hirsch                  Jessica Fehrenbacher

Deacon Dan DeCastra                  Mary Beth Davis          Chad Schnarr                Chad Groves

Sarah Gahagen                               Don Patton                   Brad Will                        Chris Maynard                                            l

Sue Ballard

ABSENT: Mary Beth Davis, Chris Maynard and Brad Will
Don Patton motioned to approve the minutes for April 27, 2018. Dana Blanke stated a second; the
minutes were approved with two corrections.


SCHOOL COUNCIL--emailed report from Kristen Girten

 Jessica Fehrenbacher reported the Commission met last Tuesday. Fr. Jerry had previously asked
for ideas so the Commission had some suggestions to review.
 A trip to Holiday World was discussed, but the Commission decided not to do it at this time.
 A drive-in movie night is being planned for 6/15 at 6:45 p.m. Information will be published in
the bulletin and Mark will announce before Masses. Jessica will send the information to Mark
to post.
 The Commission would like to find ways to get middle school students engaged. The members
feel if students become active during this age range, they will continue to be active thru high
 Special events will be planned thru the year such as a possible lock-in and caroling, in addition to
service projects to help students feel involved.
 The Commission will extend a special welcome to Parish youth who are not attending GS.
 The USI Teen Power event will be held 6/18 – 6/20. Jessica and some other adults will attend.
They are expecting possibly 15 – 20 youths from GS to attend.
 The Commission discussed having youths in small groups of houses so attendees will be made to
feel welcome and have a sense of belonging.
 Shari mentioned the Leader in Youth program being held this summer. It will tie into the idea of
small groups of houses. The GS teachers will be attending.

FINANCE--report from Sarah Gahagen:

 Sarah distributed a year to date financial statement. She also distributed the projected budget
for 2018 - 2019 and explained the details of the main line items in the budget.
 Sarah advised the budget for the next fiscal year should be about $16,000 favorable.
 The Dept. of Homeland Security provides a grant for the key fob system to be installed. The
grant will pay for half of the cost of fobs for the campus. Sarah is waiting for notification of
 The estimated amount of tuition income is based on enrollment and other pertinent facts as of
today’s date. The dollar amount for siblings discount has decreased due to some of the older
siblings graduating.
 There will now be one Director over the Little Rams and the after-school program as these two
areas have been combined. Tuition income for pre-school is decreasing as some children are
attending on a half-day basis.
 Bingo income has decreased because of some cancellations due to inclement weather. The
anticipated revenue amount for the current year will not be met.
 Salaries for the Church have decreased as the number of staff has been reduced.
 School expense is indicating a decrease due to changes in the pre-school structure. Book
expense will decrease as not many books will need to be replaced next year.
 Bank fees expense has increased for the auto-pay program.
 The amount listed for Capital Expenditures includes the $40,000 grant.
 The high school assessment to GS has decreased slightly.
 Sarah advised the next CPC will be in Oct. A slight decrease in the assessment is anticipated as a
number of former Parishioners no longer attend GS. The expected amount is subject to change.
Chad Schnarr made a motion to approve the budget as presented. Don Patton voiced a second. A
vote was held, and the motion was approved.

 Fr. Zach gave an update on the Relegation of St. Theresa Church: a letter was sent to the
Diocese. The Priest Council will meet next week.
 Nominees for new Parish Council members are Rita DeWeese and Maren Smith.
 Brad Will was nominated to be the Parish Council President starting in July, and he accepted the
 Fr. Zach said he reviewed the list of new Parishioners. He found some are not actually new
members. They have attended GS and made contributions but have not registered as GS
members. There are several new families who have registered.
 Fr. Zach advised he reviewed the welcome letter being sent to new Parishioners and feels it
needs to be updated. He will revise the letter.
 Sarah said the list of volunteer opportunities and Church groups needs to be updated.
 Fr. Zach suggested adding pictures of engaged couples to the slideshow in the Narthex.
 Fr. Zach reported two of the current seminarians have stepped out, but a few new candidates
have expressed interest.
 Fr. Zach advised the Finance Commission has approved hiring a person to clean the church. The
Heavenly Dusters will be disbanded.

 Fr. Zach will ask Kristen Girten for a summary of the position of the school.

ADJOURNMENT – Meeting adjourned at 7:20 p.m.

NEXT MEETING –July 24, 2018. There will be no meeting in June. The Summer Social is June 21 st , 22nd,
and 23rd.

Respectfully submitted, Sue Ballard

Principal Report - July, 2018

Enrollment: As of July 18, there are 318 students in K-8 and 44 students in preschool. There are
13 new families and 17 new students (K-8). I am still waiting to hear back from 2 families (3
students) regarding possible enrollment for 2018-2019.
Staffing: Our new K-4 teaching assistant is Ms. Emily Sellers.
Leader in Me: All teachers received training this summer on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective
People. The teachers from all the east feeder schools will also be attending training on Friday,
August 31. This training is called Launching Leadership and Creating Culture. From there, our
leadership team will meet to plan implementation of the program at GSCS.
Bullying Survey: All GSCS parents, staff, and students in 3-8 were given the opportunity in
May to take an online survey on bullying. I will be meeting with Christy Scroggins on Monday,
July 23 to go over the results of the survey. Data results should be available to share in August.
The results will also be shared with staff and families.
SCHOOL SAFETY GRANT: GSCS has received a school safety matching grant from the state
of Indiana. The grant will be used for a new fob entry system to the school and security cameras
inside and outside of the building.
IREAD3: We are pleased to announce that 100% of GSCS 3 rd Graders passed IREAD.
ISTEP: Preliminary ISTEP+ results were released to schools and parents on June 11. Parents
had until June 22 to request a rescore. Results are expected to be finalized by July 26.
Locker Set-Up: Junior High Locker Set-Up will take place on Sunday, August 5 from 11:30-
Registration: Registration packets will be prepared for distribution on Friday, July 27. They will
also be available after the Masses the weekend of July 28 and 29. Parents will be asked to return
registration information from 8:00-5:00 on Monday, July 30 and 8:00-3:00 on Tuesday, July 31.
School Year 2017-2018:
Sunday, August 5 Kindergarten Orientation 2:00-4:00
Sunday, August 5 Preschool Open House 2:00-4:00
Thursday, August 9 Parent Orientation Meeting for Grades 6-8
Teachers will have presentations. There will also be a general session that includes
Youth Protection/ Safe Environment Training

Thursday, August 16 Parent Orientation Meeting for Grades 1-5
Teachers will have presentations. There will also be a general session that includes
Youth Protection/ Safe Environment Training

School Council Training: The Catholic Schools Office will offer the annual School Council
Training on Thursday, September 13 from 6:30-8:00 p.m. at the Catholic Center.

Respectfully submitted by:  Kristen Girten, Principal


Good Shepherd Catholic School Council - April, 2018

Call to Order
School Council: Principal Kristen Girten, Father Zach, Sue Kroupa, Brandee Schnarr, Sara Brown, Brian
Kessler, Jen Blackburn, Greg Rawski, Dan Deeg, Michael Schaefer, Sara Rogier, and Joanie Pohl were in
attendance. Mark Schuler and Mark Davis were absent.
Prayer: Father Zach opened the meeting with a prayer.
Mission Statement: Our Mission Statement was read aloud by all.
Approval of Minutes: The minutes from the last meeting on March 8, 2018, were approved as written.
Eagle Scout Project by Nick Hermann. Nick Hermann (a GSCS alumni and current Memorial High
School junior) made a presentation regarding his Eagle Scout Project Proposal: Nature Explore
Playground for the preschool. His ideas included the following possibilities: Plexiglass/Acrylic Paint
Easels (2 single or 1 double), either freestanding or in ground. Raised flower/garden beds along the
sides/back of the existing playhouse. He showed Council members photos of his potential ideas and
answered questions. He needs permission by the School Council to do this project, and then he will
present it to the Eagle Scout committee. This would be a project for this summer. Some discussion was
held. A motion was made and seconded to give Nick permission to proceed with the project.
President’s Report: Sue had no report. Dan summarized the session he attended at the Diocese Work
Shop last fall, including discussion of the strategic plan, safety and security grants will be open in May,
September 11 th will be this coming Fall’s workshop. They were able to look at a sample strategic plan
compiled by Christ the King parish in South Bend.
Pastor’s Report: Father Zach reported that he attended the ordination of several of the seminarians as
Deacons this past weekend in Vincennes. First Communion is on April 29 th and their retreat is tomorrow.
One of their service projects will be sprucing up the prayer garden. A Mom’s Kickball Tournament is
being planned and coming up soon.
Principal’s Report: Kristen submitted the following report:
ISTEP Part 2: Students in grades 3-8 are taking Part 2 of the ISTEP test beginning April 17 and ending
April 30. Students in grades 3-5 will be taking the test in paper/ pencil format while students in grades 6-
8 will be testing online.
Staffing: Mrs. Amy Hart will be moving from 4 th Grade to Kindergarten for the 2018-2019 school year.
Mrs. Maria Watson will be moving from Middle School Language Arts to 3 rd Grade for the 2018-2019
school year. Mr. Ryan Nowak has accepted the 4 th Grade position for the 2018-2019 school year. Mr.
Nowak student taught with Mr. Mayer and Mrs. Sammet and has been teaching at St. Wendel the past six
years. The Middle School Language Arts position is currently posted.

Mackenzie Stolz, our Spanish teacher had her baby on March 22. Mom and baby are doing well. Her
substitute teacher, Mrs. Glary Hernandez began on March 23. Also, Anna Creek had her baby on
Tuesday of this week. Her substitute teachers will be Tonya Puckett and Margaret Ann Burns.
Choice Scholarships: The second payment for Choice Scholarships has been received. GSCS has been
approved as a Choice school for the 2018-2019 school year. I am currently meeting with families to
complete student applications for the 2018-2019 school year.
IREAD 3: All third grade students completed the IREAD assessment on March 13-14. Results are
currently embargoed.
Mary F. Thomas Scholarships: The high school letters and applications have been sent to the Memorial
seniors who graduated from Good Shepherd Catholic School. Applications are to be returned by April
12. The Achievement Award will be presented at the MHS Awards Night in May.
The junior high teachers will be rating each 8 th grade student for the Humanitarian Award. This award
will be presented at graduation. The student with the highest GPA will be presented the Scholastic Award
at graduation.
Special Events:
 Teacher Appreciation Week - May 7-11
 Grade 8 Trip to St. Louis- May 4
 Candle Mass- May 16
 Little Rams Celebration of Success- May 17
 Field Day for K-8- May 18
 Last Day of School- May 23
 Graduation Mass- May 24
Preschool Report: Brandee submitted the following report: All tuition agreements have been returned
for the 2018-2019 school year. We continue to give tours to families interested in our program, and are
adding families to the waiting list. Our children will be participating in the second on-site field trip on
4/23. Mary Jo Huff will be coming to do a storytelling hour, including music and puppets. Our staff is
reviewing the religion curriculum items that have been given to our teachers. We are interested in adding
a piece to our current religion themes that students can take home. We feel that enhancing the
home/school piece is very important for our young students. Coming up in May: Ag days at GS for
Little Rams on 5/11; Little Rams Celebration of Success on 5/17; Bike Day and Outdoor Fun Day coming
up, but dates TBD.
Legislative Liaison: Brandee submitted the following report: There is not much new currently. The
session recently ended in mid-March; a possible special session is being called in mid-May to address
some of the bills that were not voted on. (Also, the Legislative Update from INPEA was provided to
School Council members via an email from Kristen on 4/11/18).
Athletic Committee Report: The following report was submitted via email to Council members on
4/11: Financial Y-T-D: Expenses are $12,037 and Revenue is $20,958. In Track and Field, current
roster for GS is 32 athletes in grades 5-8. Practices have been at Memorial and GS. Amy Quick and
Mark Schuler have lead coaching sessions and Amy has taken on the ADMIN role for the team. The first
running events were held Sunday 4/8. Fall Sports sign-up forms will go home 5/3; deadline for return is
5/18. This includes Cross Country (5-8), Football (1-6), Volleyball (5-8), and Girls Soccer (3-6). The
Parish light project for the gym was completed over spring break. They are working great and will save a
lot of money.

Tech Team Report: The 4/7/18 Technology Report was emailed to Council members by Kristen on
4/11/18. A copy of that detailed report is attached to these minutes and made a part hereof. Greg Rawski
also noted that he may know of a potential donor for the iPads 1:1 initiative.
PTO Report: Jen Blackburn reported: PTO has a current balance of $26,530.93. Recent income
includes $385 from Spirit Wear orders and $463 reimbursement for a bad check. The gross amount from
the Spring Flower Sales was $3,775.50, but we have not paid for the flowers themselves yet; waiting on
the invoice for the flowers; waiting to see exact amount. Recent expenses include: a teacher’s request for
gift cards for the middle school challenge awards; DJ fee for the Daddy/Daughter dance. Upcoming
events are:
McDonalds – McTeachers Night – April 24 from 5-7pm
Last PTO meeting of the school year is April 26
Mother & Son Drive In is April 27
Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week is May 7 thru May 11
A Dewig Meats fundraiser is still in the works. Melissa Fox is working out the details. We may do it in
the Fall instead of this Spring.
Marketing Report: Greg Rawski reported that there is $1,800 in the Marketing budget. Alpha Graphics
was contracted to make 50 yard signs at a cost of around $500. These will be for NEW students. The
Marketing Team is also working on acquiring three (3) 8’ tall retractable banners (Faith, Knowledge and
Service) at a cost of approximately $500. He feels that 9 good pictures featuring Good Shepherd events
(3 for each banner) will be needed to showcase those 3 themes.
Finance Committee: Sara Rogier reported that the most recent financials look fine and that we are a
little ahead in getting tuition, so that’s a good thing. She mentioned that the new lights in the gym are
great. They are dimmable and we have the ability to turn on half and leave half off and other features.
8 a) Parish Fundraising. Discussion was held regarding creating a Parish Council Fundraising
Committee. This committee will be where fundraising requests that are “not our norm” will need to go
through for approval.
8 b) Koch Culture of Excellence Grant Update. Kristen reported that 16 schools have received this grant.
Thirteen of the 16 have decided to use “The Leader In Me” program. Because of the large number of
schools choosing this program, this will cut the training costs significantly. Kristen reported it appears
that she will need $300 per year in addition to the grant money in order to do this program. She may ask
the PTO to fund that amount. There will be an overview presentation of the program on May 10 th at 3pm;
all stakeholders are invited.
8 c) Strategic Plan. Kristen reported that there are 6 goal areas for the 3-5 year plan: (1) Catholic
Identity; (2) Enrollment Management; (3) Development/Marketing; (4) Facilities; (5) Finance; and (6)
Academics. For each area, we are to provide an Action Plan and Responsible Party. We were not given
any kind of template to go by, but we were given sample plans. Much discussion was held regarding how
to achieve these data-informed, specific, measurable and deadline-driven goals. We will need to describe
action steps to achieve the goals.
Several handouts were distributed to Council members, including: “AdvancED Survey Results, Catholic
Identity Program Effectiveness” with March 2015 results and October 2017 results; the March 2018

“SWOT Analysis” responses from School Council members and teachers; and “Opportunities for
Growth” from the AdvancED Review on 2/20/18.
As for Enrollment Management, she noted that we have almost 40 students in the incoming 2018-2019
Kindergarten class. As for Facilities, we are in the process of getting estimates on improving the safety
and security at our facilities. Everyone should put on their “thinking caps” in order to build a list of
parishioners who have companies who might be able to help us with safety and security goals and other
goals. As to wants and wishes, the Preschool needs more space; we need a teacher/faculty lounge;
possibly a 2 nd gym or multipurpose area. Father Zach mentioned that possibly connecting the church and
school could be a want/wish. Maybe we need to keep statistics to support our need for more room
needed. Maybe hire a design consultant for input on how to better utilize the space we do have. As for
Catholic Identity, maybe we need to start at younger grades with age-appropriate service projects. How
do we keep statistics and track church attendance and parish participation, in order to determine active
and passive parishioners at church?
The Strategic Plan is due in December 2018, but Kristen would like to have it put together by the end of
summer. Kristen will keep everyone informed of progress, to-do’s, and “help” requests via email.

The Our Father was prayed at the end of the meeting, which adjourned at approximately 7:16 PM.
The next meeting will be Thursday, May 10, 2018, at 6PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Joanie Pohl, Secretary

Youth Ministry - July, 2018

Meeting held on Sunday, July 22, 2018
Committee members present: Jon Buck, Jessica Fehrenbacher, Stephanie Hansen, Morgan Lamberton,
and Sammi Winn
The committee discussed the Drive-In Movie event. It was difficult to gauge how many families/youth
were there because they were scattered throughout the area. It appeared that there were 15-20 youth
in attendance. The feedback from youth and adults is that is was a fun evening. If this event is held next
year, the group needs to meet early and proceed in together for parking/seating ahead of the show.
This will allow for more time for the youth and their families to be together.

The committee discussed goals for the 2018-19 school year. Goals are as follows:
*Monthly youth group for both middle and high school students held at Good Shepherd
*Lock-In to be held at Good Shepherd. This event would be on a Saturday night in either September or
October. The evening would include activities for K-5 grade level and the actual lock-in for 6-8. This is
the idea that the TeenPower students came up with during TeenPower Camp.
*A trip in the fall (October or November) to Terre Haute to visit the Holocaust Museum and hear Eva Kor
speak. St. Ben’s is open to partnering with us on this event.
*A service event/Christmas event in December. This could include a scavenger hunt, caroling, collecting
canned goods, and a dinner for the youth
*The group believes that Vacation Bible School (VBS) is needed at Good Shepherd. The group looked at
possible dates. It was also discussed that someone needs to be in charge of this undertaking.
*The group would also like to explore fundraising options. It would be beneficial for events to be varied
in regards to cost. Parents appreciate having some events that are free for their kids, especially when
fundraising is involved.

Respectfully submitted by:  Jessica Fehrenbacher

Fellowship Ministry - July, 2018

We have several opportunities for volunteers in the next couple of weeks.  Please email or text me if you can assist with any of the following:
Help people sign-up for the Parish Picnic before and after mass:
  • Saturday (07/14/18)
  • Sunday 8:00 mass (07/15/18)
  • Sunday 10:30 mass (07/15/18)
  • Saturday (07/21/18)
  • Sunday 8:00 mass (07/22/18)
  • Sunday 10:30 mass (07/22/18)

 - Please try to be there at least 20 minutes before mass to help with this.

 Reception for Fr Frandtzy after each mass 07/21-22/18):
  • Pickup cookies for Saturday night
  • Pickup Drinks for Saturday/Sunday
  • Order donuts for Sunday morning
  • Pickup donuts for Sunday morning
  • Host Saturday (07/21/18)
  • Host Sunday 8:00 mass (07/22/18)
  • Host Sunday 10:30 mass (07/22/18)

 - I plan to also get some help from the Haiti committee but because of our familiarity of the with where everything is, I think it would be great if we can be there to help out.

Parish Picnic after 4:30 mass (0728/18):
  • Setup at 2:00 pm on 07/28/18 (this will include setting up the food, dessert and drink tables, making drinks, the usual)
  • Pick up dessert
  • Put together about 5 doorprizes
  • Organize some games adults or kids -- if anyone knows someone who would be willing to let us borrow their cornhole boards that would work too.
  • Cleanup
  • Take pictures at the event

As you can see, we have a lot going on in the next couple of weeks.  I can't believe how quickly the summer is going!

Fellowship/Hospitality Meeting Minutes – July 12, 2018

 Parish Picnic (07/28/18 after 4:30 mass)
 We are trying out Sign-Up Genius which allows people to sign-up online. It will send out reminders to those who
have signed up as well as give them an option to add it to their calendar. Rita will create the sign-up.
 Mark has added a button to the Good Shepherd app which will take people directly to the Sign-up Genius site.
 Fellowship team members will be in the Narthex the weekends of July 14-15 and July 21-22 to help people sign-
up online or answer questions.
 A sign-up sheet will be available in the Narthex for people to use. The sign-up sheet will include a spot for an
email address for those who would like to receive an email reminder about the event.
 Fr Frantzdy Reception (07/21-22/18 after every mass)
 We will be assisting the Haiti Committee with a reception after each mass the weekend of July 21-22.
 We will offer cookies with lemonade on Saturday and donuts with milk/juice on Sunday in the Narthex.
 The Haiti Committee will assist the Fellowship Team in serving at the reception.
 Future Events:
 September (09/08/18) – Parish Trivia Night
 November (11/10/18) – Chili Cookoff

Anyone interested in helping with one of these activities, please let me know.
 The next meeting will be August 9, 2018 at 6:30pm in the Good Shepherd Choir Practice Room.

Thanks Everyone!!

Respectfully submitted by:  Mary Payne, Commission Chair

Haiti Commission - July, 2018

Fr. Frantzdy Joseph Visit July 19 – 23, 2018 Summary of Opportunities

1. Schedule for sending money - need before school starts
2. School lunch program - $5000/month 900 – 1000 students
3. School addition repair – leaking concrete roof affects computer, sewing, building arts, library –
estimate of $78,000
4. Fr. Zach to speak form pulpit to parishioners regarding St. Rose of Lima
5. Contributions through envelopes and on line giving – through Good Shepherd Scripp especially
Schnuck’s for school lunch program – Food for Food
6. Bigger relationship with parish twinning in Nashville, TN – Theresa Patterson – her contact with
Fr. Ted at St. Theresa in 1983 impetus for our relationship with St Rose of Lima - Conference in
Nashville August 24 – 26 2018 – Joe Wildeman is going – send someone from St. Theresa
7. Shipping supplies – school, medical, tools, playground equipment etc. – can be done through
container ship sponsored by Parish Twinning Program April each year – can coordinate with St.
Joe County and Poseyville’s Hands Together for Haiti Program
8. Poseyville group – “Hands Together for Haiti” sponsor St. Albert the Great Parish in Ravine
Trompette - collaboration of St. Francis Xavier, St. Wendel, St. Peter and Paul Haubstadt, Zion
Lippe UCC Church, St. Albert’s in Ravine Trompette
9. Technology – communication between parishes – website – narthex pictures – videos – Haitian
students communicate with our Good Shepherd and high school students – parish bulletin –
celebrate Feast Days – Holy Days
10. Water treatment program – purchased and installed a system from Fr. _____ $15, 125.00. tried
to sell for profit – not enough demand and need system to package water in plastic bags for
distribution and deliver - $10,000.00 for a system to seal bags properly – shipping not feasible
and roads too bad to deliver (makes too expensive) - plastic leach toxins into the bags?
11. Orphanage
12. Microfinancing – not enough funds to distribute –
13. St. Albert the Great in Ravine Trompette was a chapel, satellite parish of St. Rose of Lima in
Pilate - Now own parish but much smaller – St. Rose of Lima is the Mother parish - only about
20 min travel between two parishes - makes sense to do projects together – support each other
– St. Albert the Great has school, medical clinic – St. Rose has schools and a hospital within
walking distance used by both parishes
14. Fr. Wants parish to have projects to be financially sustainable – He has personal loans
($5000.00) to repay due to borrowing for needs of the parish
15. Solar panel installed on buildings and community pole to charge cell phones needed as done in
Ravine Trompette – Sunlight Power Brand
16. Presently run computers, refrigerators etc. by generators requiring diesel – NEED SOLAR to
17. Need to upgrade school campus, playground – add fencing – dirty and dangerous
18. Life of Parish Priest – oversee finances – organization – schools – church – financial and daily
need of parishioners and people of Pilate – legal, family disputes – peacekeeper – DO
19. Parish campus – church – rectory – community (parish hall) room all need attention

20. Sarah and New York City connection – possible specific project such as school environment
21. Tuition, uniforms, who pays, How collect
22. Sanitation – bathrooms for church – started – cannot finish due to lack of funds
23. Music equipment and sound system for church – was borrowed and had to return
24. Haitian Diocesan Priest vs Holy Cross educated Haitian priests
25. Add New Class at St. Paul’s College each year so students will stay – are adding this school year -
because no additional classes some students move to the Baptist Church schools and are
converted to be Baptists – would like to maintain these young people in the Catholic Church
26. September 18 – 25, 2018 - opportunity for volunteers from Good Shepherd to join the Poseyville
group to do eye testing and fit for glasses at St. Albert’s and St. Rose of Lima – a great first trip –
much contact with the people – Also can learn about both locations that are only about 20 min
27. Establish students to be fluent in English – how – who to practice with – Fr. Frantzdy is reviewing
a Pimsleur Approach from Suzanne Dodd and Karen Stewart - Possibility of US students
interning in Haiti to teach students
28. Fr. Frantzdy now has a degree in law in addition to theology and English
29. Cost of tuition depending on need and which of three schools on our campus that they are
attending - $10-$50 per year
30. Sponsor a student annually for $300.00 ($50 for tuition $250 for school lunch provided)
31. Address conditions of the five chapels connected to St. Rose of Lima
32. Fishery – have feasibility study
33. Follow-up with Good Shepherd Haiti Group to be scheduled
As per discussion with Fr. Frantzdy Joseph and Mary Beth Davis July 19, 2018

Respectfully submitted by Mary Beth Davis

Worship Commission (Formerly Art & Environment) - Saturday, February 3, 2018

Members present: Ken Balczo, Joann Hussmann, Judy Miller, Ken and Beth Schenk, Mark and Michelle Schmitz

Members absent: Jim and Sue Edwards, Mel Vinson, Mary Ann Wehmer

• New Members – We welcomed two new members, Ken Balczo and Joann Hussmann to the
Worship Commission.
• Ash Wednesday Decorations – We will set up the cross display at the Baptismal font like last
year, complete with ashes, crown of thorns, hammer and nails. All of the live plants will be
removed from the altar platform and the banners will be changed from green to purple. We will
set up for Ash Wednesday on Tuesday, February 13 at 6:00 PM at the conclusion of mass.
• Lent and Palm Sunday Decorations – On the fifth Sunday of Lent, all statues, icons and
crucifixes must be covered and remain covered until Holy Saturday Vigil Mass. The Worship
Commission will need to do this on Saturday, March 17 at 9:00 AM. For Palm Sunday, March
25, the purple banners will be changed out to red and the palm arrangements will need to be set
up. Members of the commission will need to come on Saturday, March 24 at 9:00 AM.
• Holy Week Decorations – On Holy Thursday, the banners will need to be changed from red to
white, which can be done by Mark, Ken and Beth Schenk on Wednesday, March 28 before or
after choir practice. After the Holy Thursday service on Thursday, March 29, members of the
Worship Commission will need to stay and set up for Good Friday. The banners will need to be
changed back to red.
• Easter Decorations – The Easter decorations will be similar to last year. The “Risen Jesus”
banner will go above the Baptismal font. Red and yellow flowers as well as ferns will be used
on the font to coordinate with the colors in the banner. Michelle has had several conversations
with Ken from Zeidler Floral to obtain recommendations for flowers. She even toured the
Zeidler warehouse to see what types of flowers are available. We agreed that we would not
order as many flowers as last year and try again to get two separate shipments of flowers to
refresh any wilted blooms. Beth and Judy will meet with Ken at Zeidler’s and show him the
large round tubs that would hold several pots of flowers. Ideally we would like to have him visit
Good Shepherd to offer additional suggestions. All help is needed on Saturday, March 31 at
9:00 AM to set up for Easter.

• Ordinary Time Wall Hangings – Ken Schenk and Mark Schmitz went to Menard’s to check out
some wood paneling for the wall hangings for the Narthex. They decided to construct four
panels using the paneling. Mark would need to experiment with staining and stenciling the
panels before greenery/flowers are added.
• Clean Up Storage Areas – The upper storage room needs to be organized so that obsolete
items can be donated to the rummage sale.
• Easter Swags – It was suggested that the Easter swags be refurbished with new flowers. Judy
will check with a local craft store to see what it would cost.
• New Fabric - Judy will shop for new fabric to be used to drape around the floral arrangements.
She will also purchase moss to place over the potted flowers.

Respectfully submitted by:  Beth Schenk

Campus Fundraising Commission - Being Formed

Respectfully submitted by: ______________

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