Parish Council

I wish to thank the following for their willingness to serve on the Good Shepherd Catholic Parish Council. I appreciate their generous gift of time and talent in serving in this very important role of support and discernment for Good Shepherd Catholic Parish, involving the previous merger of Good Shepherd and St. Theresa Parishes in Evansville.

The following parishioners have agreed to serve as follows:

(3 year term - July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2019) Chad Schnarr
(3 year term - July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2019) Shari Hirsch
(3 year term - July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2019) Brad Will

(3 year term - July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2020) Jessica Fehrenbacher
(3 year term - July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2020) Chad Groves
(3 year term - July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2020) Chris Maynard

(3 year term - July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2021) Rita DeWeese
(3 year term - July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2021) Donald E Patton (2nd 3 year term)
(3 year term - July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2021) Maren Smith

(Non-Voting Members)
Sue Ballard, Secretary
Sarah Gahagen, Business Manager

Parish Council Minutes - November 06, 2018 

The regular meeting of the Good Shepherd Parish Council was held on Tuesday, November 6th at
6:00 p.m. The meeting was opened with a prayer.


                                                              2019                              2020                                 2021

Father Zach Etienne                     Shari Hirsch               Jessica Fehrenbacher            Rita DeWeese

Deacon Dan DeCastra                  Chad Schnarr             Chad Groves                            Donald Patton

Sarah Gahagen                               Brad Will                    Chris Maynard                         Maren Smith

Sue Ballard

Chad Groves motioned to approve the minutes from last month’s meeting. Don Patton stated a
second. The minutes were approved with two corrections needed.
FINANCE--report from Sarah Gahagen:
 The school programs—Cafeteria and GAP are showing a negative position as some
receipts were received late.
 Capital expenditures are negative because the money from the grant payment for the
FOB system has not been received. The grant for approximately $20,000 should cover
about 50% of the cost of the FOB system. Work is still in progress on the installation of
the system by Cater Cellular. Cameras have been installed in Church. The system needs
additional broadband width to have live feeds.
 Fall Festival booth—a survey was done regarding the willingness of volunteers to work
the Fall Festival booth. Some feel it does not make enough money to be worth all of
hours that must be worked for preparation and to cover the hours the booth is open.
The fee of $800 to hold the space for next year has been paid. A member stated the Fall
Festival booth procedures should be reviewed.
 A member thinks the revenue from the booth could be applied toward tuition costs
instead of its current use. A cap on the Church subsidy to the school has been
suggested. A member suggested establishing some form of subsidy above the Church
assessment to Memorial for GS students’ tuition fees at Memorial. The Finance
Committee is responsible for reviewing tuition costs and addressing the factors of
retaining student enrollment. The issue of minimizing increases in tuition costs will
affect expenses. Expenses will have to be decreased to be able to contain tuition rates.
 A member stated the Spirit of Hope raffle does not bring enough money, so the Knights
of Columbus does not want to handle it. The Knights of Columbus group is starting a
separate raffle to be used towards tuition costs.
 The Stewards of God’s Grace will be finished this year. GS will be able to pay off the
debt to the Diocese.


 The Commission is meeting tonight. The major topic is recruiting additional workers.
Attendance at the Bingo has increased so income is up. Sarah is working with the
PRINCIPAL’S REPORT--emailed report from Kristen Girten is attached:
 The school’s rating may be affected by a new rating system being put into effect by the
YOUTH MINISTRY—report from Jessica Fehrenbacher:
 Fr. Zach talked with Morgan Lamberton, and selected her to be the Youth Ministry
Coordinator. She will work with the Youth Ministry Committee. Members are Jessica
Fehrenbacher, Jason Smith, Ruth Becker, Stephanie Hansen, Wade Lovell, Jon Buck,
Sammy Winn, Michael Mosbey, Ryan Nowak, Jamie Woebkenberg and Lauren Klipsch.
 The Teen Power club has been meeting and is planning on having a social event in the
 The Servers have had a training session. Their schedule is on the website and copies are
on a table in the Narthex.
 A Chili Cook-off was held on Sat., Nov. 3 rd .
 Mary Beth has been out of town.
 Fr. Frantzdy sent emails regarding the earthquake damage received by the Parish. Some
Memorial students have asked about having a fundraiser for the Haiti Parish to help
with the cost of repairs.
 Members have been working on the Brute Mass and dinner.
 The members have also been working on clearing out and straightening up the old
office, and are preparing an office for the new Music Director. Fr. Zach has posted on
several sites, including 3 paid places. The hiring committee has been reviewing the
applications received to date. Not many applications have been submitted. The
Diocese will put in the Message.
Parish Marketing:
 The School Marketing Committee met today and is continuing the discussion of social
 New Parishioners—there are a few new members including some young adults. Fr. Zach
hopes to eventually have a Young Adults Group.
 The Diocese received a letter about preservation of documents. All Church documents
must be available for review.
 There will be a 2 nd collection for hurricane victims next weekend.


 The GS website now has information about accessing FORMED. It is a resource for study
programs to learn more about the Catholic faith.
 Seven Seminarians will arrive at GS on Nov. 7 th staying for two weeks. None of them are
from the Evansville are.
 The Brute dinner and Mass were very successful.
 The K of C anniversary date is Nov. 17 th . Fr. Zach wants both the K of C and the 5 th grade
class students to be at the Masses. He will do special blessings for both groups.
 The Mass for Veterans is Nov. 7 th .
 Fr. Zach suggested moving the Parish Council meetings to Wed. nights to avoid conflict
with the Bingo. The Finance Commission will meet the same night; they will meet at
7:00 p.m. every other month. On the nights the Finance Commission is meeting the
Parish Council meeting will have to be completed within an hour, so the meeting will
need to be shortened on those months. All members were in agreement with moving
the Parish Council meetings to Wed. evenings instead of Tues.
 All new Parishioners have been contacted. Chad Schnarr provided a list to members of
the Parish Council who volunteered to make the calls. A member said contacting the
parents of students has been great; there have been some very good conversations.
Dianne is helping with updating the phone numbers.
 A member wants the Parish Council to be aware the cafeteria tables need to be
updated. It currently takes 4 hours to clean the tables; they have to be power washed.
The member stated it is time to start a conversation about getting better tables,
possibly a laminate finish. A suggestion was made to research the needs and prices then
prepare a proposal to present to the Parish Council.
 A member talked about the issue of security for the Masses. The member feels security
is needed, at least for school Masses, and feels it would be good to have Office Friendly
in Church during school Masses. It was suggested to have a security officer review the
building. The security officer could advise on procedures to protect the students and
Mass attendees. Jeff Worthington will be contacted for his input.
 Additional discussion on the direction of GS.
ADJOURNMENT – Meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.
NEXT MEETING – Dec. 5, 2018 at 6:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Sue Ballard

Finance Council Minutes - October 17, 2018 

Present: Fr. Zach Etienne, Sarah Gahagen, Ken Schenk, Brian Lankford, Jay Hargis, Mike Schaefer, Russel
Gertesin, Ron Pohl, Ben Joergens.

Absent: Brandon Ladley, Steve Piper

Sunday Collection:
Discussion began with Sunday Collections, there is a discrepancy between of the variance between year
to date and budgeted Sunday Collections number reported. Sarah will work on why there is a
discrepancy. Account was reconciled to the bulletin and revised Financial Stmts were sent to members
Bingo and Other Income:
Is favorable and doing well, our normal attendance is now approximately 200 people. With Mark
Schmitz leaving, we do not have a crew chief to take his place. Sarah does not have the time to take
over another bingo crew. Our attendance numbers have increased due the closing of St. Ben’s bingo.
Cafeteria, GAP and preschool all have large deposits that were made Oct.2. Both of these are doing
well. Tuition is favorable and we seem to be collecting more due to the FACTS program. The FACTS
program helps us maintain income, our Preschool program is also using FACTS. Budget was established
before we knew an actual number of students.
Capital Expenditures:
*FOB system is the majority of the expense, we will be getting a grant to pay half of the expenses.
*Air Conditioning repair for Church.
*Spending another $800 plus on system to be on wireless network for FOB system
*Brian met with Deig Brothers to see if windows can be installed in the conference room to provide a
“cry room” for the church. This wall is not a support wall, so this will make it easier to install windows.
He is waiting on two companies to submit bids for the work. We may consider putting blinds in the
window glass in order for this room to still be used by the bride and wedding parties. Also, one way
glass windows that the congregation is not distracted by the cry room/or kitchen area. Stove in
concession area is moving along, countertop will be cut down and we need to price stoves
Gen Ledgers accounts 10101/10102:
Maraki software for 3 years we paid all expense up front and will dispense expense for next two years.
Also, RHMS funds collected to reimburse tuition payment to RHMS-this is for only one parishioner.
Scrip inventory: We are currently trying to get inventory in our system in order for us to track scrip sales

Brian spoke with Kristen concerning all events happening the remainder of the school year, i.e. Brute
Mass, Weddings, Baccalaureate Mass and we need to be aware of any other events happening.
New storage in rectory basement has been well received by Boy Scouts, Youth ministry, Summer Social
Finance closets, Youth ministry and some Fall Festival items.
A Catholic Electronic Continuing education program that will be a link on our website and allows
parishioners to listen to “Bible Study” classes and other talks that are in their program.
Fall Festival Booth:
We paid next year’s deposit, but from the feedback from this year’s crew chiefs we may not be having
the Booth next year. They do not believe they would be able to put the man hours into preparing and
manning the booth. We make $10,000.00 when other booths make much more. We need something
new on the menu which hasn’t changed in 20 or so years. We do not have the man power on Friday and
Saturday since this is fall break and many families leave town. Not all parishioners are in favor of all
profits of the booth going to Haiti, they wish for some of the funds to stay at the parish. Many students
and families work the Youth Resources booth but not the Good Shepherd booth. Students can come
and sell soft drinks in front of the booth, but are not allowed to run fryers (corn dog & tenderloin) inside
the booth. Can we come up with something easy that people of any age could help with in the booth?
Discussion was tabled until Fall Festival committee meets and discusses issues.
Knights of Columbus Raffle:
Our Knights of Columbus group is proposing a raffle involving the prize being tuition. Tickets would be
$50 each with possible tuition of $4000, $2,000 and $1,000. Knights would maintain any profits. Corpus
Christie is one other school that has a tuition raffle such as the one proposed.
Mike Schaefer wants to have the raffle and possibly have the school receive profits to cover rising
operating costs. We have 313 students which is low for Good Shepherd, we need to be forward thinking
and proactive in how we can keep the students we presently have and market to those families and
students we need to attain. We need to think about a possible freeze on tuition, but think of ways to
raise funds so we can cover operating costs. Good Shepherd church subsidizes a large amount of
school expenses. How large does the school subsidy get before we put a cap on it? It seems in past
years our Kindergarten classes are not full, we do not know if this is due to the fact that we can only take
24 PreK students and we don’t gain any when they are starting Kindergarten. Can we possibly have two
classes of 24 of PreK age students that feed directly into the Kindergarten class? This is something that
has been discussed with Kristen as a possibility. We need to make sure we are marketing to St. John’s
Daylight. Also, we lose middle school students to North Jr. High. Families realize that they are not
going to send their students to Memorial, they wish to put their students in public school system before
high school.
We need to start discussing tuition rates now. We also should look at forecasted Preschool, PreK and
Kindergarten children. We also need to maintain our level of middle school kids or we may become a K
– 6 school. Another issue is that Home Schooling is growing.

We need to understand that education is ONE of the missions of the church, but not the only one.
Tuition possibly needs to freeze and we need to place a high priority on getting a PreK that has 48
students. We need to capture children and families early. Will Preschool ever be able to have two class
Meeting was adjourned at 7:25pm

Respectfully submitted, Ruth Becker

Principal Report - Nobember 16, 2018

Threat Incident: On October 29, 2018, school administration was notified by EPD of a threat
posted on social media. After investigating, the EPD reported that the source of the threat came
from a student at Good Shepherd Catholic School. The student is no longer enrolled at Good
Shepherd Catholic School. School administration would like to thank the Evansville Police
Department and the Diocesan Catholic Schools Office for their quick response and support
through this difficult situation.
Serra Projects: Congratulations to Rachel Lasher and Taylor Devitt! Their vocation projects
were chosen to represent GSCS at the annual Serra Club banquet held on Friday, November 2,
Parent Teacher Conferences: The conferences were very well attended. All parents of students
in grades K-5 had a scheduled conference. In grades 6-8 conferences were scheduled by request
of the teacher or parent.
Veteran’s Day: Veterans of Good Shepherd Parish were honored at Mass on Wednesday,
November 7. A reception followed in the cafeteria.
Honor Flight: GSCS students joined with Memorial and partner school students to raise money
for the May Honor Flight. Students had the opportunity for a patriotic free dress on Monday,
November 12 for a donation. All proceeds went to the Honor Flight program.
Spell Bowl: The GSCS Spell Bowl Team will participate in the county meet on Thursday,
November 15. Mrs. Sammet and Mrs. Watson are the coordinators of this academic team.
Speech Team: The GSCS has had a wonderful speech season. They participated in the Diocesan
tournament on Tuesday, November 13 at Mater Dei. They placed 2 nd in their division.
Skills 4 Life: Reitz Memorial cadet teachers, in collaboration with Youth First presented the
Skills 4 Life program in 4 th grade. This is an 8 week program. The cadet teachers did a
wonderful job and we are grateful their leadership.
Winter Uniform: Winter uniform will take effect on Monday, December 3.
Advent: The Spiritual Growth Committee has planned activities and prayer services for the
students during Advent. The school will have a prayer service each Monday during Advent at
7:40 a.m. in the Church.
Holly’s House: Holly’s House presented their Think First and Stay Safe program to our K-5
students this month. We are very grateful for this wonderful opportunity for our students.

Christmas Program: Our Christmas program will be held on Thursday, December 6 in the Parish
Hall. The performances will be at 1:15 and 6:30 p.m. The program will include students in
preschool through 5 th Grade. The Junior High band will also perform at the evening show.
FOB Security Entry System: The new fob entry system is installed. We are currently working
through the technology/ programming piece. Our hope is for the system to be operational before
Thanksgiving break.

Respectfully submitted by:  Kristen Girten, Principal


Good Shepherd Catholic School Council - October 11, 2018

Call to Order
School Council: Principal Kristen Girten, Dan Deeg, Brandee Schnarr, Sara Brown, Greg Rawski, Sara
Rogier, Mark Schuler, Dawn Bowen, Jen Blackburn, Beth Keck, Brian Kessler, and Joanie Pohl were in
attendance. Father Zach and Michael Schaefer were absent.
Prayer: Kristen opened the meeting with a prayer.
Mission Statement: Our Mission Statement was read aloud by all.
Approval of Minutes: The minutes from the last meeting on August 23, 2018, were approved after the
changing of the word “decree” to “degree” in the third sentence of the Preschool Report.

President’s Report: No report.
Pastor’s Report: No report.
Principal’s Report: Kristen submitted her written report to School Council members via email prior to
this meeting. Highlights include: Parent-teacher conferences are 10/24 and 10/25; 8 th graders visited
MHS on 10/1; all 8 th graders participate in the Serra Club of Evansville Vocation Awareness Project, the
banquet will be on Friday 11/2; Mrs. Creek, Mrs. Sammet and Mrs. Girten attended Leader In Me training
today 10/11, and they are very excited about moving forward with the project.
ISTEP+ scores from the 2017-2018 school year have been released, and once again GSCS performed
well. Out of 1800 schools, we were ranked 16 th in the state out of 1,800 K-8 schools.
All Diocesan schools are using Renaissance Learning as a formative assessment. The Diocese has also
indicated four screening windows when the STAR Reading and STAR Math will be administered to all
students in K-8. We are finishing up our 2 nd screening this week.
ILEARN is the new state assessment that replaced ISTEP. Resources and trainings have recently become
available to help prepare teachers and students for this new computer adaptive assessment. These
opportunities will be made available to all GSCS teachers administering the assessment.
More information can be found in Kristen’s complete written report on file with these minutes.
Preschool Report: Brandee’s report was submitted to School Council members via email prior to this
meeting. Highlights include: Grandparents Day was a success; storyteller Mary Jo Huff came last week
and provided an enjoyable “on-site” field trip for the children; our classes have started their unit titled
“Our Community”, where Little Rams parents have been invited to come and talk about their job or
profession. Each year we set two goals that we want to focus on to further enhance and promote
continual growth. “Professional Development” and “Assessment and Data” have been chosen as growth
opportunities that will strengthen our program. We highly encourage all of our staff to take part in
continuing education opportunities, book studies, and/or workshops that will enhance their knowledge

base. In particular, Brandee would like to find a professional in the area who could come and talk to our
staff about ADHD, Sensory Processing, and Anxiety in relation to early childhood. We currently assess
our students 4 times per year, but we have not ever used a formative assessment with our early childhood
students. This year our Pre-K will participate in the Renaissance Learning Early Literacy, and we are
always looking into possibilities of other screening tools and assessment tools that involve more parent
Upcoming events include the fire fighter / fire truck visit to GS on 10/12; parent-teacher conferences on
10/24 and 10/25; and the annual Halloween Costume Parade through the school on 10/31.
We will need to vote to approve the 2019-2020 Little Rams tuition during our November meeting.
Brandee will meet with Sarah Gahagen and Mrs. Girten regarding a tuition proposal. Brandee hopes to
email the proposal to School Council members prior to the next meeting so everyone can review it.
Brandee received an 80-page document today to review regarding On My Way Pre-K. This program
would require more professional development but it can be a pathway to the school voucher program into
Kindergarten. Brandee and Mrs. Girten are currently evaluating this program to possibly be utilized in
the future.
Legislative Liaison: Beth Keck has agreed to fill this open position, since Brandee is stepping down.
Session 1 has not started yet. She passed out an INPEA report that she recently received. This legislative
year will be a budget year, so it will probably be a little more active.
Athletic Committee Report: Mark Schuler passed out his report dated 10/11/18 with Winter sports
numbers and coaches. Things are generally going smoothly. GSCS is sponsoring a total of 16 teams.
We have 12 students participating in Cheer (grades 6 and 7); 48 participating in girls’ basketball (grades 3
thru 8); and 75 participating in boys’ basketball (grades 3 thru 8); for total participation of 135 students.
With the loss of use of the St. Theresa gym, we are now using the McCutchanville gym. Ryan Nowak
has taken over (for Dan Deeg) the handling of the 3 rd & 4 th grade boys’ basketball scheduling, etc.
Tech Team Report: Mark Schuler passed out his 10/10/18 meeting report; everything went well at that
meeting yesterday. Here are the items they discussed:
1. Fob and Security Cameras – moving forward on its own VLAN
2. Reviewing quote for new server backup scheme (Cisco and VEEM) – estimate $2,418 Cisco
HDD + $108 annual Veem license SW backup and replication.
3. Confirmed “My Documents” folders syn process to server from local H/D
4. Quote request for 2 new VM (virtual machine servers, estimate $300 each) which in turn would
give us 4 new VLANS to move current APPS working with our Network Services (Kaspersky,
CAM and FOB, Print Server, Backup, …)
5. iPad asset refresh: check received for $1,511.25 (average for 36 iPads was $41.79). This amount
was a little less than expected/quoted.
6. Strategic Plan. Identify areas for question for a STAFF SURVEY that will assist with the IT
strategic plan, budget, resource allocations, and facility space.
Marketing Report: Greg Rawski stated that U of E has launched a new student-run consulting
company, and they are looking for work. We might want to have them help us with copy on social media,
etc. This would be a “no charge” service. After some discussion, the School Council agreed that this is
something that is worth pursuing.
PTO Report: Jen Blackburn reported their current balance is $28,193.75.

PTO dues collected $2,572.50
Fall Flower Fundraiser $2,252.50
Azzip Giveback $666.39
Paragon “Opt-Out” fundraiser $2,445.00
Spirit Wear $832.95
Speech Club fee $140.00
Bus Transportation $280.00
Grandparent’s Day $29.96
Kindergarten Request for Sit Spots $119.94
1 st Grade Request for Sit Spots $119.94
Blessed Mother Mary Statue $64.98
Final installment of Anti-Bullying Program $875.00
Safety Patrol $57.60
Prayer Partners $32.09
Preschool Mulch $350.00
Upcoming events include: Panera Giveback 11/8/18 4-8pm
Preliminary Paragon sales totals: $6,516.05 (this amt. excludes opt-out income)
Forty-two (42) families utilized the Paragon opt-out option, so including the opt-out income and the
Paragon sales, the total was $8,900 net. PTO is considering continuing the Paragon fundraiser beyond the
1-year contract we currently have, since it is still making good money for us.
Financial Report: No report.


8 a) ISTEP Results. Kristen distributed the final 2017-2018 ISTEP+ results. Our preliminary grade is
embargoed right now. This will be the last year for ISTEP. GSCS ranked 16 th out of 1,800 K thru 8
schools. 6 th grade Science and 7 th grade Math results were at 79%, which is not the norm for us. This is
being looked at.
8 b) Diocesan School Council Workshop Summary Reports. It ended up that there was no “leadership”
workshop session, so Sara Brown attended the session regarding PTO’s. We are thinking about trying to
do “fewer” individual fund raisers but still possibly raising the same amount of money, for instance Christ
The King’s Jingle Mingle is their only fundraiser for the year, and it raises $35K. So we are putting on
our thinking caps; also, any NEW fundraiser must be approved by our Parish Council/Father Zach.
Father Zach has approved a Dewig Meats fundraiser to occur in January with delivery in time for the
Super Bowl.
Greg Rawski attended the endowment session. This money is protected by the diocese.
Beth Keck and Sara Rogier attended the STEM/Community Garden session. Two schools (Anunciation
and a school in Vincennes) presented information regarding projects they did involving robotics. There
is a VEX-IQ grant available for this type of thing. This grant opens up sometime over the summer, but by
the time we found out about it, the due date was just 2 days away so we were not able to apply for it this
time around. A robotics club would be a nice addition to the Lego club. Beth is working on a proposal to

start up a “Fun w/STEM” group for 6 th & 7 th grade girls that would probably meet once per month after
8 c) Strategic Plan Goals – Draft. Kristen previously distributed via email her most current draft of the
GCSC Strategic Plan. As part of AdvancEd, she had to do an Executive Summary, which is where the
narrative at the beginning of the report came from. Kristen talked to Sarah Gahagen, and it was
determined that the parish subsidy of the school should be no more than 50%. We are currently a little
over that this year.
Kristen would like for everyone to review this current draft of the Strategic Plan and provide input before
the November meeting so she can come up with the final draft and have it approved at the November
meeting. The final draft is due December 1 st .

The Come Holy Spirit prayer was prayed at the end of the meeting, which adjourned at
approximately 6:50 PM. The next regular meeting will be Thursday, November 29, 2018, at 6PM.

Respectfully submitted: Joanie Pohl, Secretary

Youth Ministry - August 19, 2018

Meeting held on Sunday, August 19, 2018

Committee members present: Jon Buck, Jessica Fehrenbacher, Stephanie Hansen, Michael Mosbey, and Sammi

Good Shepherd Youth Ministry Plan for 2018-19

Proposed Goals for the year:
1) To hire a youth coordinator to run youth ministry by September 15.
2) To host a Youth Ministry Kick Off Event on a Sunday in September 2018 at Good Shepherd (the event
would include water balloons, outdoor activities, and pizza).
3) To have the youth (middle and high school) meet for monthly youth group. We want the youth to be
here on campus and host many activities at Good Shepherd.
4) Implement Vacation Bible School (VBS) on the Good Shepherd campus in July 2019.
5) In regards to VBS, we need to hire a coordinator for VBS or incorporate it in to the youth coordinator
6) Host special events for the youth throughout the school year, including but not limited to: a scavenger
hunt, caroling, treat buckets, dinner for the youth, etc.
7) Incorporate service event opportunities throughout the year
8) In Fall of 2019, host an all school/parish school kick-off event the Sunday before school starts. This
event would include inflatable, games, food.

Youth Coordinator Job Description

Good Shepherd Catholic Church
2301 N. Stockwell Road
Evansville, IN 47715

STATUS: Part-time, Stipend position
HOURS: Varied, 5-10 hours a week

Purpose of the position:
To build up young Catholics by cultivating and implementing a program for youth ministry (in the areas of
worship, youth group, service, and special events).
Primary task:
To bring together middle and high school students in the Good Shepherd Catholic community to grow in their
faith, fellowship, and service.
 Advocate for the youth and educate the parish about the needs and issues of young people in the
 Plan, develop, and grow a youth group program for middle and high school students that meets a
minimum of once a month
 Work with the Youth Committee to evaluate and put into place the vision and goals for Youth Ministry
 Mentor youth in their leadership skills
 Coordinate adult volunteers who work with youth and the programs and ensure adequate volunteer
support and adult youth ratios
 Keep track of all youth forms/paperwork
 Communicate in an effective and timely manner using all available resources (email, website, social
media, bulletin, bulletin board, Ram Gram, Thursday folders)
 Make yourself available to youth (lunch at school, before/after Mass, extracurricular activities, etc.)
 Diligence that Youth Protection is followed in youth ministry events
 Must embrace Catholic discipline and the Roman Catholic Church doctrine and theology
 A bachelor’s degree in a related field is a minimum requirement. Additional theology coursework is
 Must possess a vision and ability to plan, develop, coordinate, oversee, and implement a youth ministry
program within the parameters of the Catholic Church
 Must have excellent written, verbal communication, and computer skills
 Must possess an ability to work effectively with youth, parents, parishioners, diverse individuals, and a
team of volunteers

Respectfully submitted by:  Jessica Fehrenbacher

Fellowship/Hospitality Meeting Minutes - August 09, 2018

 Parish Picnic (07/28/18 after 4:30 mass)
 We briefly discussed how the Parish Picnic went.
 We were very pleased with the turn out and hope to be able to continue this next year.
 Parish Trivia Night (09/08/18 after 4:30 mass)
 We decided the following items about the Trivia night:
 10 Rounds of 10 Questions each
 8 People per team, at least high school age
 We discussed offering pizza, snacks/dessert after mass with the contest starting at 6:00pm
 Deadline to sign-up is Thursday, September 6 th
 Kari and Mike Syroney have volunteered to help Mark put together the questions and scoring sheets
 An email will be sent out to team members looking for potential topics for questions
 Future Events:
 November (11/10/18) – Chili Cookoff

Anyone interested in helping with one of these activities, please let me know.
 The next meeting will be September 13, 2018 at 6:30pm in the Good Shepherd Choir Practice Room.

Thanks Everyone!!

Respectfully submitted by:  Mary Payne, Commission Chair

Haiti Commission - November 20, 2018

Haiti Funding Possibilities Meeting
Attending: Mary Beth Davis, Luan Greubel

Memorial, MaterDei Fund Raising Project: Explore with students and Student Council Advisor, Kim
Murphy from Memorial (Fr. Zach Etienne) and Student Coordinator, Chad Breeden from Mater Dei (Fr.
Ed Schnarr).
Good Shepherd Bingo proceeds for one Bingo per year – Sarah Gahagan exploring this
Mattress sale as Memorial Band or a similar project
Second Collection: On St. Rose of Lima Fest Day, August 23: Other possible times, Lent, Advent, when
Fr. Frantzdy visits or other suggestions
Spirit of Hope proceeds split with Haiti and Good Shepherd Parish
Increase knowledge: Bulletin articles, Narthex videos/pictures, speakers from pulpit, presenting for
Good Shepherd and Memorial/Mater Dei Students – Communication between Good Shepherd/
Memorial/Mater Dei students – send emails or pictures
Good Shepherd fundraising – pennies/change for Haiti
Parish website on Haiti section – post information pictures/videos
Rummage Sale in Spring
Fall Festival Booth: October 7 – 12 – Next planning meeting January 19 or 26, 2019
Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser suggested by Fr. Zach Etienne – ask Knight of Columbus to help with this
Share with other twinning parishes: Hands Together for Haiti (St. Francis Xavier Poseyville – St. Peter
and Paul Haubstadt – St. Wendel - Zion Lippe United Church of Christ Poseyville – St. Joe County
Haiti Parish envelope and electronic giving – sending thank you notes to all who have given – will be
mailed by December 01, 2018
Monthy meetings: Each invite one new person
Kevin & Jean Dollison
Kim Merkel
Ruth Becker
Sarah Gahagen
Joe Gries
Mark & Stacey Wahl
Sharon Sutton
Marcia Minton
Mary Beth Davis
Luan Greubel
Ken & Beth Schenk
Louise Carter
Robynn Working
Bill Noll
Fr. Zach Etienne

Respectfully submitted by Luan Greubel

Worship Commission (Formerly Art & Environment) - Saturday, October 13, 2018

Members present: Joann Hussmann, Judy Miller, Ken and Beth Schenk
Members absent: Ken Balczo, Sue Edwards, Michelle Schmitz, Mel Vinson

 Fall Decorations – Three existing fall floral arrangements for the altar platform need to be
refurbished. Gehlhausen’s Floral was able to reuse most of the silk flowers; they replaced the
Styrofoam base and added more flowers within one week. We placed the arrangements in front
of the altar and ambo on Friday afternoon (October 19). We also purchased and planted
pansies, kale and assorted fall plants in the pots and angel planter outside church, replacing the
mums, impatiens and geraniums. The mums were planted in the ground at the west entrance of
church, and the geraniums were planted in pots and placed at the front entrance of church.
 Brute Award Decorations – Since St. Ben’s is being remodeled, the Brute Award Ceremony
will be held at Good Shepherd church on Sunday, November 4. Ruth contacted the Diocesan
Office to see if they required any specific decorations or banner color on the walls. They
informed Ruth that any banner or decorations that we currently use would be sufficient. We will
leave the green banners up, and the three refurbished fall floral arrangements should be all that
is needed.
 Honoring Deceased Members of Parish – Every year for the entire month of November a
tribute is set up at the Baptismal font for each parishioner who has died in the past year. Due to
the large number of deaths, it would be impractical and unsafe to place a candle in front of each
photograph. A single candle will be lit for everyone, but it will be set up on a pedestal and
placed in a hurricane globe with a small wreath of fall flowers surrounding it. Judy ordered six
mums and two live floral arrangements to be delivered to Good Shepherd Church on Tuesday,
October 30. We also purchased four-dozen silk red rosebuds to be placed at each photo stand.
We will meet at church that evening (Tuesday, October 30) at 6:00 PM to set up the memorial

 Thanksgiving Decorations – The cornucopia arrangement will be set up on the altar platform
on Saturday, November 10 at 9:00 AM. Judy plans to make it multi-tiered and use colored fabric
to change it up a bit this year.
 Advent Decorations – We will set up Advent decorations on Saturday, December 1 at 8:00
AM. We will use the candle banner from St. Theresa behind the tabernacle as last year as well
as the narrow pink banner to be flipped over the second banner on the 3 rd week of Advent. Judy
may decide to refresh the ribbon in the large Advent wreath this year.
 Giving Tree Setup - We are waiting on answers from the people who are sponsoring the Giving
Tree this year to see when we need to set up the large tree in the Narthex. We recommend not
using the paper ornaments this year to avoid confusion.
 Christmas Decorations – Judy will be placing the order for the poinsettias this year. We may
reduce the quantity of poinsettias ordered. She also would like to modify the arrangement of the
artificial trees this year for a little variety. We hope to have a map to follow like last year when
setting up the trees to streamline the setup. More to come later.

Respectfully submitted by:  Beth Schenk

Campus Fundraising Commission - Being Formed

Respectfully submitted by: ______________

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