Parish Council

New Good Shepherd Catholic Parish Council members: I wish to thank the following for their willingness to serve on the New Good Shepherd Catholic Parish Council. I appreciate their generous gift of time and talent in serving in this very important role of support and discernment for Good Shepherd Catholic Parish, involving the previous merger of Good Shepherd and St. Theresa Parishes in Evansville.

The following parishioners have agreed to serve as follows:

(2 year term - July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2018) Dana Blanke
(2 year term - July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2018) Donald E Patton
(2 year term - July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2018) Mary Beth Davis

(3 year term - July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2019) Chad Schnarr
(3 year term - July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2019) Shari Hirsch
(3 year term - July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2019) Brad Will

(3 year term - July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2020) Jessica Fehrenbacher
(3 year term - July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2020) Chad Groves
(3 year term - July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2020) Chris Maynard

(Non-Voting Members)
Sue Ballard, Secretary
Sarah Gahagen, Business Manager

Parish Council Minutes - October 24, 2017 

The regular meeting of the Good Shepherd Parish Council was held on Tuesday, October 24th at 6:00 p.m.  The meeting was opened with a prayer.




                                                                2018                              2019                                 2020

Father Zach Etienne                      Dana Blanke                 Shari Hirsch               Jessica Fehrenbacher

Father Jerry Pratt                           Mary Beth Davis         Chad Schnarr             Chad Groves

Deacon Dan DeCastra                   Don Patton                   Brad Will                    Chris Maynard

Sarah Gahagen                                                l                    

Sue Ballard                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Don motioned to approve the minutes for Sept. 26, 2017, with the needed changes.   Dana stated a second, the motion was approved.


FINANCE-- report from Sarah Gahagen

  • Sarah distributed a financial statement.  Collection amounts are lower.  This is normal for the 1st quarter of the fiscal year.
  • GS has obtained a loan for $500,000.  It is a 4-year loan, but the plan is to have it paid in full within 2 years.  The interest rate is 5 ¼%.  Payments from the Capital Campaign are received two times per year.  GS has $6,400 in interest income on funds held by the Diocese.
  • Sarah reported the goal amount for the CPC is $250,000.  To date 55% of that amount has been pledged (about $132,000).  She is preparing a spread sheet, and someone will be contacting previous large donors who have not yet pledged.  The average of past years is pledges meeting 80% of the goal amount.  Part of the reason for the lower amount of pledges this year is the timing.  CPC was in the spring in past years, but has been changed to the fall.
  • A few years ago the names of Parishioners who were not active were deleted from the listing of registered Parishioners.  Fr. Zach stated it may be time to do it again to bring the list current.  The assessment amount is based on the number of contributing Parishioners.   Any Parishioner donating at least $50 yearly is counted in the CPC assessment.
  • A suggestion was made to have Mark announce during Mass that Parishioners who have not returned their pledge cards may be receiving a telephone call.
  • The Parish staff is now responsible for record keeping of CPC pledge information.  The Diocese had done this in previous years and provided the information to GS.
  • GS received a large donation to be used as needed.  The Finance Commission discussed remodeling the loft above Mark’s office, but decided it was not cost effective because it is a small space.  Some work may be done on the Reconciliation area to increase space.

 SCHOOL COUNCIL—emailed report from Kristen Girten.

  • Kristen wanted the Parish Council to know she is always willing to attend meetings if needed.
  • Mary Beth commented on the good school lunch and fitness programs.
  • State Representative Holli Sullivan will be visiting GS on Oct 31st.
  • There was a discussion regarding the school’s iPads.  A previous underwriter has been paying all costs for the current iPads so the fee of $50 per student has been going into a savings account.  There is $16,000 is this account.  Students in grades 5 thru 8 pay a fee of $50 for use of the iPads.  One Bingo profit (the 5th Sunday Bingo) will be used towards the iPads expense.  There is an endowment that may be used—up to 20 %.   The savings account funds will only be used if necessary.
  • Apple iPads are purchased because security can be installed more easily on these devices.
  • Michael Schaefer is replacing Chris Newkirk on the School Board.


HOSPITALITY/FELLOWSHIP—emailed report from Mary Payne.


YOUTH MINISTRY—report from Fr. Jerry Pratt

  • Fr. Jerry advised over 40 students signed up for the tailgating party at Enlow Field for the Memorial Homecoming game, but many more attended.
  • The Christmas Tree program was discussed.   Suggestions were:  donating money to Haiti or buying gifts for the Toys for Tots program.  It was mentioned the students in Haiti could make ornaments to hang on the tree, but there are issues getting them shipped to GS.  A member suggested families could purchase gifts for Toys for Tots and contribute to Haiti at Easter.   Dick Schuler was chosen to be the coordinator for the project.  Shari said she would make ornaments to be hung on the tree.  Sarah will contact Dick to ask if he would be willing to lead this project.  The gifts should be new, unwrapped toys.  The Parish Council recommended the Toys for Tots to be the Christmas project for the Giving Tree. Sarah will contact Catholic Charities for names of other places that still sponsor families so the information can be given to people In the Parish who prefer to buy gifts for local families.



  • The profit from the Fall Festival booth is approximately $10,000.
  • The Haiti project account currently has a balance of about $9,700.
  • Mary Beth is continuing efforts on the lunch program for the school it Haiti. The cost of this project will be shared with two other Parishes, St. Joseph and Poseyville.
  • Mary Beth is not going to Haiti in November.  She hopes to be able to go there in July 2018.  The Hospital Esperance is celebrating its 50th anniversary on July 2.  Mary Beth received an invitation from Sr. Lucie and Sr. Louisa to attend.
  • Mary Beth is trying to determine a definite date for the annual Rice & Beans dinner.

WORSHIP COMMINSSION –did not meet this month



  • Active members vs. registered members:
    • A member asked if letters were sent to Memorial parents regarding past due tuition.  Father Zach said he is meeting with parents of Memorial students who are not active in the Parish.  If the parents continue to be inactive, the students will not be eligible for the tuition assessment credit for GS families.  Also the family would be charged the non-Catholic tuition rate if they are not active in any Parish.  Fr. Zach said he will personally meet with any parent with questions.  About 85% of the Memorial students’ families on the list are active.  If a family is not attending Church, they are not considered to be active members. 
    • Fr. Zach attended meetings at Memorial with other Pastors regarding the tuition assessments.
    • A suggestion was made to find a way to explain the various ministries so people could find an interest in a particular activity to become involved.  Fr. Jerry is looking at strength-based ministries for Parishioner involvement.   Parishioners could choose a ministry based upon their skill sets and interests.  He thinks people need a purpose to become involved.
    • The Parish needs to determine why more people aren’t volunteering.  It was suggested to just ask some one if they would be interested in helping with a particular ministry or project.  Some people may hesitate to volunteer because they are afraid to make mistakes or do not feel comfortable. 
    • A member stated volunteers need to be shown their work is appreciated.  Ways for the Parish to show appreciation were mentioned such as dinners, etc.  Deacon Dan suggested having a pot luck dinner for the entire Parish.  Any additional activities would require some one to be in charge.
    • A suggestion was made to have a few families host dinners in their homes for new Parishioners.  The hosting families would entertain small groups so they would feel welcome, and the host could explain volunteer opportunities.
    • It was suggested to have an announcement in Church at each Mass to acknowledge any one visiting GS and welcoming those visitors as well as new members to GS.
    • There was a discussion regarding the need to keep young people involved in the Church.
  • Fundraising:
  • The dressing sale will be on Nov. 18.
  • Sarah distributed a listing of fundraising activities at GS. Jerry distributed a list of all fundraising activities plus events requiring an admission fee since 2016.
  • A member stated there is a need for an oversight commission. There was a discussion on the purpose of the commission and possible members to serve on it. 
  • The commission would provide a “checks and balance” system.  Any group needing a fundraiser could go to the commission.
  • People with relevant backgrounds can be contacted to serve on commissions needing their particular skills. Zach stated the new picture directories should be available before Christmas.  This will help with contacting Parishioners about volunteering for various ministries.
  • There was a suggestion made to have the Capital Campaign leaders and the leaders of the Summer Social to serve on this commission due to their expertise. A member stated there should be some different or new people asked to serve as there is a tendency to have the same people over and over.  These people may be over extended with their obligations.



  • A member asked about the soft drink vendor and asked if there is a contract with Pepsi.  It was suggested to obtain quotes from other vendors to determine if there is any financial advantage to making a change.  If there is no major benefit, the Council decided there should not be a change 



  • The appointment of Bishop Joseph Siegel was announced by the Diocese.  His installation date is Dec. 15th at St. Ben’s.
  • The Feast of the Immaculate Conception is on Dec. 8th.  Masses will on Thurs., 12/7 at 5:30 and on Fri., 12/8 at 7:40 and noon.  
  • Advent Reconciliations will be held in December:  It will be at Holy Redeemer on 12/3 and at GS on 12/17.
  • Masses for Christmas weekend:  Sat. 12/23 at 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. and on Sun., 12/24 at 8:00 a.m.  On Sun. 12/24 Christmas Vigil Masses will be at 4:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.   Christmas Day Mass will be at 9:00 a.m.
  • Masses for New Year’s weekend will be on Sat., 12/30 at 4:30 p.m. and Sun. 12/31 at 8:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.   New Year’s Eve Mass will be Sun., 12/31 at 5:30 p.m.  There will be no Mass on New Year’s Day.
  •  Fr. Jerry is reviewing the progress of the GS APP.
  • The fence for the detention pond has been completed.  The concrete area is being repaired and curbing will be installed in the parking area by the Rectory.   Shari asked about the bundled wire on a light post—it is for a new light.  One-half of the lights are on a timer, the other half are dusk to dawn lights.
  • The KC is doing work on the grounds of the Parish campus on Sat. 10/28.
  • There is a bus trip on Tues., Nov. 21—it is a tour of several area wineries.  The cost is $83 including lunch.
  • The Seminarian visits are going well.  The last group will be this week.
  • There will be a memorial for the deceased Parish members at the 5:30 Mass on Thurs., 11/2.


  • Additional discussion regarding encouraging all registered members of the Parish to become active in Parish activities.
  • Additional discussion of a fundraising commission and marketing activities.  The Parish Council members were asked to provide suggestions of names for people to serve on the commission. 

ADJOURNMENT – Meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.

NEXT MEETING –Nov. 28, 2017.    No meeting In Dec.

Respectfully submitted, Sue Ballard

Finance Report - September, 2017

Respectfully submitted, Sarah Gahagen

Principal Report - October 8, 2017

Parent-Teacher Conferences:  Parent Teacher conferences are scheduled for October 25-26.  On Wednesday the conferences will begin after school and run until 4:30.  On Thursday the conferences will begin after school and run until 4:00.  Following a dinner break conferences will resume at 5:00 and continue until 7:30.  New this year we are including preschool and PreK conferences with the K-8 and we asked preschool through 5th grade parents to sign up for their conference via Sycamore. 

House Representative Holli Sullivan Visit:  Holli Sullivan will visit GSCS on October 31 from 8:30-10:00 a.m.  Her visit will include a meet and greet reception and school tour highlighting the wonderful things going on at GSCS.  Dr. Daryl Hagan, Superintendent of Catholic Schools will be in attendance along with School Council members that can make it.

Memorial High School: Brian Heathcott, Director of Admissions, visited GSCS on September 11.  He brought some past GSCS graduates.  Students in grades 6 and 7 met as one group and 8th graders met in another group.

The 8th graders visited Memorial High School on Monday, October 2 from 9:00-12:00.

Serra Projects:  All 8th graders participate in the Serra Club of Evansville Vocation Awareness Projects.  A banquet is held each year to recognize the representatives from each school.  The banquet will be held on Tuesday, November 6, 2017.

Student Council:  The Student Council for 2017-2018 includes the following students: 

Homeroom Representatives:

5M- Reegan Buck                   5S-  Ava Mason

6K-  Paul Folz                          6W-  Peyton Butler

7G-  Thomas Broshears         7H-  Sydeny Davis

8C-  Reid Wilson                     8F-  Adam Evans

At Large Representatives:

Jake Lively, Dylan Barrett, Carson Parks, Andrew Scheller, Lauren Page, Sam Naas, Matthew Fulton, Taylor Adams, Sophie Kleiman, and Natalie Page

Marketing Committee:  The Marketing Committee met on Thursday, October 5.  This committee consists of Greg Rawski, Brandee Schnarr, Beth Elpers, Lynn Schesseele, Debbie Achilles, and Kristen Girten.  We are hoping to bring on some other stakeholders to this committee. 

Respectfully submitted by:  Kristen Girten, Principal


Call to Order


School Council:  Principal Kristen Girten, Fr. Zach, Sue Kroupa, Brandee Schnarr, Sara Rogier, Mark Schuler, Jen Blackburn, Greg Rawski, Mark Davis, Fr. Jerry, and Joanie Pohl.  Sara Brown and Dan Deeg were absent.   

Prayer:  Father Zach opened the meeting with a prayer.

Mission Statement:  Our Mission Statement was read aloud by all.

Approval of Minutes:  The minutes from the last meeting on July 20, 2017, were approved as written.


President’s Report:  Since we have a 5:30 PM Mass on Thursday evenings, Sue suggested/invited school council members to attend Mass before coming to our meetings.

Pastor’s Report:  Fr. Zach reported:  This weekend is catechetical Sunday.  All teachers will be recognized and there will be a special blessing for all parents as well, as they are the first teachers of their children.  Grandparents’ Day Mass is tomorrow.  CPC paperwork has been mailed to all parishioners.  Included in that, parishioners are asked to fill out, sign, and return a questionnaire to help distinguish the difference between just a “Registered” Parish Member and an “Active” Parish Member.

Bills are now coming in to be paid for the parking lot.  We have been approved for a $500K 4-year loan from the diocese, but we hope to pay it off in 2 years.  The Brute’ award recipients this year will be Jim and Cheri Durchholz, Pam Sauls, and Jim and Karen Bengert. 

Principal’s Report:  Kristen reported:  As of 9/7, enrollment is 319 students in K-8 and 44 students in the preschool.  There are 17 new families and 18 new students (K-8).  We have 8 SGO students, and 82 Choice Scholarship (voucher) students.  The staff has completed the first 2 sessions of the required Diocesan Catechist Certification Program. The plan is to complete the remaining 2 sessions in August 2018. 

ISTEP+ scores for the 2016-2017 school year were released on 9/6, and once again GSCS performed well.  Out of 1,800 schools in Indiana, we were ranked 11th, and 4th in the state out of K-8 schools.  This is in the top 1%.  

Our cafeteria staff attended a culinary training this summer sponsored by the IN Dept. of Education.  This training has prompted some changes in our cafeteria this year.  Students are being served fresh fruits and vegetables daily.  We are having “Try It” days to get the students to try new foods.  “Grab and Go” for 3rd thru 8th grades started this week.  It has been a huge success so far. 

The Health and Wellness Committee has created goals for our school.  Our School Improvement Plan was submitted to the IN Dept. of Education on 9/7.  More information regarding those goals and the Improvement Plan can be found in Kristen’s complete written principal’s report on file with these minutes, as well as other detailed information.

Preschool Report:  Brandee reported:  We have had a successful start to the school year, and the teachers are doing an outstanding job implementing the new curriculum that we adopted last year.  Our teachers are working hard to increase communication with our Little Rams families, including utilizing the Bloomz app.  

As part of our upcoming accreditation review, Brandee and Mrs. Girten recently attended both an On My Way Pre-K webinar (hosted by INPEA) and a preschool accreditation meeting hosted by the Diocese office.  They have also been working through the AdvancEd early childhood self assessment workbook and collecting evidence for our goal of a visit in or near February.

Upcoming events include the Dept. of Health coming to talk to us about hand washing (which aligns with the first theme in our curriculum), and a local fire truck and firefighters will be visiting in October (which corresponds with the theme of community helpers in our curriculum).  Parent/teacher conferences will be held over the same days in October as the K-5 teachers.  Also, our families will be participating in the PTO Paragon fundraiser this year.  

Legislative Liaison:  Brandee stated there is nothing new to report right now because the Legislature is currently out of session.  She has invited Holli Sullivan to visit our school; she is waiting to hear back from her. 

Athletic Committee Report:  Mark Schuler reported:  Fall sports are getting ready to wind down; fall sports’ pictures will be October 4th; winter sports sign-up forms went out today.  3rd and 4th grade boys’ basketball games will be at Good Shepherd.  There are 36 teams in the league; he is anticipating 12 games on Saturdays and 6 games on Sundays.  Basketball practices can begin on October 10th.  ECS has offered their facility for us to use for games/practices.  The 7th and 8th boys’ league will have their games at St. John Newburgh.  Richard Jarboe is heading that team up.  Scheduling practice times has been challenging.  We may approach Catholic Charities about possibly renting the St. Theresa gym for practices.  Financially, the AC is doing well, having come into this school year with $45K.

Tech Team Report:  Mark Schuler reported they had a meeting last night.  We have now achieved 1:1 iPad mini’s for grades 5-8, plus a floating cart for K-4th.  Our goal now is to continue to subsidize this program, because our 3-year donor’s pledge has now expired.  It is anticipated that approximately $20,000 will be needed to be raised via soliciting donors, having a fundraising event, or other ideas.  It basically will cost $500 per student; that cost is offset by each student paying an annual $50.00 fee.  They are considering increasing that fee to $60.00.  Some discussion was held regarding whether this year’s 8th graders will just keep theirs or will we  charge them in some way to keep them.  Through Apple, they possibly have entities/companies interested in purchasing such older devices. 

PTO Report:  Jen Blackburn reported:  The first PTO meeting of the year was last week.  They have filled all of their committee spots; the Paragon fundraiser started today; the mums will be coming in soon; there are still several families who need to pay their PTO dues.   They have nixed the Fall Carnival and need suggestions for something in the Spring instead.  Mrs. Fulton has requested that the PTO pay for a 1-year trial for a religious online subscription.  They currently have a balance of $19,000, which includes the mums and PTO dues.

Marketing Report:  Greg Rawski reported that they will have their first meeting soon.  He plans to reach out to possible/potential committee members. 

It was noted that since we are one of the top performing schools in Vanderburgh and Warrick counties, that we should maybe “ramp up” our bragging rights to the public via our marketing.

Finance Committee:  Sara Rogier reported there is no new financial information to report.  The goal is to have the July and August financials next week. 



8 a)  New Member to School Council.  Chris Newkirk had one more year on his term, but he has resigned his position.  The process for discerning a new member was discussed, as well as what “type” of person/specialty is currently needed on the Council (a grant writer?  a person who is good at fundraising?). A few people who were suggested as a replacement for Chris include Michael Schaefer and Rachel or Todd Mazzier.   Any additional prospects can be suggested to either Kristen Girten or Sue Kroupa.  This topic will be discussed again at the October meeting.

Amy Broshears and Maren Smith were submitted as possible candidates following the meeting.

8 b)  Summer Camp.   Mark Schuler reported that Good Shepherd’s Summer Camp just finished its 22nd year.  This year we averaged around 110 campers per day, 12 groups per session.  We have 28 staff members (including college kids and GS alumni), with an average of 20 working each day.  We have a very good, well-respected and successful program.  In 22 years, the program has never lost money and any surplus went to the General Fund.   Mark met with Kristen and Fr. Zach last week and informed them that he needs to resign his position as Director because of all the other obligations he has, including Cross Country, Technology, his own daughter and family, etc. 

Mark has met with MaryAnn Dunbar, Debbie Achilles, and Lexi Lasher (his key staff members) and they have expressed interest in possibly staying on in leadership positions.  Mark said the planning for the next summer’s Camp actually starts in November, so a decision needs to be made soon as to whether we will continue the program. 

Discussion was held to determine if the program should continue.  It was agreed among the council members that yes, we should proceed with continuing the Summer Camp program.

8 c)  Diocesan School Council Workshop.  Several School Council members agreed to attend this Workshop on 9/19 from 6:30 – 8:00 pm at the Catholic Center, including Kristen, Greg, Brian, Jen, Sara, and Dan.

The Come Holy Spirit prayer was prayed at the end of the meeting.  The meeting adjourned at approximately 7:20 PM.  The next meeting date will be October 12, 2017, at 6PM.

Respectfully submitted by Joanie Pohl, Secretary

Youth Ministry - November 26, 2017

At Father Zach’s request, I have had an initial meeting with Father Chris Forler and Joel
Padgett at St. John Daylight about the possibility of doing a combined youth ministry
program with our two parishes. It was a good meeting and they responded positively to
the notion. At this point, I am waiting to hear back from them after they have the
opportunity to speak with their youth director, Wade Lovell. One concern to consider,
though, is that St. Johns’ youth director is unpaid aside from an occasional small
stipend. As a result, his time is limited and he does what he can when he can.

I spoke with Principal Kristen Girten about what she might like to see happen in youth
ministry as it affects the school—both in the near term and in the future. She, in turn,
spoke with some of her teachers and got some great feedback from them. Currently,
Maria Watson is coordinating some excellent service projects with some of the Good
Shepherd students. I think I will seek to offer assistance to her for future projects as
well as some of the financial resources available from the budget.

After the first of the year, Michelle Fulton would like to offer a program called
“Unplugged” on a regular basis to middle school students. The idea is that the students
will unplug from their phones, etc., during our time together. Michelle and I are going to
meet in the very near future to plan and coordinate the program together.

I recognize that by focusing on doing youth ministry events largely in the context of our
school can mean that non-students in the parish may be unable to participate. At this
point, I think we have rather limited personnel and facility resources to think that we can
initiate a parish-wide youth program. My feeling is that we are better off doing some
ministry, even if it is limited, than to do no ministry at all.

With the above in mind, we are certainly at the point of the school year where we must
decide what our commitment to youth ministry is going to be in the near future. If we
are going to do a search and hire a youth director, we cannot afford to wait much longer
before beginning the process. The 2018-2019 school year will begin in less than nine
months from now.

Respectfully submitted by:  Father Jerry Pratt

Fellowship Ministry - October 12, 2017

  • Chili Cookoff (11/11/17 after the 4:30pm mass)
  • Flyer will need to be created to put in the bulletin and Thursday folders by the weekend of 10/28-10/29
  • We will be setting up on either Thursday (11/09/17) or Saturday (11/11/17) in the Parish Hall
  • Future Events:
  • January (1/12/18) – Soup Potluck and Pie Contest
  • February (2/10/18) – Annual Marriage Celebration

Anyone interested in helping with one of these activities, please let me know.

  • The next meeting will be November 9, 2017 at Good Shepherd in the Choir Practice Room

Thanks Everyone!!

Respectfully submitted by:  Mary Payne, Commission Chair

Haiti Commission - November 29, 2017

Members present:   Bill Noll, Luan Greubel,Sharon Sutton, Marcia Minton and Robynn Working

I. Prayer

II. Old Business

   A. Fall Festival- Bill
Over 11,000 profit was made from the Fall festival booth. 100% going to Haiti.

Booth rental has been paid for next year.

Bill will stay in charge.

Proposals for Fall Festival include:

  1. Keep everything the same.
  2. Make minimum quantities
  3. Only sale tenderloins & corn dogs
  4. Discontinue the booth.

III.  New Business

A. Haiti Account Balance- $11,296.22 , over $22,000 total

B. School Lunch Program- Discussed Food for the Poor, Hands Helping Haiti

C. Beans & Rice Dinner- February 24, 2018 after the 4:30 mass

D. Rummage Sale- Potential date April 7, 2018 . March 24 & 31 drop off.

Respectfully submitted by Robynn Working

Worship Commission (Formerly Art & Environment) - September 23, 2017

Members present: Sue Edwards, Judy Miller, Ken and Beth Schenk, Michelle Schmitz, Mel Vinson, Mary Ann Wehmer

Members absent: Jim Edwards, Mark Schmitz


  • New Additions From St. Theresa – In the weeks prior to the meeting, the tabernacle and statue of Mary were brought over from St. Theresa and placed in the church.  The Good Shepherd wall hanging was also brought over, refurbished and hung on the wall in the front of the church.
  • Tidy Up Church Decorations – We discarded the wilted flowering plants around the altar and at the Baptismal font.  We also watered and pruned the remaining plants.
  • Fall Decorations – We repotted the 10 mums purchased from the PTO and placed them around the altar and Baptismal font.  We hung the greenery swags in the Narthex as well.


  • Additional Fall Decorations – We will meet on Saturday, November 4 at 9:00 AM to set up the cornucopia and other fall arrangements. 
  • Advent Set Up – We will meet on Saturday, December 2 at 9:00 AM to set up for Advent.

Respectfully submitted by:  Beth Schenk

Campus Fundraising Commission - Being Formed

Respectfully submitted by: ______________

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