Listing of Current Parish Ministries:


Brute Society:

The Brute Society (pronounced: brew-Tay) is an honorary association of southwestern Indiana Catholic lay persons who have been recognized by their fellow parishioners as outstanding models of Christian stewardship.  It was established in 1990 as an official activity of the Diocese of Evansville, Indiana.

The Brute Society was established to accomplish several related purposes:

  • to acknowledge and give thanks for exemplary Christian stewardship demonstrated by individual members of the parishes of the Diocese of Evansville.
  • to promote an ever-deepening commitment to stewardship as the way of life for all Catholics of southwestern Indiana.
  • to give public witness to the unity of all parishes of the Diocese of Evansville.
  • to provide an annual inspirational celebration for the Catholic Church of southwestern Indiana.

Previous recipients selected by our Parish Councils and approved by the pastors and parish life coordinators include:

Mother Teresa Award:

Established in 2007, as initiated by Catholic Charities in our Diocese of Evansville, this award has been presented to faithful members of the Church of Southwestern Indiana who daily live three qualities in an outstanding way: willingness to hear Jesus' words; to listen to them; then respond to them.  The words are: "...whatever you do for the least of my brothers and sisters, you do for me!"

Previous recipients selected by our Parish Councils and approved by the pastors and parish life coordinators include:

St. Maria Goretti Youth Distinction:

The Saint Maria Goretti Youth Distinction recognizes adolescents for their outstanding contribution to the life, mission, and ministry provided to their family, parish, school, and community. The distinction is celebrated annually as a Local Church at the Celebration of a youth Mass.  A High School student who actively lives out his/her Catholic faith is eligible to receive this distinction.  It is strongly recommended that those nominated be active in both religious education classes and the parish youth ministry program.  This is a  recognition of the youth’s involvement in many aspects of life--family, parish, community, and school.  This is an honor that recognizes service, leadership, and involvement as a Catholic in the world.

Previous recipients selected by our Parish Councils and approved by the pastors and parish life coordinators include:

Bereavement Meal Ministry

Good Shepherd Catholic Church has a Bereavement Meal Ministry Team.  Members help support our pastor and parish staff by reaching out to other parishioners who have lost a loved one through death.  Our hope is that no one has to go through this painful journey alone – that joy can return in time.  Many of our volunteers have been called to this ministry through their own experience of loss; others are very active in the ministry because they have recognized the need to offer a meal and support to members of our extended parish family who are grieving.

Grief Share Ministry

Grief does not follow neatly outlined stages.  When you're going through it, it feels like it will never end.  You jump back and forth between different emotions, sometimes wrestling with many at the same time.  But the good news is that peace is possible, even amid the heartache and pain.  If you or someone you know is suffering from the death of an individual, we hope you or they will attend one of our Grief Share programs offered throughout the year.  There is no cost for attending.  If you have any questions or would like to know when the next program is being offered, please contact Sue Kroupa at

Habitat for Humanity

Our parish provides financial support and volunteer workers to this charity which builds homes for deserving families.

Prayer Chain

As special needs or emergencies arise, this group adds your prayers to theirs.  To be added to the chain, call Luan Greubel at (812) 423-7599.  If you have a special need to add to the prayer list, please call Loretta Kercher (812) 550-1205, Sue Baehl (812) 422-5765, or Glenda Dyson (812) 925-3727.

Quilting Ministry

The Quilting Ministry exists to maximize the creative talents of quilting, combined with prayer. It is our desire that the quilts we create and raffle off during our parish summer social will also provide comfort and warmth to those in need of God’s Love.

Red Cross Blood Drive

Several times throughout the year, we host a Red Cross Blood Drive.  Our blood donations go a long way to meet patients' needs.  To find a drive and schedule a blood donation appointment today, please visit the following link:

Shepherd's Hook Ministry

If you enjoy socializing and have a talent for knitting and/or crocheting,  grab your knitting needles and crochet hooks and join us every Thursday at 6:30 PM in the Church Conference Room.  Our talents help provide baby blankets for newly baptized members of our parish and prayer shawls for extended parish family members who have lost loved ones.  For more details, please contact Mary Payne at

St. Vincent de Paul

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is an international Catholic lay charitable organization present in 142 countries.  The primary purpose of the Society is the spiritual growth of its members.    Secondary purpose is to serve those in need by making home visits.  They provide both comfort and financial assistance to those they serve. If you would like to become a volunteer "Vincentian" for our parish, please contacts our Parish Office.  If you are in need of assistance, please contact the Evansville St. Vincent de Paul Coordinator Office at (812) 425-3485.

To learn more about the Society of St. Vincent de Paul serving our local Evansville community, please visit:

Twinned Parish in Haiti

Good Shepherd Parish is twinned with St. Rose of Lima Parish in Pilate, Haiti where Fr. Frantzdy Joseph presides.  We also maintain contact with Sr. Lucie at Pilate Holy Cross Hospital.  During the upcoming year, we plan to raise awareness and fundraising through our Fall Festival Booth, rummage sales, three fold flyers, NYC partners, Good Shepherd School students, and other Haiti collection opportunities.  We will also host our Third Annual Rice and Bean Dinner on Saturday, January 21, 2017 in the Saint Theresa Parish Hall located inside Good Shepherd Catholic School after the 4:30 PM Mass.  People from around our Diocese of Evansville with twinning parishes in Haiti will be invited to join us to share their experiences and offer suggestions.

To learn more about our work in Haiti, please visit the following link:

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