Add Icon to your cell phone’s Home Screen

In order to keep information up-to-date that we want to share with parishioners and the public, Parish Council members suggested we minimize updating details for the Good Shepherd app, and instead concentrate on details shared via our website:

Bulletin updates will continue to be pushed through automatically from LPI on the Good Shepherd app.  We also plan to push through emergency notices (ie – School or Bingo Cancellations) via the Good Shepherd app:

For those who would like to install a Icon on your cell phone’s Home Screen to access more up-to-date parish details, please follow these simple steps:


1. Open up your Safari web browser or internet explorer .  Go to website for  Once it is open, swipe in a downward motion quickly.  A toolbar should appear at the bottom of your screen.

2. Click on the icon that looks like a rectangle with an arrow in the middle pointing up.



3. Click on the Add To Home Screen button



4. Click on the Add button on top right of page



5. Icon will appear on your Home Screen as noted above.


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