Bruté Society:

Established in 1990, the Bruté Society is an honorary association of lay persons.  Their fellow parishioners nominate Catholics from across the Diocese of Evansville for the Bruté Awards, which recognize outstanding models of Christian stewardship. Named for Bishop Simon Bruté  – the first bishop of the Diocese of Vincennes – the Bruté Society represents the rich spiritual and historical heritage of what today is the Diocese of Evansville.

When Bishop Bruté was appointed in 1834, the Diocese of Vincennes included all of Indiana and about one-third of Illinois, including all of what is now known as Chicagoland.

The annual awards acknowledge and give thanks for exemplary Christian stewardship provided by parishioners across the diocese – and they are intended to promote an ever-deepening commitment to stewardship as the way of life for Catholics across southwestern Indiana.  The awards also provide public witness to the unity of parishes across the diocese, and they serve as a wonderful, inspirational celebration for the Church in southwestern Indiana. (Taken from The Message Newspaper, November 18, 2013)

Recognized Members from Good Shepherd Catholic Church:

1990    Leo and Ida Wolf

1991    Albert and Mary Durchholz                Martin and Mildred Durchholz

1992    Dorothy Hertel                                     John Meyer

1993    Dorothy Filbert                                    Elmer Tornatta

1994    Gilbert and Beulah Mosbey               Charles and Irene Murphy

1995    Tom and Phyllis Schuler                     Theresa and Leroy Pate

1996    Ron and Joanie Pohl                            Bill and Janet Peter

1997    Good Shepherd Parish

1998    Mary and Ivan Dimmett                     Leo (Posthumous) and Mary Jo Kaiser

1999    Buddy and Mary Dile                           Mary Lou and Ed Weidenbener

2000    Margaret and Harold Schnur            Wilma and Ed Beyerstedt

2001    Marge Loehr-Thomas                          Erma Wargel

2002    Frank and Aleene Papariella              Brad and Beth Elpers

2003    Nora Kleeman                                       Don and Martha Yochum

2004    Phyllis Bredenkamp                             Ed and Mildred Striewe

2005    Robert Naas                                           Pat Will

2006    John Greenwell                                     Tom and Ann Zirkelbach

2007    Tom and Lois Peake                             David and Betty Graham

2008    Bob Curd                                                Marge and Don (Posthumous) Dannheiser

2009    Pat and Kristi Wahl                              Tom and Shari Bacurin

2010    Vincent Brenner                                    Janet Naas

2011    Kathleen Libbert                                    Kevin Schuetz

2012    John and Donna Hamilton                 Ray and Shirley Ubelhor

2013    Timmie Lingo                                        Allen and Jeanette Heidorn

2014    Jerry Durchholz                                    Leo Will

2015    John Schuetz                                         Brian S. Lankford                             Judy Miller (St. Theresa)

2016    Tom Bartley                                           Larry and Edna Blandford             Charles Ubelhor

2017    Jim and Karen Bengert                       James and Cheri Durchholz           Pam Sauls

2018    Jerry and Joan Bockting                    Eric and Karen Lively                      Sam and Lori Tenbarge

2019    Double Celebration moved to 2020 (75th Anniversary Celebration)

2020    Deacon Dan and Nancy DeCastra    Rick and Sarah Gahagen                  Luan Greubel                   Kent Kleiman

2021    Cecelia Crane                                         Rose Mary Deig                                 John & Mary Ann Smith

2022    Paul and Pat Hirsch                                Dorothy Thornburg (Posthumous)

2023    Dr. Bill & Dana Blanke                            Mary Payne                                       Dick & Marty Schuler

Recognized Past Members from St. Theresa Catholic Church:

2000    Jackie Feaster

2001    Raymond & Cecilia Fiester                  Clara Ziolkowski

2002    John & Christine LaRoy                      Richard & Elvira Wolf

2003    Austin & Leona Halbig                        Audry & Mary Lou Titzer

2004    Steve & Rose Castrale                          Art & Mary Weiss

2005    Thomas & Mary Baumgart                 William & Cecelia Schulz

2006    William D. Noll                                     Dennis H. Welp

2007    Ed & Corine Oing

2008    John & Pearl Osborne

2009    Pat Beaven

2010    Margaret Buckwinkle

2011    Juanita Byers

2012    Theresa Jane Forster

2013    Jack Diehl

2014    Ken & Beth Schenk

2015    Judy Miller