April 04, 2024 – Raising Haiti Foundation Update

April 4, 2024
Dear Friends,

Hugh Locke, is the President of the Smallholder Farmers Alliance (SFA), the Haitian non-profit organization which implements most of the programs that Raising Haiti Foundation (RHF) assists. Hugh circulated an SFA newsletter today that I found very poignant. He gave me permission to include major portions of his newsletter in this message for RHF constituents.

Hugh wrote:
The recent deluge of headlines about Haiti has largely focused on gang activity in Port-au-Prince. I would like to suggest this coverage be expanded to include an additional perspective: Haiti is more than just its capital city.

This perspective is best conveyed by Monday’s article Haiti Is Not Port-au-Prince from the widely respected Haiti Development Institute (HDI). “You might not know it from the news, but most of Haiti is quiet and life is proceeding close to normally, albeit the unacceptably impoverished normal,” explains the article, which goes on to say, “Rural Haiti is affected by the ongoing crisis; restrictions on the movement of people and goods are causing price increases and shortages, and hurting farmers’ ability to reach markets. But local organizations are still at work, implementing their projects and continuing their programs aimed at developing their communities.”The HDI article also makes an important point that, “As the international community focuses on crises and the humanitarian sector gears up again, resources will be made available, but only for short-term relief interventions. Always overlooked is what is really needed—much more ongoing support to locally-led development, especially outside of Port-au-Prince.” Adding to HDI’s call for supporting farmers in this regard, I would advocate for planning to begin now to rebuild the rural agricultural economy in this nation of farmers. (Thank you, Hugh, for letting me include your writing in this message to friends of Raising Haiti Foundation.)

The Raising Haiti Foundation team is happy to share some news from rural Haiti:
The remote communities we support are isolated from the violence, however, the people are still impacted. Nearly everyone knows someone who had a gang encounter; they all worry about the state of their country; getting supplies is difficult and dangerous; inflation is skyrocketing. The people we work with demonstrate courage, creativity, and resilience. For example, to avoid gang encounters while delivering supplies, they take circuitous routes, cross rivers on rafts, transport items by mule over treacherous paths, and call at stops along the way to check if all is clear before proceeding.

The programs we support continue as planned through acts of heroism, especially when traveling. These heroic acts allow:

  • the 2,795 farmers we help support through an agroforestry program (Tree Currency Program) in five rural communities to continue tending their crops, planting trees, and earning crop seeds, agricultural hand tools, and training;
  • the 400 women we sponsor in a Microcredit Program in two communities to continue selling their wares in local markets and the two Microcredit Agents to continue making more loans available to these women, as well as to new beneficiaries;
  • the interns and university students we sponsor to continue their work and studies;
  • the 450 primary school students and their teachers, which we help fund, to continue going to school.

Farmers come together for a kombit, (work party) to plant coffee seedlings in the seedbed at a nursery in one of the Tree Currency Programs we support.

These shining examples of Haitian spirit and determination provide an example to all of us. We join our Haitian family in prayer for peace in their country.

Thank you for standing by Haiti during these difficult times.

With gratitude and love,
Sue Carlson, M.D.,
Executive Director, Raising Haiti Foundation        

Learn more at: http://RaisingHaiti.org
Our Contact Information:
Raising Haiti Foundation
2513 N Quebec St.
Arlington, VA 22207

March 23, 2024 – Message from Fr. Marcel Janvier

Easter Blessings! Fr. Zach and to all the faithful Parishioners,

I would first like to thank you for your unwavering support and commitment to Sainte Rose Parish of Lima. I also take this opportunity to wish you Happy Holy Week and Happy Easter. Lately, the situation has degenerated to a humanitarian disaster of biblical proportion for the Haitian population. There are deaths almost every day in the streets of Port- au-Prince and a few other cities. Insecurity is rampant throughout the national territory. We are going through an extremely difficult situation. There are certain places in the country where schools remain close. However, in Pilate, schools function normally. Inflation is skyrocketing to an all-time high of 49.3%. Most basic products are rare on the market. A gallon of gasoline costs 2,000 gourdes or $15 US in Pilate. We are experiencing our crossing of the desert. In moment like this, we must live up to Jesus’ standards by showing love, compassion, empathy, and solidarity to the most vulnerable amongst our fellow brothers and sisters. The parish has a major responsibility: the smooth administration of the orphanage of 19 children. They must be cared for and eat two to three meals daily. Despite our chaotic situation, we continue to trust and believe in God. We are also counting on your prayers for peace in Haiti. After Good Friday, then Easter Sunday, only God knows what the future holds for Haiti. On behalf of the parish, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to you for all the sacrifices already made to relieve the suffering of our children. May your love be shared amongst us as we enjoy the gift of fellowship. May the Lord continue to bless and protect you all!

P. Marcel Janvier Parish Priest

March 08, 2024 – Message from David J. Siler
PTPA Executive Director


Message from
David J. Siler
PTPA Executive Director

PTPA Friends,
 “If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land”    2 Chronicles 7:14
If ever there was a land in need of healing, it is Haiti right now! This week has been among the most violent and dark times in the nation’s history.
Haiti is in need of a miracle. So together, let us humble ourselves, pray and seek the face of Christ, on behalf of Haiti.
PTPA invites everyone to light a candle, symolizing the light of Christ, at 6:30 PM ET this Sunday evening, March 10th, and join us for a Zoom Prayer Service. Fr. Chris Wadelton, pastor of St. Bartholomew Catholic Church in Columbus, IN and twin of St. Anne in Limonade, Haiti will lead us in prayer for peace and healing for Haiti.
Our prayer service will be in English, but if we have several people join us who only speak Creole, we will translate as best we can.
Sunday, March 10th 6:30 PM Eastern Time
God bless,

February 26, 2024 – Message from Mary Beth Davis

Below is an update on participation for our Sister Parish, St. Rose of Lima,  from our Vincennes parishes.  It is an Amazing report! They are doing a Beautiful job! Big Congratulations to our Good Shepherd and Vincennes parishes for their generous support of St. Rose of Lima.  Blessings on All!  The Love of our Lord Jesus Christ is Indeed our Help in this Project,
Mary Beth Davis
Hey All,

Here are some bullet points and updates from the meeting last week.
  • The Lenten collection for our sister parish in Haiti was very successful!  Approximately $14,000 was donated!  Adding the money previously collected and the money from Fr. Simon’s church in Linton there is approximately $20,000 ready to be sent to Haiti.  Fr. Tony will check with Good Shepard and determine the process for sending the funds.
    • The interpreter, Rigaud who lives in Florida, is in contact with Fr. Marcel in Haiti and he said Fr. Marcel is requesting some of the money be used to ship hygiene supplies.  Rigaud is getting quotes on supplies and will be in touch with Fr. Tony.
    • Need to discuss with Fr. Tony how frequently we can do a second collection.  It was suggested to do a collection quarterly, or in the months that have 5 weeks (which is four months).
  • We will do a newsletter and/or put information on the website to keep parishioners informed of where the money is going and how it is being put to good use. Hopefully we can provide some photos.
    • Update – Dana Worland said Oliva will be willing to create a newsletter for us this fall. Thank you to Olivia!
  • Rivet is having a Make a Difference Monday for the Haiti Parish sometime in April.
  • Next event is fundraising at a Rivet home baseball game.  Missy has been in touch with Coach Holka and Jill Frye.  Themed baseball games are planned for the season.  Coach Holka is giving us our choice of dates. The group selected the North Knox game on April 24th.  Suggestions/ideas:
    • “Home Runs for Haiti”
    • 50/50 Half Pot.  Jill said we can do this through the school – Michele will inquire more about details.
    • Sell food in the concession stand – Dana Worland will talk to Alicia Bezy.  Suggested Taco in a bag, baked goods.
      • Update – Dana talked to Alicia and she said we can sell whatever we want.  Missy and Dana will meet with Alicia to get a specific plan.
    • Father Tony may throw the first pitch and talk a min about the needs of the Parish in Haiti.
    • Will firm up all plans at the next meeting which is two weeks prior to the game.
  • Future fundraising event will be the church picnic June 30th.  Suggestions/ideas:
    • Sarah suggested selling Cotton Candy.  There may be a cotton candy maker in storage at Sacred Heart or elsewhere?  Will try and rent one or get one donated for the day if not.
      • Update – Missy texted Ron Cardinal. He found it in storage but said it was not usable (old and broken).  Larry purchased one, along with supplies. Thank you Larry!  We might want to try and secure another one to keep up with demand if it sells well.  Sarah is looking into that option.
      • Update – Missy contacted Katie Herman about doing the cotton candy at the picnic and Katie gave her blessing. She suggested setting it up over by the kid’s games under a small tent.  They will be selling homemade ice cream and other baked goods at the picnic, so she will let us know if things change and she needs us to sell desserts as well.
  • Suzanne Pieper is joining the group as a rep from St. Philip Neri.  Missy will reach out to her about the next meeting.  Mary Beth (from Good Shepherd) will attend meetings as much as she can. She frequently has a Wednesday night conflict.
  • Next meeting – Wednesday, April 10th, 6:30 Knights of Columbus.
Thanks so much everyone!

Mistene M. Halter, MSN, RN

Professor, VU Nursing
Vincennes University

January 11, 2024 – Message from Fr. Marcel Janvier

Dear Brother Zach and Parishioners, I would first like to extend my best wishes and a prosperous New Year 2024. Words are inadequate to thank you for all you have done for Sainte Rose de Lima Parish of Pilate over several years. I think the year 2023 was very special amongst all. We faced unparalleled challenges, but with your partnership, love, prayers, and financial support, we overcame so many. Because of you, we rehabilitated the parish’s presbytary. Today, the parish is able to welcome visitors comfortably. Needless to say that Pilate has no such lodging accommodations or hotel for visitors. They generally come to the presbytary for accommodations. A special thank you to Brother Zach for his pastoral concern towards the parish of Sainte Rose de Lima. Thank you to all the parishioners who continue to show unwavering generosity. Last December, I received financial support that allowed me to pay off the construction materials debts. Then, we could pay the teachers’ salaries. Finally, we allocated the remaining balance to the orphanage. You provided the most needed support to 19 children, including 10 girls and 9 boys at the orphanage. Fr Zach and his parishioners have greatly supported the parish this year. I pray that God continues to pour His blessings unto your ministry so that you can continue to bless us for the year 2024. Finally, how can I conclude without thanking profusely Mrs Mary Berth and her team, who are always there to promote the cause of our parish. Mrs Berth is the best ambassador of the Sainte Rose de Lima parish. I can proudly say that Saint Rose of Lima Parish has a loyal and reliable sister parish in the Diocese of Evansville. The parishioners of Pilate pray for you at each Eucharistic celebration. The American people are great and generous. May God always shower you with His blessings and your cup runneth over so that you can continue to pay forward and be a blessing to others in need. Fruitful and pleasant year 2024. Prayerfully, Fr. Marcel Janvier Priest of the Parish of Ste Rose of Lima, Pilate

Message from Fr. Marcel to address Vincennes parishioners

Father Tony, All the pleasure is mine to extend my best wishes to you and the parishioners. May this New Year be pleasant and fruitful for you. I would like to thank you, Father Tony, for your mark of attention to the parish of Sainte Rose de Lima and to me especially. Mary Berth informed me of all your dedication and your efforts towards the parish. I’m really grateful for that. Father, the parish administration has a major challenge: managing the orphanage to satisfy the standards. We host 19 children, including 10 girls and 9 boys. They only have two dormitories. I have the obligation to add two more to facilitate the development of children in an environment conducive to their growth, health, and safety. Providing food daily, healthcare, school, clothes, and all the basic needs. I carry this project load in my heart heavily. The majority of these children are orphans of both father and mother. My priority is to take care of these children. Then there are the children who attend parochial schools. A school canteen would help school children perform better academically. For the majority, that’s the only meal for the day. Father Tony, I hope that you will do everything possible to continue to support these vulnerable children. A hot meal a day would tremendously impact overall results. May the Lord help your ministry and fill you with His blessings. Prayerfully, Fr. Marcel Janvier

August 16, 2023 – Message from David J. Siler
PTPA Executive Director


Message from
David J. Siler
PTPA Executive Director

PTPA Friends,
The letter below will be familiar to many of you, as it went out via regular mail recently to those of you for whom we have a mailing address. To ensure that all of you have the opportunity to provide support to PTPA, I am copying the letter and sending this email with hopes to reach the rest of you.
I hope that you, your organization, or parish will consider a donation to PTPA at this time to allow us to continue to support our parish twins and to create more twinning relationships.
“Please, don’t give up on Haiti!” These words from Archbishop of Cap-Haitien Launay Saturne struck my heart and continue to ring in my head since my face-to-face meeting with him in February. He asked me to share this message with you, as he and all the bishops in Haiti cling to the hope that the U.S. Catholic Church brings through parish twinning relationships. He shared that, “My parishes are like my little children. When one of them has a twin parish, that is one less child I need to worry about.”At a time when hope is in extremely short supply in Haiti and Latin America, the need for our support is more crucial than ever! Over the past few years, we have been challenged by the pandemic, violence and political unrest in the countries we serve. Because of this situation, most of us have not been able to visit our dear friends abroad. That said, we simply cannot be deterred in our efforts to support our twin parishes!Despite these obstacles, we must endure as beacons of hope for our dear friends in Haiti and Latin America. PTPA has been working on new and better ways to strengthen our support for our twinnings. We are now hosting monthly Zoom gatherings to allow twinning representatives to learn from and encourage one another, sharing hope and inspiration as we continue our journey to share God’s love and mercy with the people of our twin parishes.For the past few years, due to the unrest in Haiti, we have not been able to offer Matthew 25 House guest services or our annual Sea Container program. These services were mutually beneficial to our mission, as they provided valued support for twinning relationships and reliable income for PTPA. Without these programs, PTPA now must rely solely on the generous support of faithful donors to help us sustain our operations as we chart the path to our future. Considering this challenge, we ask you to prayerfully consider making a donation to fund our efforts to accomplish our mission and provide meaningful support for our twin parishes.With deep gratitude, I thank you for your past support and thank you in advance for your generous response!

You can send a check to:

407 W. Smith Valley Road  #1222 Greenwood, IN  46142
or contribute online at by click HERESincerely yours in our mission of solidarity,David J. Siler
Executive Director, PTPA
407 W Smith Valley Road #1222
Greenwood, IN 46142 US

March 27, 2023 – Message from David J. Siler
PTPA Executive Director

PTPA Friends,
The topic for this gathering will be the Immigration Parole Program through the U.S. Citzenship and Immigration Services that provides a process “through which nationals of Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela, and their immediate family members, may request to come to the United States in a safe and orderly way”.
Our guest speaker will be Yer Vang, JD, Legal Director for Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Dubuque. Yer will take us through the steps for U.S. citizens to sponsor a travler from these countries and the steps required of the citizens from those four countires. There will be time for questions and answers.
Click HERE for the link to the Zoom Gathering.
If you want to plan ahead in your calendar, subsequent gatherings will be:  April 25, May 25, June 27, July 27 – 7:30 ET.
On an unrelated note – please consider this request for legislative advocacy from our friends at the Quixote Center:
 A bi-partisan group of Senators has introduced this Act, which, although not perfect, would hold Haiti’s gang leaders and their political supporters accountable through sanctions and other measures. It has the endorsement of The National Haitian American Elected Officials Network, among others (including Quixote Center!).They are looking for co-sponsors for the bill.You can click on the link to send a letter to your Senator.It will get introduced in the House shortly, at which point we will update the acion.https://quixote.org/action#/7


March 23, 2023 – Message from Joe Wildeman

Father Joseph DuVillage from St. Albert the Great in Haiti will be in the Evansville area the weekend of April 15-16.  We are bringing him in for the Sts. Peter and Paul auction which is partially a fund raiser for our Haiti programs.  Father Joseph will be at the auction site from 2 to 6 PM on April 16th.

Joe Wildeman

St. Francis Xavier, Poseyville

Father Joseph (third from right) consecrates Carrefour’s new LWW water purification system

March 01, 2023 – Message from David J. Siler PTPA Executive Director

PTPA Friends,
Thank you to the 74 people who joined us for our PTPA Zoom gathering last evening! We were very pleased with the turnout and realize that many of you were not able to join due to various reasons. If you are interested in watching the Zoom, you can find the recording at this link:
Passcode:  t*ZbY8D&
The next Zoom gathering will be on Thursday, March 30 at 7:30 ET. We will alternate evenings each month, during the 4th week between Tuesdays and Thursday to avoid conflicts for those of you who have a regular evening committment.
If you want to plan ahead in your calendar, subsequent gatherings will be:  April 25, May 25, June 27, July 27 – 7:30 ET.
More information is forthcoming about the topic for March 30th and the Zoom link, but mark your calendars now!

November 28, 2022 – Current Projects for Haiti – Possibilities for St. Francis Catholic Church , Vincennes and Good Shepherd Catholic Church, Evansville

Blessings to All,

Fr. Tony has asked me to explore specific projects that need to be addressed for our parish, St. Rose of Lima.  St. Francis Parish in Vincennes is wanting to begin support with funding specific projects.  So Fr. Marcel with the help of our translator Regaud has sent this list.  I have pictures to support these projects.  I have sent Fr. Tony the rectory pictures and will decide which others I should send.  There are so many. Let me know if you want them at this time. Please contact me with any questions you may have.  Fr. Marcel said that the rectory needs to be completely rebuilt but has to be done a bit at a time.
Rectory electrical and plumbing                                                                $  800.00
Orphanage  – tuition, uniforms, shoes, clothing, supplies, food                $ 5,480.00
Repair school benches and restrooms                                                     $ 2,800.00
Repair of parish vehicle                                                                            $ 2,758.00
Total for All of these Projects                                                                     $11,838.00

Mary Beth Davis, RN

Haiti Update

Published on November 21, 2022


Message from
David J. Siler
PTPA Executive Director

PTPA Friends,
I am excited to tell you that PTPA has an all-new Facebook page and a Facebook group.
The board of directors and I sincerely hope that the Facebook Group will become an important way for the “twinning community” to interact, encourage, inspire, educate and challenge one another.
When we consider the collective years of experience and wisdom among us, there is likely no question that we can’t answer, challenge we can’t face, dream we can’t realize – together.
The Facebook Page will be one of the ways that PTPA will communicate information to all of you about resources, links, events, etc.
Technology has given us this wonderful tool for us to connect and interact with one another. I hope that you will use the Facebook page to post trip pictures, resources, news reports, questions, etc. related to twinning.
Please click the links below to go to join the PTPA Facebook Group and the PTPA Facebook page.
I’ll see you online,
407 W Smith Valley Road #1222
Greenwood, IN 46142 US

Haiti Update

Published on November 18, 2022


Message from
David J. Siler
PTPA Executive Director

I have heard from many of you about 2 critical issues in Haiti at this precarious time – 1) the spread of cholera and 2) the need for food.
In an effort to help your twin parishes in Haiti address these issues, I am sharing with you a message from an organization successfully working in Haiti, even during these difficult times – “Unlocking  Communities”.
We are Unlocking Communities, a nonprofit with a presence in 30 communities in central and northern Haiti but with connections throughout the country. We equip entrepreneurs with the education and tools to sell sustainable products that unlock economic, social, and environmental transformation in their communities. Additionally, in times of need, we help connect Haitians to vital resources using our in-country networks. We have worked with Twinning Parishes across the country. 
 Our team in Haiti and a network of organizations in Haiti have access to locally-made liquid soap and locally-produced food (chickens, beans, fish, plantains, rice) through the Haiti Food Systems Alliance. Additionally, we have cholera prevention training materials and activities. Water filters may be available upon request Using our network; we can coordinate what is most needed with your pastor or parish leadership team and deliver the goods or conduct cholera prevention training for community leaders. If you are interested, please complete this form, and you will hear from us soon.  
 How this process works:
1. Complete the form
2. Work with us to finalize your order and cost
3. Make payment
4. Our team coordinates the deliveries of soap or food to the community of your choice.
Please reach out to julia@unlockingcommunities.org with questions. 
Josh Goralski
Founder and CEO
Unlock, Empower, Elevate
407 W Smith Valley Road #1222
Greenwood, IN 46142 US

Haiti Update

Published on October 27, 2022


Message from
David J. Siler
PTPA Executive Director

PTPA Friends,I have heard from many of you asking about the most current conditions in Haiti. The first link below will take you to a recent security report from our friends at Food for the Poor, and the second linke is to an article written by Edwidge Danticat, a Haitian-American author that was posted on Solidarite Flash. The article provides some history and perspective and brings some clarity to the complicated situation in Haiti.
I have also heard from many parishes that are having a variety of challenges related to sending money to Haiti. Some parishes are not able to wire money, others have wired money and it is not showing up at the bank, while others are facing the reality that when money does arrive, there are extreme limits on banking hours and the amount of cash that is available for withdrawal – most banks are limiting withdrawals to $200 per day. And, as you’ll find in the FFTP report, the World Bank has pulled all of their staff out of Port au Prince and closed operations for now. Although we all want to be able to pay our pastors, teachers, partners, etc. in Haiti, it woud appear that now is not a good time to do so. My own parishes pastor in Haiti has gone to the bank on multiple occasions to withdraw funds in Cap Haitien and has been blocked by gangs and roadblocks.  As always, check with your own pastor in Haiti for specific banking information related your parish.I have been contacted by many people who are interested in engaging in advocacy for Haiti. At this time, PTPA does not feel comfortable recommending any particular action, since the political issues related to Haiti are so incredibly complex. Instead, I will point you to a couple of resources that specialize in advocacy –  Quixote Center – www.quixote.com; Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti – www.ijdh.org. PTPA does not “endorse” these organizations, but would just like to share these resources for those who might like to engage in advocacy.The most powerful action that we can all take at this time is to pray for a quick and merciful end to the violence and unrest. May the peace of Christ, which surpasses all understanding, blanket the country of Haiti and all those areas of war and unrest in the world.


407 W Smith Valley Road #1222
Greenwood, IN 46142 US

Conditions in Haiti & Nicaragua

Published on October 08, 2022


Message from
David J. Siler
PTPA Executive Director

Dear PTPA Friends,
By now I am sure that you are all aware of the deteriorating conditions in Haiti. I have spoken to various contacts in country and understand that the past 3 weeks have taken a particularly ugly turn. I felt that it was important to share this with all of you, along with an important word of caution, based on the latest intelligence:
  • Many banks in Haiti have been taken over by gangs, so be cautious at this time about sending money to Haiti. I have talked to Fonkoze, with whom many of you bank and am told that as of today, they are not having any problems wiring money to Haiti. Some sources tell me that banks have a very limited supply of funds to withdraw, however.
  • With that said, you can always defer to your pastor to know if it is safe or not in his particular area. But please encourage him to be extremely cautious, as I’ve learned of many kidnappings of Haitians who have or appear to have resources of any kind.
 Although we have known that the conditions in and around Port au Prince have been very grave, the violence has spread throughout most of the country.
 Below is a UN report from September 22, 2022, which is itself outdated, since conditions have even worsened since then and also a security briefing/report from our friends at Food for the Poor.
 In addition, here is a link to a blog post by the Quixote Center regarding a U.S. House Foreign Relations committee hearing held last week. I attended this hearing virtually and found it extremely informative. A link to the recording can be found here as well:  Haitian Civil Society Leaders Testify to US Congress | Quixote Center
 During the committee hearing held last Friday, we were told that there are currently 200 active gangs in Haiti. The gangs are not working together, but rather are warring against one another and just last week there was a massacre where 600 were killed – including gang members and citizens.
  And finally, here is a link to an Associated Press article on the conditions in Haiti, published just yesterday:
 While Haiti is in shambles, so too is the country of Nicaragua. Not long ago, ALL non-governmental organizations (NGOs) were expelled from the country, with a special emphasis on all Catholic institutions.
 Let us join our hearts together with the people of Haiti and Nicaragua in praying for an end to the violence and oppression.

David Siler dsiler@ptpausa.org via e2ma.net

407 W Smith Valley Road #1222
Greenwood, IN 46142 US

Fall Festival 2022 Update

Published on August 20, 2022

Letter from Joe Wildeman and the Haiti Outreach Team

Published on July 28, 2022

Welcome Fr. Marcel Janvier – New Pastor of St. Rose of Lima

Saint Rose of Lima Parish in Pilate, Haiti
Published on July 20, 2022

We have been notified that Fr. Frantzdy is being moved to St. Mary Magdalene Parish in Duchity.  This is west and south of Pilate.  The Archbishop has moved several priests.  Fr. Marcel was our pastor before Fr. Snell.  He is a wonderful  man and we are blessed to have him back.  He does not speak English but is fluent in French.  He has a dear friend who is a translator who will be of assistance to us in our upcoming communication and outreach to St. Rose of Lima Parishioners.  He is a bit older and a great administrator as well as a wonderful shepherd.  His parishioners love him.  His previous parish is St. Albert the Great, 20 minutes from St. Rose, and has been working with St. Francis, Poseyville and their group of parishes for several years.  He starts his new assignment about August 7.

Communication with Fr. Frantzdy Joseph, c.s.c.

Saint Rose of Lima Parish in Pilate, Haiti
Published on June 07, 2022

Good Morning Luan,
I hope you have a wonderful night with the grace of God.
As you asked, please find the responses of your questions in the following lines. But, first of all, I want to remind you that we have in total 3  parish schools on the same campus: 2 Primary schools working in the morning and in the afternoon and 1 High School working in the morning.
Here are the information requested:
Saint Paul College High School
7th grade : 64
8th grade : 54
9th grade : 34
NS I grade : 31
NS II grade : 29
NS III grade : 21
NS IV grade : 18
Note that this year is the first time Saint Paul College reaches the last grade of the Secondary school in Haiti. Four years ago, we’ve started trying the New Secondary Program submitted by the National Ministry of Education of Haiti by adding a grade each years and now we have all the grades at the school for the benefits of the students and their poor parents.
Sacred Heart Primary school : working in the Morning
1st grade A : 32
1st grade B : 34
1st grade C : 32
2nd grade A : 39
2nd grade B : 34
3rd grade A : 45
3rd grade B : 41
4th grade A : 27
4th grade B : 25
5th grade A : 32
5th grade B: 29
6th grade   : 20
Saint Vincent Primary School : working in the afternoon
1st grade : 26
2nd grade : 31
3rd grade : 34
4th grade : 27
5th grade : 34
6th grade : 16
About the orphanage, it is still open. The numbers of children are in total 21. But, currently 19 kids are living in the orphanage house. The two other older ones are about to leave the structure because one of them will be graduated in his Professional study in Port-au-Prince this summer. The other one chose to give in her nursing study  in Cap-Haitian in order to emigrate in Dominican Republic. They will be replaced by 2 other new children in September.
By the way, I wasn’t able to finish their house reparation as wished so that they may have a decent living. I need about $3000 to be able to complete all the works.
In my last email,  I forgot to tell you that in June 24, 2022, we will have the big feast of Sacred Heart and first Communion for the children of the schools. During this feast, we have to share food with all the children, the teachers an d the parents who attends the feast.
Dear Luan, I’m sorry to ask for too many things in the same time. The fact that there are many things to do and we don’t have means here for them, so they tend to become urgent almost at the same time.  Please understand my situation. It is like any amount of funds is enough for us when thinking about all the things that we have to do in order to have a better life in Haiti and to face the continuing inflation of life. I wonder without your help at Good Shepherd Parish, what would I do to deal with such all the problems every day. This is the reason why, I will never stop praying for you and I will never stop expressing my gratitude toward all of you at Good Shepherd Parish.
May God bless all of you,
Fr Frantzdy Joseph, c.s.c.
Parish Pastor
Le vendredi 3 juin 2022, 12:32:47 UTC−4, Luan Greubel <luan_greubel@att.net> a écrit :
Thanks Father Frantzdy.  I’ll be using parts of your email to let the parish know about life in Haiti.  I do have a few questions.
How many students are you presently educating?  At what grade levels?
Is the orphanage still open?  If so, how many children are you housing?
As events occur, please let us know about continued needs.
God bless all of you.
On Friday, June 3, 2022, 12:15:24 AM EDT, Frantzdy JOSEPH <frantzdyj@yahoo.fr> wrote:
Good Evening Luan,.
I hope it is not in both senses too late to email you now. I’m sorry for not being able to do this right away. So, tonight I just want you to receive in attached note the report of the expenses of the funds received from October 2021 to May 2022. As you will see, without the twinning program donations to my parish life would be even more difficult for us at Saint Rose of Lima parish. Thank you very much and may God nurtures your lives with His abundant and everlasting blessings.
As you will see in the report sent to you, all the funds received are already used. Yet, I have three months left to pay the teachers at the schools and and the employees at the rectory: June, July and August. This is the first thing I want to be able to do in the coming days.
Related to the schools, I would then like to be able to paint the building of the schools and the church in July. More, the yards of the schools are not really develop for the children, I would like to do some works and to add plays facilities for the children.
Finally, as Haiti is in deep poverty now and then, I would like to have funds to lend to the people as a micro-credit structure in order to help them fighting misery.
There are other stuffs that I need to accomplish for the benefits of the people in the parish, but I know that it is not easy to do all of them. I just choose these ones. I Hope that God will take all of them into account through your kind generosity. That’s the reason I will never stop praying for all of you at Good Shepherd parish.
Thank you very much. Sleep tight!
Fr Frantzdy Joseph, c.s.c.
Parish Pastor
Le vendredi 27 mai 2022, 08:06:39 UTC−4, Luan Greubel <luan_greubel@att.net> a écrit :
Good morning Father Frantzdy,
I woke up thinking about you and your parishioners.  I think it might be a good time to get an update on how you are using our donations, and also what you would like to accomplish if we were able to send more.  My plan is to publish something in our church bulletin and perhaps the website each month.  So many of the people at Good Shepherd have no idea what life is like in Haiti.  If they understood, they might be more willing to contribute to our mission.
I continue to remember all of you in my daily prayers.
May God bless all of you.

Communication with Fr. Frantzdy Joseph, c.s.c.

Saint Rose of Lima Parish in Pilate, Haiti
Published on January 03, 2022

Dear Fr Zach,
As the the New Year 2022 is as its beginning, I want to express my deepest wishes to you personally and to all the parishioners of Good Shepherd Parish, mainly to all the parish twinning team members. May our Lord Jesus be always the light that shines on your life for an eternal blessing.
In the meantime, I want to thank you all for your help during this Christmas time and the New Year. You have been an angel for the people at Saint Rose of Lima Parish. Thank you very much. With your help, I was able to buy and share toys with more 300 children last December 24, 2021 and yesterday, January 1, 2022; I shared a bag full with food and other stuff to more 100 elderly on the parish, the poorest one. Please get a glance on the below pictures. I sent 7 of them to you now. In an other email, I will send some more.
One more time thank you and Happy New Year 2022!
Fr. Frantzdy Joseph, c.s.c.
Parish Pastor

Communication with Fr. Frantzdy Joseph, c.s.c.

Saint Rose of Lima Parish in Pilate, Haiti
Published on December 17, 2021

Good Morning Fr Zach,
I Hope you are doing well as you keep on doing you best to do your ministry at Good Shepherd Parish.
 This morning I want to let you know that with the twinning parish program you are doing great things here in Pilate. Your commitment to this program is a gift to our parish and we’re feeling grateful about you.
Many thanks to you personally, to the great twinning team gathered around you for this extended ministry with me in Pilate according to our faith in God and, to all the parishioners. God sees what you’re doing for us and I believe that He takes good notes about you. One day, if not yet, you will experiment the benefits with His love and grace. In this sense, be assured of my daily and humble prayer.
Last, but not least, please find in attached not a Christmas message of gratitude that I write for you all. I Hope that all the words used in the text will be able to tell you what kind of deep feeling  that I have inside of me as gratitude about you. So, if not asking too much, I will be more and more glad if you can show it with all the parishioners.
One more time, thank you on behalf of my parishioners and on my proper name.
May God bless you! Merry Gratitude Christmas!
Fr Frantzdy Joseph, c.s.c.
Parish Pastor

Merry GRATITUDE Christmas!

As you may know, in Haiti most of the people are living with less than $1, 00 usd per day. In
these days and as almost always, we’re facing tones of hardships. Living is always like the
worst struggle to engage as it is mandatory to live. In fact, we are not really living, we are
surviving. Even for the basic needs, people don’t really know how to deal with them because
of the deep poverty of the country and more because of too many political, social and
economic crisis. In many families, children often go to bed with no hope to be alive in the
morning because they were too starving during the night. If being able to eat something daily
is a big deal for the children, what about their future? Only God knows!
So, you can imagine that living or existing in Haiti is possible only by God’ sake; and the fact
that throughout the world there are many people like you who believe in God. Then, because
of your faith, God’s love is always spreading everywhere to reach those in needs through
human and Christian solidarity. This is our experience here in Pilate with you at Good
Shepherd parish. Your faith, your generosity, your love for people and your commitment at
the booth during Fall Festival show that God doesn’t forget us here in Pilate. Because of you,
Christmas will not be totally sadness for the children at Saint Rose of Lima parish. Because of
your great heart Christmas will not be without food for the poorest people at the parish during
this period of time. So, your solidarity turns Christmas on and lights our heart with joy and
happiness even among our daily hardships. In our turn, for you, Christmas can be renamed
“GRATITUDE”. May everyone at Good shepherd parish receive our deep note of gratitude as
our Christmas wish!
God bless you all! Merry Gratitude Christmas!
Fr Frantzdy Joseph, c.s.c.
Parish Pastor

Communication with Fr. Frantzdy Joseph, c.s.c.

Saint Rose of Lima Parish in Pilate, Haiti
Published on October 18, 2021

Dear Luan,
I’m not as good as always because of too many problems that I’m dealing with everyday. But I’m struggling to do my best because of my faith in God and according my ministry as priest.  But, sometimes, I wonder why Haiti is such a poor country?
 Nowadays, I can say after the works of the masons to repair partially the church’s building, we need to repair the roof, the ceiling, and to paint the building completely because it is really dirty.
However, one of the things that is needed much is a complete reparation of the orphanage house, where the orphans are living everyday. I always feel ashamed when I go to the orphanage house because I’m in charge of them and unfortunately I don’t have economic means to bring a better life to the kids. Added to that, I need to buy books and school materials for the orphans kids and to feed them properly.
About the the schools, things are really tough. In January, we will have to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Saint Paul College. But, we do need to fix the leaking roof of the first floor and to put concrete on all the surface of the yard. There are other problems as means to pay all the employees and to feed to pupils.
More to these problems are what we are facing everyday at the rectory where a complete reparation is also a must to do. I cannot forget the need for a new parish car because the old one can’t stand anymore.
So, I don’t know what to do in such situation. there are other problems that I don’t mention in this letter. I only rely on God and on the generosity of Good Shepherd parishioners in other to see what is possible to do among such hardships. Here in Pilate, people are willing to help but they are poor and most of the time they come to the rectory to seek for food and money to buy food.
As Christmas is approaching, I hope that a new light will come to shine upon us at Saint Rose of Lima Parish through the generosity of our brothers and sisters at Good Shepherd Parish in Evansville. I think it is not too early to wish ” Merry Christmas” to all the parishioners and to thank them in advance.
May God bless you all,
Fr Frantzdy Joseph, c.s.c.

Communication with Fr. Frantzdy Joseph, c.s.c.
Saint Rose of Lima Parish in Pilate, Haiti
Published on June 11, 2021

If you would like to personally stay in touch with Fr. Frantzdy Joseph, c.s.c., feel free to send an email to:



💥 Warm Greetings To All of You! 💥
We are requiring our volunteers at the warehouse to wear masks and practice social distancing.  We recommend to those of you who will be dropping off items at the warehouse to also wear masks and practice social distancing.  We will have extra masks and hand sanitizer available.
If you are sending a large shipment, please encourage the pastor of your sister parish to send a truck and driver to PAP when our Haiti Coordinator, Bertony Domond, calls to notify them of the day their goods will be unloaded.  If you are sending  a relatively small shipment, it is possible that we can store your items in PAP until the pastor of your sister parish is able to arrange to get them.
Please share with your family and friends that Visitation Hospital Foundation is having a virtual race across Haiti to benefit Visitation Clinic in Petite Riviere de Nippes.  VHF is a spinoff of the Parish Twinning Program and was founded in 1999.  If you don’t wish to choose a 10K for $30, or a 1/2 Marathon for $40, you may also register to donate $60.  Your support will be greatly appreciated!
Just cut and paste the link below:

Do not travel to Haiti due to kidnapping, crime, civil unrest, and COVID-19.  Travelers to Haiti may experience border closures, airport closures, travel prohibitions, stay at home orders, business closures, and other emergency conditions within Haiti due to COVID-19. Visit the Embassy’s COVID-19 page for more information on COVID-19 in Haiti, including where CDC-required testing is available in Haiti for travel to the United States.

Country Summary: Kidnapping is widespread and victims regularly include U.S. citizens. Kidnappers may use sophisticated planning or take advantage of unplanned opportunities, and even convoys have been attacked. Kidnapping cases often involve ransom negotiations and U.S. citizen victims have been physically harmed during kidnappings. Victim’s families have paid thousands of dollars to rescue their family members.

Violent crime, such as armed robbery and carjacking, is common. Travelers are sometimes followed and violently attacked and robbed shortly after leaving the Port-au-Prince international airport. Robbers and carjackers also attack private vehicles stuck in heavy traffic congestion and often target lone drivers, particularly women. As a result, the U.S. Embassy requires its personnel to use official transportation to and from the airport.

Protests, demonstrations, tire burning, and roadblocks are frequent, unpredictable, and can turn violent. The U.S. government is extremely limited in its ability to provide emergency services to U.S. citizens in Haiti – assistance on site is available only from local authorities (Haitian National Police and ambulance services). Local police generally lack the resources to respond effectively to serious criminal incidents.

U.S. government personnel are discouraged from walking in Port-au-Prince and other neighborhoods. Only adult family members over the age of 18 are permitted to accompany U.S. government employees assigned to the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince. U.S. government personnel in Haiti are prohibited from:

  • Visiting establishments after dark without secure, on-site parking;
  • Using any kind of public transportation or taxis;
  • Visiting banks and using ATMs;
  • Driving at night;
  • Traveling anywhere between 1:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m.
  • Visiting certain parts of the city at any time without prior approval and special security measures in place.

Read the country information page.

If you decide to travel to Haiti:

  • See the U.S. Embassy’s web page regarding COVID-19.
  • Visit the CDC’s webpage on Travel and COVID-19.
  • Avoid demonstrations and crowds. Do not attempt to drive through roadblocks.
  • Arrange airport transfers and hotels in advance, or have your host meet you upon arrival.
  • Do not provide personal information to unauthorized individuals (i.e. people without official uniforms or credentials) located in the immigration, customs, or other areas inside or near any airports.
  • If you are being followed as you leave the airport, drive to the nearest police station immediately.
  • Travel by vehicle to minimize walking in public.
  • Travel in groups of at least two people.
  • Always keep vehicle doors locked and windows closed when driving.
  • Exercise caution and alertness, especially when driving through markets and other traffic congested areas.
  • Do not physically resist any robbery attempt.
  • Purchase travel insurance and medical evacuation insurance ahead of time.
  • Review information on Travel to High-Risk Areas.
  • Enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive Alerts and make it easier to locate you in an emergency.
  • Follow the Department of State on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Review the Overseas Security Advisory Council report on Haiti.
  • Prepare a contingency plan for emergency situations. Review the Traveler’s Checklist.

The local National Network for the Defense of Human Rights (RNDDH Réseau National de Défense des Droits Humains) released a report on a series of events which occurred in the locality of Bel-Air on March 31 and April 1, 2021. Three armed gangs of G-9 (a federation made up of 9 gangs) besieged upper Bel-Air after their men failed at orchestrating two kidnappings in the area. So far, they have recorded 13 dead, 5 people missing, 4 injured and more than 20 houses set on fire, some of which were small businesses. In that area, commercial and educational institutions have been closed ever since. Many victims have fled their homes to shelter in public spaces such as parks.

The metropolitan area of Port-au-Prince has faced a new wave of kidnappings over the weekend. Between Saturday evening and Sunday morning, at least 12 people were kidnapped. In the locality of Croix-des-Bouquets, the “400 Mawozo” gang kidnapped five priests including a French priest and nun as well as four members of the family of a priest who was to be installed in Ganthier. They have demanded a ransom of one million dollars.

The kidnappers also struck at Delmas 75 on Saturday; two people were abducted there. A doctor as well as an accountant (a Freemason of the Grand Orient of 1824 lodge). As a result, many hospitals and doctors’ associations issued statements requesting the doctor’s immediate release. The State Insurance Office for workplace accidents sickness and maternity (OFATMA) where the doctor works has decided to close its doors today in protest. Some hospitals such as Bernard Mevs also announced they would close their doors, with the exception of emergencies, following the appalling and overwhelming news of the kidnapping

Four more people including a pastor and some of the attendees of his religious service were also kidnapped last week, during a live broadcast on social networks. Furthermore, a Presidential Security Unit (USP) agent was also kidnapped in Carrefour last week. She has been released upon payment of a ransom.

The torrential rains that hit the northern region of the country last weekend have caused the death of at least six people as reported by the Northern Departmental Committee of risk and disaster management. Several neighborhoods in Cap-Haitien and other northern cities have been under water. As a result, 4,385 families are affected, 3,981 houses flooded, including 2,713 in Cap-Haitien, some 155 people have taken refuge in temporary shelters. Many farmlands have been destroyed throughout the nineteen communes of the department. Many roads connecting several municipalities have been cut off. Several cattle were washed away by the floods of various rivers throughout the department.

The Haitian authorities have refused the vaccine from the AstraZeneca laboratory, proposed by the World Health Organization (WHO) via the Covax mechanism; they say they want to negotiate another vaccine more appropriate for Haiti.

We have suspended our field visits towards Ganthier as the gang activity there increased over the weekend. We will monitor any changes in the situation to proceed accordingly.

Beloved brothers and sisters,

1. Faithful to our mission to accompany the people of God, to enlighten the men and women of good will, and to be in solidarity with all our compatriots, especially those who suffer, we, the Catholic bishops of Haiti, are essential judges to solve the position of the Church in the current situation of the country and the economic situation made of extreme distress.  Following Christ, the Church is still on the side of law, truth, justice and respect of life and human dignity. This is our unshakable and unalterable position, whatever the circumstances.  However, although this is clear and unmistakable, we can add two observations:

2. The President of the Republic has applied the electoral law and the Constitution for Prime Ministers, senators and mayors in previous years.  He said the unit of the law for all elected officials, including for himself, proclaims as well that the law is one for all.  It seems to us that everyone agrees on the principle that no one is above the law and the constitution in the country.  This first observation states that no literature and no legal proof are necessary.  Everyone wants Haiti to be a rule of law.

3. This is the second observation: the country is at the edge of an explosion.  The daily life of the people is death, assassinations, impunity and insecurity.  Discontent is everywhere, in almost all areas.  Many topics are angry, as: how to establish a provisional electoral board, how to prepare another constitution, etc.  So these are not just the ravages of kidnapping that make the country totally unwelcome.  Should we accept or tolerate that?

4. At the heart of this socio-political and economic recurring crisis, fueled by the venom of hatred and mistrust, it is necessary to prefer to look for and find the consensus on any thorny matter.  It must be constructed by social and institutional dialogue to avoid disaster. “Some try to flee the reality,” says Pope Francis, by taking refuge in their worlds, others face him by using destructive violence.  However, “between selfish indifference and violent protest there is an option always possible: the dialogue” (Fratelli Tutti # 199).  It is solely the link of the consensus that can help the different actors to avoid one side or the other that all of Haiti is thrown even more to the bottom of the abyss.

5. We ask all of our Haitian brothers and sisters to show discipline, reason and wisdom in the search for the higher interests of the nation and to those who have the mission to watch over lives and property, to guarantee the safety of all, and to bring the squadrons of death to put aside their weapons so that kidnapping and insecurity can be forever banned on earth of Haiti.  As Pope Francis reminds us, there is no end point to the construction of a country’s social peace. This is rather, “a task without respite that requires the commitment of all …… that this effort makes us flee any temptation of revenge and search for special and short-term interest “(Fratelli Tutti # 232).

6. We invite you to welcome this message as the incessant accompaniment of our Church and the CEH’s (Episcopal Conference of Catholic Bishops) response to one or the other party or political group waiting to fulfill in functions in many dignified initiatives and interests.  Wishing that Haitian patriots involved in the country’s public affairs are even more worthy of the ancestors, calling them to work quickly and with intrepidity, we are renewing our love for the common homeland.  We ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten the protagonists of the crisis, and to our lady of the perpetual relief, patroness of Haiti, to intercede for us with his divine son, Jesus Christ, the light of the nations.

Given at the headquarters of the CEH, in Lilavois, February 2, 2021.
Dear brothers and sisters, compatriots of Haiti,
Troubled by the heart-wrenching situation of our Beloved Haiti, We, Haitian Priests, missionaries to Haitians living in the United States and Canada, signatories of this note, would like to send you, Beloved Compatriots living in Haiti, this prayerful message of fraternal solidarity. Your sufferings and anxieties are our own. For, “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his faithful servants!” Psalm 116, 15.
We affirm our deep communion with the Catholic Bishops of Haiti and fully adhere to their message of last February 2nd. In the extreme conditions of distress that our Country is subjected to, the Bishops affirmed the Church is always on the side of the lowly ones and on the side of what is right. No one, did they declare should be above the law and the constitution. Inspired by their message, we conclude that the illegitimate occupant of the Executive Power must observe for himself the same demands he imposed on the elected officials of the government that they should respect the terms of their mandate.
Dear brothers and sisters, in the face of this excruciating, dehumanizing and intolerable suffering that is imposed on you, you particularly from the most vulnerable segment of the population, we cannot remain insensitive. The general insecurity characterized by, among other things, systematized kidnapping, the federalization of gangs, heinous rapes, the abhorrent killings of children, pregnant women and peaceful citizens on a daily basis is appalling and unacceptable.
Your deep misery is disturbing. The country has become like a building without a foundation. The ‘de facto’ government does nothing to protect the lives of our people. Everything indicates that we are gradually moving towards a knowingly planned genocide, a horrible outcome we must prevent at all costs. Let all partisan interests cease as well as those foreign economic pursuits that run against our national interests. In the words of Pope Francis “Enough violence, extremism, factions, insane cruelty, these senseless barbarities!”
We appeal first to the conscience of those who still hold the reins of the state apparatus to stop acting against the Constitution which they themselves had sworn to uphold. We also appeal to the conscience of the wealthy class to come to realize that the country’s resources and natural wealth are first and foremost the common good of the Haitian People and not of any category of men and women or institutions, economically, politically, or nationally and internationally well established. Finally, we appeal to the conscience of all members of the civil society and political parties in general. May they unite in a committed search for a relevant solution to this appalling crisis!
In the name of our faith in the Living God, we cry out loudly and clearly that the Haitian people must never again undergo the oppression of a dictatorial regime, the systematic abuse of their most basic civil, political and linguistic rights, and any unjust exploitation of the country’s natural resources and wealth.
Let us not lose hope! As a nation, we have gone through many terrible periods in history. This time also we will achieve victory if only we rediscover the power of UNITY, and true to our national motto inscribed on our flag “United We Are Strong!” “Unity is our Strength.” May the Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Patroness of Haiti, intercede for our people and guide us towards love, reconstruction, unity, progress, justice, and peace!

Updates from Fr. Frantzdy Joseph, c.s.c.
Saint Rose of Lima Parish in Pilate, Haiti
Published on January 16, 2021

Expressing the deepest of my gratitude to you:

Dear Luan,
In the middle of the first month of the year, I’m feeling happy to express the deepest of my gratitude to the parishioners of Good Shepherd Parish. To put it bluntly, I didn’t know how the First Communion of the kids will turn out until you generously help me financially. Then, everything turns out marvelously nice because of your faith in God and your love for others. As I used to say, no words can’t really express my gratitude towards all of you, but with these ones I’m trying to express the deepest of it to you from the bottom of my heart.
With the blessings of God, may your life be always happy as I’m glad to share with you in attached note some of the pictures of the kids taking during the First Communion day and after it. I hope you enjoy them and be proud of your Christian faith. Thank you very much and Happy new year 2021!
With joy and gratitude,
Fr Frantzdy Joseph, c.s.c.
Parish Pastor

Updates from Fr. Frantzdy Joseph, c.s.c.
Saint Rose of Lima Parish in Pilate, Haiti
Published on November 17, 2020

Updates from Fr. Frantzdy Joseph, c.s.c.
Saint Rose of Lima Parish in Pilate, Haiti
Published on November 03, 2020

Updates from Fr. Frantzdy Joseph, c.s.c.
Saint Rose of Lima Parish in Pilate, Haiti
Published on October 12, 2020

Updates from Fr. Frantzdy Joseph, c.s.c.
Saint Rose of Lima Parish in Pilate, Haiti
Published on June 06, 2020

Updates from Fr. Frantzdy Joseph, c.s.c.
Saint Rose of Lima Parish in Pilate, Haiti
Published on April 18, 2020

Dear Fr Zach,
I Hope you and the parishioners of Good Shepherd are good during such difficult times caused by the mortal spreading of the coronavirus. In Haiti as in the US, the Governments ask the people to stay home and be in quarantine. However, because of the big poverty of the country, the people can’t really stay home because if they don’t go out  to try to earn money they are not able to feed their children and themselves or to take care of their family. They are living day by day. Most of them don’t have a salary. So, you can imagine the situation, staying home without food to eat is really impossible for the people. And while they are out, they are exposed to receive or spread the virus and their life are in danger.
At the parish, people come to ask for food or money every day because they are starving. Unfortunately, in my side, I can’t really do anything for them. It is sad to see them going back home without being able to help them. Now, I wonder what is possible to do to help the people during this big moment of hardship causing by the coronavirus. I know that everything is stopped in the US as in Haiti, but if the parishioners at Good Shepherd can still have a way to help us in Pilate, that would really be a gift from God. I don’t know what is possible, but I’m obliged to rely on your faith in God and on your generosity to be able to help my parishioners in Pilate. If not, later can be sadder if things don’t change and if they don’t find a cure to stop the mortal virus because people will be died not only of the coronavirus but also because of great hunger.
In the midst of this common situation, may God protect everyone of us while He is inspiring the scientist to find a cure.
Have a good day,
Fr Frantzdy Joseph, c.s.c.

Updates from Fr. Frantzdy Joseph, c.s.c.
Saint Rose of Lima Parish in Pilate, Haiti
Published on March 27, 2020

I do wake up very early this morning and thinking about the kids at the orphanage. In these days of Coronavirus quarantine the situation is very complicated to keep them in good shape. Unfortunately, I don’t have economic means to buy food for them. Yesterday, they didn’t eat anything because all the money and food that I had are already spent and used. Today, I don’t know yet what will I find to feed them. Only God knows!
So, I know that you are in the same situation with the coronavirus quarantine, but it may be easier for you to stay home and have food. I wonder if it is possible for you to help me having economic means to buy food for the 22 children that are living at the orphanage of the parish. I’m sorry to ask you money for that. But, I don’t have any other choice. I have no ones else to beg for the children. The parishioners are also in great need. They are not able to help me. So, all my hope is in your generosity because of your faith in God. I don’t know if that will be possible for you, but if it is, as fast as you can, please send to me what you can afford to help me buy food for the children at the orphanage. I rely on your generosity. May God bless you. May God protect everyone of you at Good Shepherd Parish and in America from the coronavirus bad effect spreading! As always, I assure you of my prayer. May God save the World!
In Jesus,
Fr Frantzdy Joseph, c.s.c.

Updates from Fr. Frantzdy Joseph, c.s.c.
Saint Rose of Lima Parish in Pilate, Haiti
Published on January 02, 2020

Merry Christmas 2019 and Happy New Year 2020

Updates – Published on August 20, 2019

Updates from Fr. Frantzdy Joseph, c.s.c.
Saint Rose of Lima Parish in Pilate, Haiti
Published on July 19, 2019

Dear twins friend,
Please received in attached note the report of the fund received last June 2019. Thank you very much for your important help. With the fund received I have done more than expected and the students of the 3 schools had a very good moment during the feast of Sacred Heart school. Thank you, one more time.
About the parish car, I need to change the broken transmission and all the tires. I know that the price to buy a brain new transmission is $3500,00 USD and the price of the tires may be about $1500,00 USD (more or less). I will need to pay for installation too. I don’t know how much that will cost in total.
The Feast of Saint Rose of Lima is celebrated every year on August 30. During this feast it would be nice to host some of you to celebrate with your twin parish. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a group of you over for the first time of my ministry at Saint Rose of Lima Parish? My dear twin brothers and sisters, please think about coming to visit your twinning parish in Pilate, Haiti. The parishioners will be glad to host you. One more time, thank you very much. May God bless Good Shepherd parish and every single parishioners!
Fr. Frantzdy Joseph, c.s.c.

Updates from Fr. Frantzdy Joseph, c.s.c.
Saint Rose of Lima Parish in Pilate, Haiti
Published on June 05, 2019

Dear Twin friends,
I hope that all of you are doing good in Jesus’ name. Here in Haiti, we keep on struggling everyday. Life is getting harder and harder. The political situation is worst than ever. Actually, the cost of life is really expensive, even for the basic needs. No matter how much money you have, it is not really enough to have a decent life. I don’t know when things will be better. So, facing this bad situation, we haven’t any other choices than praying and trying to do keep doing what is positive for the future of the children and the young kids.
Hopefully, you are an angel for us. In this sense, I wonder what would we do if you weren’t committed to help us? That is why, I will always be grateful to you. You can’t imagine the tremendous things you’re doing for us and mostly for the children at the schools.  Be always thanked and blessed!
By the way, at the beginning of the school year I forgot to send the budget to you as always. I apologize about that from the bottom of my heart. Now, in this e-mail, I send it to you along with the report of the money received and used in the same spreadsheet which attached to this message. I will e-mail another document with photos to you. Unfortunately, I will not be able to send a wide range of pictures because there is a limited number to send via yahoo. I hope that the number of pictures which will be sent to you will help to give you a clearer idea about the report.
Thank you all, at Good Shepherd Parish. May God bless you,
Fr Frantzdy Joseph, c.s.c.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Jesus-Christ at Good Shepherd Parish, 

After the earthquake of October 6, 2018 you have committed to help Saint Rose of Lima, your sister parish in Haiti and the children at the school. Today, as the parish pastor and on behalf of my parishioners, I want to express my deep gratitude towards you all for everything you have been doing so far to help us in Haiti.

To give you a clear idea of what have been made, in an excel spreadsheet I send you the budget for 2018-2019 along with the report of the money received and used at the school and at the parish up to today. By the way, I apologize for not sending the budget for this year on time, at the beginning of the school year.

As you know that the building of the school was damaged by the earthquake. In this case, our engineer recommends that we tear it down to rebuild it because it is not safe. He said that no matter when the land may shake again, it can be collapsed even after being repaired. So, according to that recommendation we weren’t able to do anything on it because we do need about $178,000 us to rebuild it according to a study made for it. So, facing this reality, right after the earthquake I did build a hangar with a roof made with tarpaulins to relocate some classrooms. Unfortunately the tarpaulins were torn by the wind and the rain. To fix it up, I did now spend money to redo the hangar and cover it with sheet metals after doing the same thing to cover a leaked room at the backyard of the rectory where the generators for the schools and the rectory are located. I want you to have a glance of the attached pictures of those works at the school, at the church and at the rectory.

With gratitude,

Fr. Frantzdy Joseph, c.s.c.

Dear twin friends,
Please receive some other pictures about the chairs, the restroom at the back of the sacristy of the church, the food moment during one of the three days of formation and meeting at the parish, and the work to repair the belle at the church of the parish

Haiti Commission Update – May 14, 2019

We want to thank all those who supported the bingo on April 30.  An additional $4,000 will be sent to St. Rose from the proceeds.

Respectfully submitted by Luan Greubel

Updates from Fr. Frantzdy Joseph, c.s.c.
Saint Rose of Lima Parish in Pilate, Haiti
Published on February 19, 2019

Thank you very much for caring. This is a proof that we are not alone and you’re praying for us at Good Shepherd parish. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

By the way, the actual political situation of the country is worsening everyday. The country is locked. Roads are blocked everywhere. It’s difficult for us. The inflation worsened too.
In Pilate, we don’t have too much violence like it is in some other parts of the country. Our schools are still working, but some children don’t come to school because their parents are afraid for their safety. We cannot have computer classes because there’s no fuel (diesel) in the country in these times to fill our car and the generator. To avoid this same situation in a next time, I wonder if it will not be possible for you to help us installing an energy system for the parish and the school as they did in Saint Albert the Great parish? Which will be very helpful.
All the gas stations are closed. I cannot go out of Pilate to buy food for the rectory and for the orphanage and we don’t find everything to cook in Pilate. You can imagine how bad it is to live.
Please keep on praying for us and for Haiti.
Fr Frantzdy Joseph, c.s.c.

February 16, 2019 – Canadian nurses trapped in Haiti start GoFundMe for helicopter rescue


February 14, 2019 – Haiti Travel Advisory – Travel.State.Gov

Haiti – Level 4: Do Not Travel

Do not travel to Haiti due to crime and civil unrest.

There are currently widespread, violent, and unpredictable demonstrations in Port-au-Prince and elsewhere in Haiti.  Due to these demonstrations, on February 14, 2019, the Department of State ordered the departure of all non-emergency U.S. personnel and their family members. The U.S. government has limited ability to provide emergency services to U.S. citizens in Haiti.

Protests, tire burning, and road blockages are frequent and unpredictable.  Violent crime, such as armed robbery, is common. Local police may lack the resources to respond effectively to serious criminal incidents, and emergency response, including ambulance service, is limited or non-existent.

Travelers are sometimes targeted, followed, and violently attacked and robbed shortly after leaving the Port-au-Prince international airport. The U.S. Embassy requires its personnel to use official transportation to and from the airport, and it takes steps to detect surveillance and deter criminal attacks during these transports.

The U.S. government has limited ability to provide emergency services to U.S. citizens due to reduced staffing and security concerns. The Embassy discourages its personnel from walking in most neighborhoods. The Embassy prohibits its personnel from:

  • Visiting establishments after dark without secure, on-site parking;
  • Using any kind of public transportation or taxis;
  • Visiting banks and using ATMs;
  • Driving outside of Port-au-Prince at night;
  • Traveling anywhere between 1:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m.; and
  • Visiting certain parts of the city at any time without prior approval and special security measures in place.

Read the Safety and Security section on the country information page.

If you decide to travel to Haiti:

  • Avoid demonstrations.  Do not attempt to drive through roadblocks.
  • Arrange airport transfers and hotels in advance, or have your host meet you upon arrival.
  • Be careful about providing your destination address in Haiti. Do not provide personal information to unauthorized individuals located in the immigration, customs, or other areas inside or near any airports in Haiti.
  • As you leave the airport, make sure you are not being followed. If you notice you are being followed, drive to the nearest police station immediately.
  • Do not physically resist any robbery attempt.
  • Purchase travel insurance and medical evacuation insurance ahead of time.
  • Review information on Travel to High-Risk Areas.
  • Enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive Alerts and make it easier to locate you in an emergency.
  • Follow the Department of State on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Review the Overseas Security Advisory Council report on Haiti.
  • U.S. citizens who travel abroad should always have a contingency plan for emergency situations. Review the Traveler’s Checklist.

Haiti Commission Update – February 12, 2019

Since we no longer have a location to hold our annual Rummage Sale benefiting St. Rose, the Good Shepherd Finance Committee has agreed to assist the Haiti Project in the following way:

1.  The proceeds from 1 bingo – Tuesday, April 30 – Please plan to attend and support this event.
2.  Good Shepherd budget item of $5,000
3.  Continuation of monthly Haiti collection envelopes
4.  A second collection near the feast of St. Rose of Lima – August 23 (August 24 & 25 in 2019)
5.  Please note that if we are unable to continue the Fall Festival booth, the parish will NOT cover the lost profits from this fundraiser.
I have contacted the Catholic Center to ask if we could hold the Rummage Sale there.  They did offer the gym in July.  I feel there are several problems with this date.
1.  It is just weeks after the Good Shepherd Social (June 27, 28, & 29)
2.  Many Good Shepherd families could be on vacation since this would be just a few weeks before school resumes in August.
3. When the rummage sale was held in April, Good Shepherd students assisted us.  This was organized by one of the teachers.  I don’t feel we would have much student help in July since school would not be in session.
4.  This would be about one month before we begin preparing food for the Fall Festival.
5.  Many of the same people would be working on the social, rummage sale, and fall festival.  I fear we would burn out our volunteer base attempting to do so many fundraisers so close together.
Since the parish is being so generous with the bingo and budget, and with the issues I have outlined above,  I am suggesting we not hold the rummage sale at this time.  Let me hear your thoughts.

Update – November 19, 2019:  All members have agreed to drop the rummage sale this year.

We have formed subcommittees to work on the Fall Festival booth and all will meet on Saturday, March 16 at 9 a.m. in the church conference room.

Respectfully submitted by Luan Greubel

Haiti Commission – November 20, 2018

Haiti Funding Possibilities Meeting
Attending: Mary Beth Davis, Luan Greubel

Memorial, MaterDei Fund Raising Project: Explore with students and Student Council Advisor, Kim
Murphy from Memorial (Fr. Zach Etienne) and Student Coordinator, Chad Breeden from Mater Dei (Fr.
Ed Schnarr).
Good Shepherd Bingo proceeds for one Bingo per year – Sarah Gahagan exploring this
Mattress sale as Memorial Band or a similar project
Second Collection: On St. Rose of Lima Fest Day, August 23: Other possible times, Lent, Advent, when
Fr. Frantzdy visits or other suggestions
Spirit of Hope proceeds split with Haiti and Good Shepherd Parish
Increase knowledge: Bulletin articles, Narthex videos/pictures, speakers from pulpit, presenting for
Good Shepherd and Memorial/Mater Dei Students – Communication between Good Shepherd/
Memorial/Mater Dei students – send emails or pictures
Good Shepherd fundraising – pennies/change for Haiti
Parish website on Haiti section – post information pictures/videos
Rummage Sale in Spring
Fall Festival Booth: October 7 – 12 – Next planning meeting January 19 or 26, 2019
Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser suggested by Fr. Zach Etienne – ask Knight of Columbus to help with this
Share with other twinning parishes: Hands Together for Haiti (St. Francis Xavier Poseyville – St. Peter
and Paul Haubstadt – St. Wendel – Zion Lippe United Church of Christ Poseyville – St. Joe County
Haiti Parish envelope and electronic giving – sending thank you notes to all who have given – will be
mailed by December 01, 2018
Monthy meetings: Each invite one new person
Kevin &amp; Jean Dollison
Kim Merkel
Ruth Becker
Sarah Gahagen
Joe Gries
Mark &amp; Stacey Wahl
Sharon Sutton
Marcia Minton
Mary Beth Davis
Luan Greubel
Ken &amp; Beth Schenk
Louise Carter
Robynn Working
Bill Noll
Fr. Zach Etienne

Respectfully submitted by Luan Greubel

Updates from Fr. Frantzdy Joseph, c.s.c.
Saint Rose of Lima Parish in Pilate, Haiti
Published on January 30, 2019

Good News,

I want to thank you for everything, especially for this last good news. In this sense, I want to let you know that I received the money that was transferred to the parish account last Thursday 17.
Thanks to all the people good people in Good Shepherd Parish! May God bless you!
In Jesus,
Fr. Frantzdy Joseph, c.s.c.

Updates from Fr. Frantzdy Joseph, c.s.c.
Saint Rose of Lima Parish in Pilate, Haiti
Published on January 06, 2019

Dear Brothers and Sisters at Good Shepherd Catholic Parish in Evansville, IN.

The twinning program is probably new to many of you.  I have decided, as the parish pastor of St. Rose of Lima, to write and give you an idea of your sister parish in Pilate, Haiti.

We are located in Northern Haiti.  St. Rose is a large parish with about 5,000 members.  In addition to the main church, there are 5 additional chapels located in more remote areas.

Each month, I will send a note updating you on our blessings and challenges.  May God bless you for your generosity.

Fr. Frantzdy Joseph, c.s.c.

Updates from our Sister Parish –
Saint Rose of Lima Parish in Pilate, Haiti
Published on November 08, 2018

To view post, click the following link:  http://gsparish.org/updates-from-our-sister-parish-saint-rose-of-lima-parish-in-pilate-haiti/

Updates from our Sister Parish –
Saint Rose of Lima Parish in Pilate, Haiti
Published on November 08, 2018

To view post, click the following link:  http://gsparish.org/updates-from-our-sister-parish-saint-rose-of-lima-parish-in-pilate-haiti/

October 6, 2018 earthquake aftershock report about Pilate, Haiti
Published on October 12, 2018

To view post, click the following link:  http://gsparish.org/october-6-2018-earthquake-aftershock-report-about-pilate-haiti/

GSCS Service Project for Haiti
Published on August 24, 2018

To view post, click the following link:  http://gsparish.org/gscs-service-project-for-haiti/

Snapshots of Pilate, Haiti
by Nancy Mills
Published on Mar 29, 2013

In the early 1980s, St Theresa Catholic Parish in Evansville, Indiana adopted a Haitian parish through the Parish Twinning Program of the Americas.  In 2012, St. Theresa parishioner Mary Beth Davis and her two daughters visited that sister parish, St Rose of Lima, in Pilate Haiti, and its pastor, Father Snell Nord.  The Davis family also reconnected with their old friend Sister Lucie Laquerre, at Hospital L’Esperance (Hope Hospital) which services Pilate and where Sister Lucie has worked as a nurse for 40 years.

The highlights of Mary Beth’s trip are being made into a documentary that will cover such topics as Pilate’s school, hospital, reforestation program, methane-gas pilot project, parish life, and more.  Until that film, Snapshots of Pilate, is completed, this video will provide viewers with an overview of Mary Beth’s tour of Pilate. In the meantime, many sponsorship opportunities are available for those wishing to contribute to the worthwhile services being provided to Haiti’s.

To view video, click the following link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_ITb6WMKE0

Haiti Hospital
by Nancy Mills
Published on August 12, 2013

To view video, click the following link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjMrdCS_2TA&feature=em-share_video_user

“Snapshots of Pilate” The school
by Rafael Naar
Published on Oct 30, 2013

To view video, click the following link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1Ax5LrXbGE&feature=em-share_video_user

Pilate Haiti
by Rafael Naar
Published on Oct 12, 2014