Christian-Based Adult Mentoring Program – Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities is well into the beginning stages of implementing its mentoring program (April 2018) and final stages of planning for the opening of the social enterprise (September 2018).

Of course, all of the co-workers in the social enterprise will automatically be mentees in the mentoring program.

We are in need of 40 folks who may be interested in an intense volunteer activity to lift individuals out of poverty. The program promises to benefit the personal spiritual development of the mentors as well as the economic stability of mentee/co-workers. Mentoring matches will begin in early April and be made on a quarterly (or so) basis in July, October, etc. through 2020. We will also offer mentoring opportunities to married couples!

Key dates include:

  • Discussions with individuals interested in mentoring (At your convenience)
  • Day-long training (March 10th)
  • Weekly mentoring (Begins in April, July, October as fits the mentor’s schedule)

 If you are hopeful, empathetic, hardworking and desiring personal growth, this program is for you.

Interested parties may contact Tracy Gander at or call her at 812-423-5456.

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