January 09, 2023 – Eucharistic Renewal Update

Good morning,
Thank you for your commitment and dedication during the first 6 months of our Eucharistic Renewal! As we begin this new year, I want to share 4 resources that I hope will be beneficial to you in your ongoing efforts to foster renewed devotion and love to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament:
  • In November, Fr Eusebius Martis, OSB, gave a presentation to our priests during their presbyterate meeting. During his presentation, he mentioned a series of 31 short videos (about 3 minutes long on average) that he made explaining the different parts of the Mass: elementsofthecatholicmass.com/episodes
  • The National Eucharistic Revival is continually updating its website (eucharisticrevival.org) with new content and resources. In addition to the website itself, new content is regularly uploaded to its YouTube page. Recently, they added a series of short videos featuring many of the Eucharistic Preachers: youtube.com/@eucharisticrevival
  • The Eucharistic Renewal will culminate in a National Eucharistic Congress held in Indianapolis from July 17-21, 2024. Although the vast majority of information is yet to be announced, they have kicked off their website, which will regularly be updated: eucharisticcongress.org
  • Please find attached the January issue of “Encountering the Eucharist,” a monthly handout that was put together by one of our diocese’s Parish Catechetical Leaders as a contribution to our Eucharistic Renewal. It may be used as a bulletin insert or however you best see fit. All 8 issues (June-January) are also available at: www.evdio.org/eucharistic-renewal.html
Lastly, thanks again for your assistance with the traveling Eucharistic Miracle exhibits! We have received a lot of good feedback about them, and the fact that 90 panels have been rotating quite smoothly between 73 different locations for over half a year is totally thanks to all of your efforts! If you ever have any questions about them, please don’t hesitate to contact the Office of Catechesis. If it helps, the schedule, as well as a list of miracles included in each set, has been attached.
 May you all have a blessed feast of the Baptism of the Lord today!
Yours in Christ,
Joel Padgett
Joel Padgett, Ph.L., M.A. (Theology)
Director, Office of Catechesis
Catholic Diocese of Evansville
4200 N. Kentucky Ave. | P.O. Box 4169
Evansville, IN 47724-0169
(812) 424-5536 | (800) 637-1731
“The definitive aim of catechesis is to put people not only in touch but in communion, in intimacy, with Jesus Christ: only he can lead us to the love of the Father in the Spirit and make us share in the life of the Holy Trinity.”—Pope St. John Paul II



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