January 27, 2022 – Update on World Meeting of Families [June 22-26]

World Meeting of Families
June 22-26
Possible Events

1. Mass (on the Grass): Celebrate Mass at a special time during the week (either indoor or out)
and invite families to come together. Offer a special blessing. Plan a meal afterward.
2. Family Rosary: Same as #1
3. Recognize the uniqueness of each family in the parish:
a. Young married couples just beginning their families
b. Families who have been a part of the parish for years
c. Generations of families in the parish
d. Families who have adopted for fostered
e. Families with disabilities
f. Families with members, young and old, who have passed
4. Recognize the family as the domestic church
5. Invite the High School and college age members of your parish to an evening and make them
aware that they are the next generation of the parish family
6. Invite a speaker on the topic of marriage and family
7. Provide a special evening of prayer, Reconciliation, and food
8. Recognize the realities of keeping a family Catholic in today’s society
9. Post family pictures (of present and past parish families) in the vestibule
10. Provide a reflection on the Holy Family

Eric Girten 

Diocese of Evansville

Director, Office of Family & Life

4200 North Kentucky Avenue              

Evansville, IN 47711

egirten@evdio.org | 812-424-5536

Vatican Guidebook + Resources for Dioceses

Hispanic Family.jpg

The Dicastery for Laity, Family, and Life has produced a number of resources to assist you in the planning of your local (diocesan or parish)

World Meeting of Families event in multiple languages including:

Pastoral Kit, Logo and Animation, Catechesis, Prayer, Hymn


Letter of the Holy Father to Married Couples in the Year of Amoris Laetitia Family (2021-2022)

Read this special letter from His Holiness to married couples on occasion of the Year of Amoris Laetitia.

Watch the #9 video in Pope Francis’s series of dialogue with families. In 10 episodes, the Pope offers reflections and first-hand testimonies of families from across the world on the theme of the family.

Use the downloadable guidebook prepared for personal and community reflection.

Watch the latest video in the #IamChurch series. This series demonstrates how the Word of God is alive in the experiences of people with disabiities.

Purchase your

Official Prayer for the World Meeting of Families today!

A prayer card with the official prayer for the World Meeting of Families 2022 is available for purchase at the USCCB web store in both

English and Spanish.

English Prayer Card
Spanish Prayer Card
Find more information and resources for
the Year of Amoris Laetitia Family at usccb.org.
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