2018-10-12 Post: October 6, 2018 earthquake aftershock report about Pilate, Haiti

As you may have heard in the News last Saturday, October 6, an earthquake of 5.9 magnitude shook in Northern Haiti. In Pilate, 57 houses collapsed, 476 have cracks and fissures on them and, 21 people were wounded. Fortunately , no registered deaths were recorded in Pilate. 15 people died from the earthquake in two other towns. In Saint Rose of Lima Parish, all buildings sustained damages from the earthquake: the rectory, the parish office room, the church, the schools and the orphanage house. Some other houses throughout the town are also in the same situation. In the primary school, 4 classes are being moved from the first floor because the building is not safe. In the church, the front part is fissured on both left and right sides and also its interior is full with cracks and fissures.

Please, pray for all in Haiti, especially our brothers and sisters in Pilate, our twin parish.

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