St. Theresa Place – Habitat for Humanity

St. Theresa Parish has been merged with Good Shepherd Catholic Parish. The church and school buildings have been torn down. Only the rectory and garage are left standing and are being used by Catholic Charities. Catholic Charities is building their office building along Stringtown between Herndon and Wedeking.

Habitat for Humanity has proposed to build 14 houses east of the rectory – 7 houses facing Herndon and 7 on Wedeking. The cost to sponsor a house is $80,000. The area will be called St. Theresa Place.

A group of St. Theresa parishioners and friends of St. Theresa have met 2 times to keep alive the family spirit of St. Theresa. Father Ted Tempel served as pastor of St. Theresa from 1979-1993. He volunteered to raise money for 3 Habitat Houses – $240,000.

He is asking us to consider making a commitment to achieve this goal. They are seeking a commitment over a 4-year period, to be given by the end of 2023.

This is what they need:

20 People to Give $1,000 a Year for 4 Years
10 People to Give $2,000 a Year for 4 Years
04 People to Give $5,000 a Year for 4 Years

They have 4 people who have pledged $80,000 to build a Habitat house. It is more joy in giving while we are living – realizing we are helping people own their own home.

Give directly from your IRA to Habitat for Humanity. Save on taxes and still receive a charitable deduction.

To make an online donation, visit:



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