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Youth Ministry - August 19, 2018

Meeting held on Sunday, August 19, 2018

Committee members present: Jon Buck, Jessica Fehrenbacher, Stephanie Hansen, Michael Mosbey, and Sammi

Good Shepherd Youth Ministry Plan for 2018-19

Proposed Goals for the year:
1) To hire a youth coordinator to run youth ministry by September 15.
2) To host a Youth Ministry Kick Off Event on a Sunday in September 2018 at Good Shepherd (the event
would include water balloons, outdoor activities, and pizza).
3) To have the youth (middle and high school) meet for monthly youth group. We want the youth to be
here on campus and host many activities at Good Shepherd.
4) Implement Vacation Bible School (VBS) on the Good Shepherd campus in July 2019.
5) In regards to VBS, we need to hire a coordinator for VBS or incorporate it in to the youth coordinator
6) Host special events for the youth throughout the school year, including but not limited to: a scavenger
hunt, caroling, treat buckets, dinner for the youth, etc.
7) Incorporate service event opportunities throughout the year
8) In Fall of 2019, host an all school/parish school kick-off event the Sunday before school starts. This
event would include inflatable, games, food.

Youth Coordinator Job Description

Good Shepherd Catholic Church
2301 N. Stockwell Road
Evansville, IN 47715

STATUS: Part-time, Stipend position
HOURS: Varied, 5-10 hours a week

Purpose of the position:
To build up young Catholics by cultivating and implementing a program for youth ministry (in the areas of
worship, youth group, service, and special events).
Primary task:
To bring together middle and high school students in the Good Shepherd Catholic community to grow in their
faith, fellowship, and service.
 Advocate for the youth and educate the parish about the needs and issues of young people in the
 Plan, develop, and grow a youth group program for middle and high school students that meets a
minimum of once a month
 Work with the Youth Committee to evaluate and put into place the vision and goals for Youth Ministry
 Mentor youth in their leadership skills
 Coordinate adult volunteers who work with youth and the programs and ensure adequate volunteer
support and adult youth ratios
 Keep track of all youth forms/paperwork
 Communicate in an effective and timely manner using all available resources (email, website, social
media, bulletin, bulletin board, Ram Gram, Thursday folders)
 Make yourself available to youth (lunch at school, before/after Mass, extracurricular activities, etc.)
 Diligence that Youth Protection is followed in youth ministry events
 Must embrace Catholic discipline and the Roman Catholic Church doctrine and theology
 A bachelor’s degree in a related field is a minimum requirement. Additional theology coursework is
 Must possess a vision and ability to plan, develop, coordinate, oversee, and implement a youth ministry
program within the parameters of the Catholic Church
 Must have excellent written, verbal communication, and computer skills
 Must possess an ability to work effectively with youth, parents, parishioners, diverse individuals, and a
team of volunteers

Respectfully submitted by:  Jessica Fehrenbacher

Youth & Young Adult Documents:

Diocesan Event Waiver & Release Form for Youth:  Diocesan Event Waiver JUN 2012

Diocesan Medical Information Form: Diocesan Medical Information Form - JUL 2012


Diocesan Event Waiver Adult: Diocesan Event Waiver ADULT april 2014

Accident/Incident Report: Accident_Incident_Report_Form

Driver Information Sheet: DriverInformationSheet

Financial Responsibility Waiver Chaperone: FinancialResponsibilityWaiverCHAPERONE

Financial Responsibility Waiver Parent: FinancialResponsibilityWaiver

Offsite Private Driver Permission Form: OffSitePrivateDriverPermissionForm (1)

Offsite Transportation Diocesan Policy: OffSiteTransportationDiocesanPolicyREVMay2011

Policy on Age Requirements: POLICY STATEMENT - Age Requirements for Adult Volunteers


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